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Monday, December 30, 2013

This has been a year of crystallization in so many ways, both on an individual & collective level. That which no longer serves us, old belief systems & dogmas, relationships, "jobs", attachments of many kinds were shed in 2013. 

2014, as far as a made up number to keep track of time , which really doesn't exist, is going to be EPIC, next level, its time to take things super nova, and its all possible because you think it to be, you will it to be. And so it is. 

Consciousness is the catalyst of ALL Things, the observer and the object being observed are dependent upon the other. There is no separation, ALL is in the ALL and The ALL is in ALL. 
Create with every breath. Not merely believing it but CREATING it, by right feeling and thinking, the Logos, the Word, Projected by thought and will, the heart and third eye as ONE. Projected and made manifest reality. This stone that transmutes the leaden nature into golden being. 

Blessings. So mote it be. ONE with all that is.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This Saturday is the Winter Solstice. An excellent day to set intent for the coming year and to align in ritual, meditation & prayer, to elevate the consciousness and unite with some very special energy. This is the time of year ALL of the "Holidays" are a reflection of. This is the longest Night of the Year, the shortest day as the Sun comes to its lowest altitude above the Horizon. The Above and the Below are merged once again, spirit and matter. Many Blessings to All.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

"There is an earthly sun, which is the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the Sun; and those who are blind and cannot see him may feel his heat. There is an Eternal Sun, which is the source of all wisdom, and whose spiritual sense have awakened to life will see that Sun and be conscious of His existence; but those who have not attained spiritual consciousness may yet feel His power by an inner faculty which is called Intuition" Paracelsus

There is a space to be found within Meditation that is of the most profound and loving peace imaginable. It is a gift, a most holy tool indeed. It is not about merely pushing away thoughts, or reaching a state of inner silence, or even so much as contemplation of the many mysteries that is the goal alone. Meditation leads to the source of thought, to the void that IS creating, nothing, pure being all at once. Enlightenment is not some ah ha moment where one suddenly realizes something. It is a process, an alchemical ladder each climbs on their own. The constant refining of the "I" or Ego and the ability to not so much transcend the current reality or awareness but to transmute the lower into the higher. To combine the Above and the Below and again raise oneself from the Below and combine with the Above.

Our experiences dictate our views depending upon the level of consciousness we are at. We view experiences in life as either negative or positive and sometimes passively partake or choose to remain neutral. Experience is one of the greatest teachers. It transforms knowledge into Wisdom. Life is full of lessons for us to experience, this is how we grow, how we learn. We are never supposed to remain stagnant or become complacent in life, this leads to degeneration, waste, decay. Instead we are supposed to continuously evolve, expand our consciousness and create with every breath we take. Life is also full of opportunity, more so than the average person knows. Opportunity waiting to write new lessons and experiences that further our growth, our ability to connect to each other and to this realm we find ourselves within. Certain opportunities only come along once, others maybe a few times in certain cases. Learning to recognize them from a objective observer point of view to certain extents allows us to enter a state of intuitive Gnosis so to speak, to use a different sight to see with. As we progress along this path we are shown certain things, the Ego, certain emotions and so forth do not cloud the judgement or decision making process. Doubt and Fear which are are almost always present in the collective consciousness vanish and the path to take is known almost instantly. The beauty is in seeing them when they arise and seizing the opportunity then and there with all you are.

The things in life such as luck, fate, and so forth are nothing more than ignorance to understanding that there are laws in place that all things follow; Reaping and sowing. Cause and effect. The pendulum of polarity and correspondence that most are slaves to. What is completely possible is to become the cause and the effect. The goal of Meditation is To learn to enter a state of single mindfulness where Intuition is guided by unconditional love, where fear and doubt are not allowed to enter the temple and run amok. Where we enter a waking state of higher awareness, a state when faced with even the hardest decisions, the answer is to be found clearly. We are responsible for the reality we create within our personal lives fully and that reaches over into all other aspects of reality. When the way is found to do the one thing, then there is no other way to do anything.

To understand this is to then take as complete control of life as is possible. Fill it with Love, peace, abundance and prosperity on all levels. Be kind, charitable and peaceful. These are the faculties each person has within them, to strive for the highest virtues because it is the only way to be. To behold the stone of the philosophers is to know the secrets of nature, of self and of the Divine. Which are ONE in the same. Nothing is separate from another. The Observer and the Object being observed are completely dependent on one another.

