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Monday, February 12, 2007

"Time does not exist, it is only something to measure the things we do not accomplish.
Now is all there is and ever has been, the moment, the chance to be one with divinity.
The past are but lessons and notions to awaken the soul within the physical illusion.
The Future is an unwritten open window to the infinite form of creation and consciousness inherent in all life, in all Beings. Now is the eternal moment to change, to shift, to be one with all that is"

Paradigm Shift
Mike Eggleston

Someone once said that it is wiser never to attempt unlocking the mysteries of the Divine, of life and death, than to begin and not have the discipline to truly pursue the endeavor