Solve et Coagula


Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Realizing you wouldn't be exactly where you stand now if you had made different choices is part of the immense beauty of life. Good or bad is all perception and it is only we ourselves who hold the key to our happiness or to the illusion. Its all a dream, creating every experience as we go along, recognizing the important things in life and not worrying about the things you have no power over. instead use this gift to Manifest Destiny and push the envelope to see how far it bends...Always go as far as you can, beyond the imagination and any limitations you can conceive of

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LOVE. It is the ONE thing in this world that can heal and cure all things. Not the mere human idea of Love, but the divine unconditional virtue that is inherent within ALL things. The feeling of gratitude and humility that If you ever encounter that spark, that feeling here in this material world you find yourself manifest in, Do not ever let it go.

Most are blind and ignorant to such things, co enablers of the illusion seeking only personal gratification outside of their true selves to fill the void within the sleeping soul. Those that have eyes to see, behold a different view - one that brings life and appreciation in all aspects. That is a rare thing indeed in this reality we manifest with every thought and action, something few find and even less understand. And if it finds you through your journey by experience, then you will have the key and secret to the mysteries. The union of Two into One, Fire & Water, Light & Dark, the key to the Spiritization of Matter, Truth and Illusion... the Above and the Below made manifest as ONE.

Do not wait for the world to change, BE that change, create that Change in every thought and every action. There is only Now, that is all there ever is. This is the space in which everything is possible, it is everything and it is nothing. It simply is. This realization brings about the most divine peace of mind, that all things are exactly as they should be right NOW. That by our every decisions and actions & thoughts we give the most energy to are what we find most prevalent in our lives. Negative or Positive is polarity, it is a choice as to how we perceive the consequences or rewards of our actions. Some outweigh even the most random odds and many become lessons we repeat until we learn them and break the old cycles, easy or hard is completely up to us. This is where transmutation is key. Take that which does not serve the highest good and transmute it into that which does. Extract the Gold from the Lead and discard the rest. Ignorance is a choice. The Heart and Mind when united are capable of so much that the possibilities are endless. This is the key to Alchemy, to transcending the mundane spheres.

Solve et Coagula

Monday, September 23, 2013

For those who seek to understand the nature of reality, the universal laws that govern all things - here is a reading of "The Kybalion", in 8 parts, very well done. The keys to understanding the Hermetic Philosophy & Alchemical Art; Consciousness and the ancient Foundation of Esoteric Knowledge. The most high wisdom Teaching, Man, KNOW THYSELF. And so it is...

 “We have the truth still with us. But it is not found in books, to any given extent. It has been passed along......from lip to ear. When it was written down at all, its meaning was veiled in terms of alchemy and astrology, so that only those possessing the key could read it aright.”

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

As Above, So Below. 

As ye sow , so shall ye reap. This is one of the main laws of the universe, we manifest what we put out - by our thoughts and our actions. This is absolute. Give energy only to that which uplifts the soul - the true self and ALL. Love is the most high that we can strive for. This will illuminate all Ego, all selfishness, all that does not serve us for the highest good. Transmutation is necessary - for holding on to that which only holds us back is suffering - which is completely self inflicted. Solve et Coagula. Transcend & Evolve. This is the only way.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You may say I'm a Dreamer.....but I'm not the only One

Monday, September 02, 2013

in Regards to the matter of War with Syria (or any War for that matter)

Here is a wild notion.... Manifest PEACE, meaning we as individuals manifest peace from within, by taking full personal responsibility for our thoughts and actions, utilizing harmlessness towards each other, using our faculties of reason , logic and critical thinking and rejecting any talk of War or harm towards our fellow human beings, nations or any other form of this self destructive lunacy perpetuated by those who sit in their ivory towers claiming for whatever bullshit reason we must act by striking down and murdering more of our brothers and sisters across the world. This is almost always done for Profit, control and rarely (if ever for the "reasons" / propaganda we are told it is about) Because yes, even though "they" may be different or we may not know them or they believe something different from us, or are divided by some imaginary line some egocentric maniac drew on a a piece of paper dividing this world into regions or countries or states.... they and we, and you and I are in fact brothers and sisters in this human family.. We are on ONE planet and we are, regardless of the propaganda used to convince us otherwise ONE human family. See through the same lies told time and time again, study history and who the players are who stand to gain from such chaos and destruction are. The notion that a few men who print "money" and write "laws" can dictate and rule this planet for profit and power using fear as a catalyst is pure evil, it is pure insanity. Take a real good look around this land of make believe, beyond the Television, beyond the twerking madness of the filth that is paraded as reality and maybe, just maybe the sleeping masses can see beyond the prison of the 5 physical senses they have been enslaved within.....maybe, just a thought.....rant over ;)

Blessings to ALL of humanity, and to this planet we call home. LOVE, LIGHT & TRUTH to all, may all be FREE , as each was born into this world from the aethers, Free from the illusions and limitations that are nothing more than the thoughts and ideas of small minded men who seek control... it means nothing, discover your true power. ONENESS with all things, no separation from God, Nature or Eachother

PEACE....project it in all we do

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Solve et Coagula
Repeat the process, mixing and separating , until the quintessence is derived, the water that does not wet the hands , the stone that is no stone at all...So the riddle of the Philosophers is to perfect this art, to transmute and by the fire allow a steady flame to burn away the dross, until the 7th operation is complete and the rebirth of the phoenix is within reach.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I have come to realize that even when we attempt to hold the best interests of others in mind during the entire process we are able to give energy away to those who in one way or another will resent, fear, reject or misuse what they do not understand from a higher level than the mere physical, or what they are not ready to accept. Even when we attempt to give everything, selflessly to others we are opening ourselves up to the complete polar opposite experiences if we do not recognize certain things then we are to learn our lessons the hard way. We make ourselves vulnerable which is as open as we can be with anything or anyone. But it is ALL still worth it, even our flaws, our ignorance when reacting with the same energy we are facing. Fighting Fire with Fire does not win so this is where we learn forgiveness.

We are each held to a cosmic level of full personal responsibility most are not even aware of,  for every thought and word we allow to manifest. This is the Karma we create and are now experiencing again in this lifetime....we are here to learn the Lessons this time around and stop repeating them over and over expecting different results. Human emotions are a wild thing indeed. When we lose sight of what we know to be true, when we are confronted with strong material / physical energies that manifest because of Fear it can be heavy enough and our Ego finally fights back (and the higher self is forced to take a back seat) because it doesn't know what else to do but to fight to stay where it feels safe. We repeat these lessons until we are clear of them and no longer react to what is nothing more than energy expressing itself in the only way it knows how through this human vessel. But it all comes down to 2 things. Love or Fear. Everything stems from these 2 things. I have finally learned my lesson. Now I surrender with a clear conscience - that which will be , already is.....

Forgiveness & true unconditional love and compassion are the only things that allow us to move forward. This doesn't mean you have to forget, because if you forget then you will only repeat the lesson again. But Blame and guilt have no place. As Buddha said - Pain is inevitable, suffering is not - we chose to suffer, it is self inflicted. Life is too short to worry about the things or people that you can not change. Instead BE the change yourself and if something isnt working then learn the lesson from it and move forward. Learn the lesson and move on. You can only do so much before you allow yourself to reciprocate the fear energy and become the same.When you look into your heart, free from ego and connect that FEELING to the thought / intuition via the Minds EYE, true thought ; then vision becomes clear and you know the answer to all things. It is love. It is forgiveness. It is peace.

Life today in this modern world is a constant bombardment of distractions and fear. Most are so hopelessly asleep even in the face of utter bewilderment that they have no real sense of anything higher than their 5 physical senses. It is extremely hard in this day and age to not get sucked into some aspects of the fear energy that grips the collective consciousness. Even greater the challenge to keep pushing the envelope. Learn the final hard lessons we are here to learn and move forward towards the ultimate goal of life, soul consciousness, enlightenment, the great work, whatever label one wishes to call it....

Love. Forgiveness. LIVE life the way it is meant to be. Do what is required of us on a higher level than the mere personal war of Egos we see and experience every day in the land of make believe we find ourselves in.

So mote it be.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

the beautiful thing about music is that even when life turns upside down on you , it can put things in perspective, heal & remind you to focus. To Pass the test and stop repeating lessons. To surrender to life and forgive and remember why we are here in the first place...this song does the job nicely

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

."If you Bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will Save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you" - The Gospel of Thomas, Nag Hammadi Library

The Alchemical process, the raising and purifying of ones consciousness, is demanding and relentless as we transmute the last traces of this leaden nature to reveal its divine luminescence. As it should be, for the greatest treasure one could find should not be simple and easy to attain. There comes a point when experience leads us to the notion that there truly is no other way, that if what we seek is union with the all then we must become like that which we seek. If we are to wander on this path by choice, by destiny, by pure will manifesting and unfolding its consciousness through this holy vessel then we must at some point admit and be humbled by the fact, that which does not serve us any longer must be transmuted in order to bring balance and to utilize properly the Mercury, Sulfur and Salt to perfect the stone. This human journey, this Dream that we chose to participate in fully before we were even born into this world, with the entire purpose of remembering... waking up in this realm with the soul purpose of uniting the two as one. The Spiritual and the Physical, Above and Below. Fire and Water. ONE with ALL that is. To unfold the faculties that each one is blessed with, the connection to the highest of truths, that which sets us free or imprisons us, by free will we have the choice to awaken and complete the great work we set about long ago. So mote it be!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here is an older post from April 2012 - seemed relevant , a reminder as I looked back through some writings, I started reading a new book tonight about the divine laws that govern all things, Life is beautiful...
Enjoy the Equinox! 3-20-13, FIAT LUX

original link here 

This latest post is a Summary of Experience and Wisdom from the 10 years on this path leading up to this point. This will be the last in depth post on these topics as I do not feel I can expand much further regarding this topic in words that has not already been said repeatedly on this little corner of the internet since 2005.

The knowledge is just belief until it is transmuted and experienced first hand through the work needed to be done by each who sets out on the path of understanding Truth in its highest form. In coming to understand that which illuminates ALL things, free from illusion. For when this is understood, All things are understood and put forth in all one does.

The hardest part is maintaining this as our human side has a way of drawing us into the occasional rift or wave that tests how we react to the situation. To remember to step back and breathe before we act, to maintain patience, to maintain control knowing the wisdom within and to navigate in a world in the midst of realizing what has been known for aeons, which is now coming back around full circle. We must maintain and never compromise who we truly are for any of the illusions that hold us back from the full realization that we are in fact conscious spiritual beings having a human experience, and not the other way around.

Direct Experience is the key to the Alchemical Process necessary for utter and complete awakening, enlightenment, that divine wisdom & magic of the greatest power and truth, of love, that has been forgotten by the many, yet hidden in plain site for those with eyes to see.

Veritas Vos Liberabit

Solve et Coagula

As Above, So Below
The Mystery of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm are ONE. Seek within, awaken and discover the most precious treasure of ALL


A Summary of the Wisdom Gained through study of the Hermetic / Alchemical Knowledge

The First Catalyst is Consciousness. The intelligent divine thought behind all manifestations, all of creation directly emanating from the mind of the source of all things, What we call God.

Matter in this dimension, the entire known Universe, is consciousness manifesting itself into physical form to create in order to experience. Nothing is solid matter, it is Atoms, Molecules, Light vibrating at different frequency to take the form of the vessel, Stars, Suns, Moons, Planets, ALL LIFE is ONE Consciousness.

The same SPIRIT (animating energy) flowing through all things, plants, planets, air, water, rocks, humans, in the imagination or projection of the Divine Mind that it becomes reality and made manifest to experience itself.

If the first cause or source of all things is that which we say all things emanated from and we are to call this God, Nature, Universal Consciousness, the label does not matter, then that intelligence is projected outward in a multitude of forms, and all Conscious Beings that manifest within the various realms of the dimensions of consciousness contain within a fractal, a spark of the Source, of God. This is what we call the soul of human beings. This means that the Divine , is ever growing, evolving, projecting to experience itself infinitely in every form conceivable within the mind of God and thus consciousness creates reality and manifests by thought from the mind of Man as well. Thus as the master teacher and his initiates , as well as all Esoteric wisdom states, - Know Ye not that ye are Gods Temple, the spirit of God dwells within you?

The wisdom and ancient teachings command from us
“Man , KNOW THYSELF - and thou will know all the mysteries of the Gods and of the Universe”

Thus all matter is first and foremost effected by and manifested from Consciousness and what are called the Subtle Bodies (energy body / electromagnetic field) is how this consciousness manifests itself through the densities into this earthly realm. All disease, stress, anxiety, worry, and all happiness, love, compassion, healing, TRUTH is manifest through how these denser energies integrate into the physical reality and are interpreted by the mind. Order or Chaos. It is by choice, all based on the level of awareness of each Human being that in turn determines the frequency and perception of the collective human consciousness / mind / world view. There are many Techniques to access the fire within, Meditation, Healing Arts such as Reiki & Shamaballa MultiDimensional Healing which are the remembering of the ancient Energy Channeling. As the Kundalini awakens it allows us to fully activate the energies of the body, the Chi, The Prana, The Universal Life Force. This can be directed through the use of the Will and in turn produce wonderful things, there is no need to go into more detail here as this is only possible through the work each must do on their own.

The mind is the product of consciousness, as are ALL things. The Brain is the computer that the consciousness is filtered and projected through in the Physical world. The Human Body has its correlation to the Stars and the heavens. To Nature. This vessel was created to house divine consciousness so that it can experience itself in human form. The pineal gland is the seat of consciousness within the human brain. This is what is meant when it is said that we are made in the image of God, the creator. Not because God looks human, for God is the incomprehensible first cause and last cause, it is the ALL in all things, the consciousness behind all consciousness. God is the Universe, Nature, ALL of Creation is God if this is the label we humans are to call the source of all things. And if we are to agree that all things are only possible because of this first cause then all things are divine, all things including the “evil” in the world which we only experience because of the way the energies collide in “physical” reality. Above this dimension or frequency the energies would pass right through each other.

It is human ignorance, misunderstanding because we must forgot the other side when we incarnate into this human vessel for the sole purpose to experience and to remember in order to achieve what was the intention and is still the goal for every human being. It is the ways in which we have separated ourselves from Nature, from God in the great sleep that this reality appears to be in chaos where others attempt to control and rule over the free will and divine birthright of all incarnated conscious beings. It is the duality of the physical and the spiritual, but the reason for the manifestation in the first place was to create Nirvana, Heaven on Earth to experience itself in LOVE which is the driving force behind all things. It is only ignorance to the Laws of creation that man has separated himself and constructed laws which can only be broken and cause chaos and disharmony.

We are no more separate from each other and the stars and the source of all things than the light from the sun. ALL is ONE. This can not be known unless directly experienced, which is the reason we are here. Experience transmutes Knowledge into Wisdom, belief into KNOWING, fear into Love.

When the way is found and understood, then there is no other way. There are no illusions, no buts, no what ifs, no explaining away through ignorance or “rational and logical deduction“. Direct Experience Changes everything because it is verifiable first hand. It is spoken of in all the worlds religious and spiritual texts. It was taught by all the enlightened masters who incarnated with the mission to awaken humanity and to remind them.

It is what are called miracles, magic, divine intervention and many other names. It is not supernatural but is the natural order, for God or the Source is all encompassing and is not separate in any way from itself. As the master Teacher said and dogma and human ignorance has misunderstood when he said - the Things I do YOU can do, and Greater Things.

There is only LOVE. There is only Peace. The duality & polarity is the only reason that we perceive any difference between ourselves, each other, nature. It is the Ego that strives to protect the physical vessel and mind. When the consciousness is raised and directly experienced through the Great Work - through the work needed to be done on the individual level as this is the only place change can come from. Then the individual chooses to reach for what they know is something more, something BIGGER than they can imagine at first. This is the conscious evolution of man to take the steps to remember, to reconnect and cooperate with the natural of order of all things, to the Law of Creation, to free himself from all bondage, all slavery both mental and physical, to realize our divine origins and to become like that which we seek.

To Awaken fully, to fulfill our Destiny. Disharmony and chaos only manifest when we do not know how to deal in the physical with only our 5 physical senses and we are cut off from our true nature.This "separation" is the cause of all struggle and pain in human lives. But when the third eye is opened and the connection and balance is found it heals. So it is said that with the knowledge of the creator the Blind and Sick are healed.

In the manifest world the human vessel is the supreme manifestation to experience the higher realms. It is the only way in which spirit can experience in such a tangible and creative form, still connected to the whole but able to create on an individual level as well. It is when we open our pineal gland through initiation (the transmutation of the lower carnal / ego desires into the highest virtues of love, compassion, divinity , Lead into Gold, Alchemy) through the many techniques such as meditation and expanding our awareness, being conscious and holding ourselves fully responsible for every thought and action, that we lift ourselves like the phoenix from the ashes. To resurrect the Christ within (the consciousness of Love and oneness with all that is) to transmute ignorance and arrogance into Wisdom, into the TRUTH that illuminates the darkness and lifts the veil of illusions.

It is possible for every conscious being to awaken and remember. It is our duty to ourselves.

When we steal, lie, cheat, murder, or take advantage of others we condemn ourselves for we are all the same, we are all reflections of each other. This is what is responsible for the Karmic Law, on an individual level and the collective whole.

If you stop to think that it is now proven in Science and the mystics have all talked about through the ages that this is a realm made up completely of Energy, Light, vibrating at different frequencies.

That what we see as the world and universe around us is light entering the eye in an electrical signal that is then decoded by the brain and our consciousness is then projected into what we call reality, all possible because of consciousness. This changes the entire thought structure when this is understood and directly experienced.

We are each responsible for the reality we project. If everyone knew the power of fear based thoughts we would never think a bad thought again for we would know the impact. What you think about most of the time is what you manifest in your own life, our thoughts dictate how we see the world, reality. When you become conscious of this, and open up that connection and do the work needed you can manifest what you need in its many forms at all times. Abundance and prosperity in ALL things. This is provable through DIRECT experience. This changes everything when experienced.

The more conscious we become of why it is happening the more we follow the natural laws and order of all things and manifest that vision into reality. This is proven in modern quantum physics (the remembering of the ancient knowledge / science / metaphysics / spiritual wisdom). It is now proven that all is consciousness, and that the observer and the object observed are influenced by each other.

This is shifting the entire paradigm of what is considered “reality” and is also causing a shift long prophesized by all cultures, to show the control system in place is completely irrelevant because if we are all ONE consciousness then we are all ONE at the very foundation and core.

What has been created as Politics, Religions, Social Structures in modern society (the last few hundred years) are mans many attempts to control , and to understand the mysteries .

This has been used against the billions of souls by the very few who have kept this knowledge for themselves for malicious personal gain. But this also is part of the great awakening, all part of the process. There are two choices in all things, LOVE or Fear. It is all part of the process that will lead humanity to awaken as they begin to question every facet of the accepted reality as it appears to fall apart under the corruption and hypocrisy of its own weight. We have been asleep for so long that it is necessary to awaken the masses before we in our ignorance again lay waste and require another cycle. This is the time. NOW. There is no other time. Only the NOW. To Awaken to the beauty of life and why we are here in the first place.

Friday, March 15, 2013


This is my imagination come to life. Dream BIG. 7 year anniversary is around the corner. A brand new website built fresh off the inspiration from my month in the Desert of Tucson. Its all a dream, once we realize that then we go out and change the world starting with ourselves. Then give to those who truly need and do what we are here to do, raise the consciousness of the planet by raising ours as high as we can tune in. If we must "work" and pay taxes & pay to live here in this realm while we are manifest in this vessel and adhere to certain physical restrictions & social systems in place only to imprison, then do what you love. Love what you do. Become Free And spread that light as far as it will reach. Those of us who get it and understand truly how to transmute the stone from the waters then it is our duty to do so. No compromising the experienced wisdom for there are no illusions. Create Peace. Create Light. Cooperation within the Great Work to divine laws that Govern with no discrimination. The path must be True. We ourselves are the change we have been looking for. Manifest Truth. Manifest True Power & Freedom. Manifest Destiny. After all, this is the very reason each one of us is here in the first place, to awaken and to remember, then to create....
Solve et Coagula

Monday, February 25, 2013

For the last Month I have been in the Desert,  literally in the desert, this is not the usual post here on this blog. I have been in the desert, in a Tent in Tucson AZ for the biggest Gem and Mineral Show in the world, set up for 18 days interacting with 1000s of people. I am thankful for the experience, it was intimidating, humbling, a true testament to what we can manifest when we pour our energy into something, it was an amazing journey that I will now be doing indefinitely. Every single one of us can achieve our dreams, manifest whatever we can imagine. Every single thing we humans have created we first thought of, that is we IMAGINED it and then by the power of that imagination and will and drive we manifested all of what we see around us today. We have a great power within each of us to change the world for good, through our work we can elevate the consciousness to shift the world into Light. No Limitations. Nothing is impossible. We are all here for one reason. Once that is realized there is no more illusion. Spread Truth in all things, by actions, by the words we choose to speak in all circumstances. FIAT LUX.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Experience is the greatest teacher. In order to know what you are truly made of it is necessary to push the envelope as far as it will bend. When every ounce of energy is directed toward an outcome then there is only one result and that is success. Be aware. Be in the moment as much as possible and BELIEVE that anything is possible. Live the dream. Awaken the consciousness and always move forward, creating in harmony.
No Limitations, no fear, no doubt. Only Love to light the way.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Right Eye of Horus & Pineal Gland, Cross section of Human Brain

So what is the Pineal Gland exactly? It is the seat of consciousness within the human body, known for thousands of years by all civilizations, hidden from and virtually blind in todays modern society yet it is Known exactly what it is still today by those who run society, even the Vatican knows too - they use the pine cone as the symbol - go google it, anyways, this is your Third Eye, it is your connection to the ALL that is, so ponder for a moment that you are MUCH more than your physical senses, you are in fact not your body, not your mind or your Ego but something much more powerful, connected to ALL things, and have much more power than you could ever imagine. And a side note - Fluoride breaks down and has its most toxic effects on this tiny part of the brain and calcifies it (it turns it off or dulls it to the point of nothingness) this has been proven in the medical / scientific journals as well, now you know why toxic Fluoride is added to Water supplies and pushed as Dental uses because it specifically attacks the most vital part of your brain that is responsible for Consciousness & the non physical senses...Ask yourself, if everyone was capable of being fully awakened and realized ALL is ONE then there is no control, no war, no greed or the chaos that we see in the world today, that means no control over other human beings which doesnt work out to well if your entire plan is based on keeping the masses steeped in illusions...things that make you go hmmmmmm.... Expand your consciousness.Ignorance is a choice. Do the research.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

The Alchemical or Esoteric meaning to this is simplified here - The Spiritual Reality is the only reality, connect and align yourself with the highest divinity / Source / God directly through raising the consciousness and transmuting the leaden nature / carnal desires within, thus becoming conscious of it by the works necessary and then live by this light, this truth each day in all one does, and All things are added, abundance, prosperity, Health on all levels - immortality of the Soul.  This is the way. The light and the truth. Fiat Lux. Let those with eyes to see behold the mystery.

Monday, January 14, 2013

There is much said about how one manifests abundance and prosperity in their lives. How what are considered miracles or magic can be experienced daily. Its deeper than "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction or wishful thinking. While this is part of it, we must also understand the foundation or operation of the laws that ALL things follow. One must be in the flow with the natural order of life, see all as a reflection of each other, doing what is necessary in all things, in all dealings on all levels, personal, spiritual and in business. There can be no greed. Deceipt or corruption of any kind, all must mutually benefit in a way that there is balance and harmony.

In order to bring forth from MIND to manifest within physical reality the will (control of action and thought power to direct by conscious awareness) must be directed by the consciousness from the Heart (feeling), and the desire and feeling must be guided by intention and adherence to the laws of creation. First and foremost there can be no doubt, no fear that failure is even possible. After all fear and doubt only exist in the mind because we are taught we are separate from God, Nature, the natural state of Being. Most search the external world to supply happiness and everything else they think they need when in fact those things are only found within. The key is to connect the Heart and Mind as ONE and to project that vision - seeing it as a state of being, as the end result already having been achieved and not some distant goal. I AM that I AM to BE, ONE with ALL that is.

As it is Every word and thought we have creates the reality we experience. Why do you think they call it "Spelling"... Ponder that for a moment. When we give power to , that is expression and validation to a thought or mental construct and we believe that thought to be true and confirm those thoughts about ourselves, about the world around us by uttering words thus making those thoughts "reality" then we experience those things from that perspective. Whether positive or negative in experience is up to the observer and if those thoughts, feelings, words are from a "negative" and limited point of view then that is exactly what you will get. The Same goes for positive thought - to certain degrees according to understanding.  Luck, Fate, and so forth are just the results we label these laws because of ignorance to how things actually happen. Luck and fate, circumstance and environment actually have very little to do with anything. 

If we wish to manifest change around us we must first manifest that change within ourselves. This is the starting point and foundation of Alchemy, of the Hermetic Science that has birthed the many spiritual and religious paths known to humanity today. The Same creed taught by all the true Master Teachers who have incarnated to teach Humanity the "Way". That we are unlimited in potential, spiritual beings capable of manifesting "Heaven on Earth", abundance, healing, prosperity beyond what most can even imagine.  For example, take a look at successful people, it doesnt matter if they are or are not consciously aware of how they do what they do, but they all do the same thing basically. The Energy is always very high when creating, when in the "zone". Every ounce of heart and soul seems to be poured into whatever the works they are involved in. Everything just flows, even obstacles are viewed as challenges and welcomed when they appear. Confidence is high, there is no worry or fear of the outcome, they seem to know when and how to make the important decisions (intuition) and are doing what they need to in order to achieve the goal without hesitation. Hard work, Determination and Gusto drive them. Now add to that the Esoteric Knowledge on how to actually be in alignment with creation, and how to create according to the very laws all things follow to manifest and nothing is impossible. It is something that is possible for ALL to experience.

All things are a reflection of the inner state of being. As Above, So Below.

Experience transmutes belief and faith into direct knowing, first hand participation in The Great Work - the raising of consciousness to become soul conscious, to awaken from the Dream and to free ourselves from the mundane sphere of existence to realize the Destiny not only of the individual but the collective end of why we are here in the first place. When the conscience - the still small voice within is clear and we are doing what we are supposed to be doing all along it is amazing how life unfolds like the thousand petal lotus and the fire within sparks the creative imagination that is so important for us to transmute knowledge into experience, into BEING.

There is ONE way to do all things and when this way is found, there simply is no other way. There is no compromising truth for external indulgence or illusion that is blinding and selfish, no off switch once the truth has been found. No cutting corners to achieve what must be earned by the works required of us to work within the operations of Nature, of Creation by Conscious Manifestation. The ladder must be climbed with precision, the natural faculties within unfolded and attained by degree according to Divine Law. This is the way to mastership, to fulfilling and discovering our Destiny and the greatest secrets of the true power contained within, the Gift that is the birthright of all incarnated beings and is the very reason we are here in the first place, to Remember and then to use that power to create and grow as we are meant to.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

"If the problem you have can be solved, then there is no need to worry. If the Problem you have can not be solved, then there is no need to worry." - Wise words, I read somewhere.... too much thinking disconnects the body / mind & intuition and creates problems that were never there in the first place. This is how most are wired to think. Instead, Be like the Water. Flow with life, create, no limitations, no obstacles. It is quite simple really. Stop Trying to be, and just BE.... All is a reflection of the inner state of being.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quote of the Day -

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."  
The Gospel of Thomas / Nag Hammadi Library

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A friend in Hawaii shared this with me.... Beautiful

Saturday, January 05, 2013

From a spiritual aspect, once you realize that you are not your body, that this vessel is a tool needed for the consciousness to experience itself through, then you come to understand the importance of taking care of it.
But not merely taking care of it for Physical Health & Well Being. The Universe is mental, and so by consciousness all is created- mental as in manifested and brought into being by thought - the Logos / The Word - Let there be..... FIAT LUX

The energy centers, chakras, of the body do not function properly when the food we take in is of no real use to it. Highly refined Sugars, Dyes, Preservatives, Antibiotics & Steroids,  Genetically Modified with Toxic Chemicals and altered genes, Artificial Flavors & Sweeteners created in a lab were never meant to be ingested by the human body. Most of these Chemicals breakdown and synthesize as other toxic chemicals within the body weighing it down. When the body becomes Toxic - from Mental Negative thought constructs along with physical impurities & Toxins, disease and illness manifest. The natural energy of the human body is dulled to a very low resonance when we do not feed it properly. Many of these chemicals breakdown specifically in the Pineal Gland and calcify it and wreak havoc and disharmony in other areas of the body.

Once you become aware of this you see that the only option is to make that change and become your 
primary care provider. The way to make the energy flow and accessible is to Eat Properly & exercise the mind and body. This doesnt necessarily mean cutting out all Meat - but Grass Fed , no antibiotics or growth hormone is the way to go, though meat should be limited for many other reasons. The best way to go is Organic - meaning no Chemicals, Toxins, Drugs, it means Truly Natural - the way Nature created it.
Its ok to have some sweets or even a soda here or there. Live a little, but be conscious of what you are putting into your body. It is necessary because we ourselves are responsible for our mental, spiritual and physical well being.

Those who are "tapped in" and aware of the Spiritual / Consciousness reality understand the importance of eating properly and drinking water because it is through this vessel that we express and create , unite the Above and Below. The Alchemical Process requires it or we slowly kill ourselves and do damage that overtime is harder to correct or heal. That along with the consciousness aspect we can heal, ourselves and others, we live longer & can more easily through these methods and breathing techniques increase the amount of stored Prana / Chi / Life Force. We can more easily do what it is we were born to do in the first place- the human body was designed for longevity - you only grow "old" or die because you are told you are and will...... Think about that one for awhile

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

"It is only when man divides his time properly - giving a part to necessary labor; another part to rest and recreation, pleasant and beneficial; and devoting the third part to self-improvement and the awakening of his Higher Self and his latent forces in accordance with the Divine Law - that he may become the balanced being the Creator intended him to be, no longer the pawn in the hands of egomaniacs or the forces of fate. This is the rational and natural philosophy taught by the Initiates and Master Teachers of the Secret Schools." - from Compendium of Occult Laws (Esoteric / Rosicrucian Text on the Hermetic & Alchemical Laws that Govern All things)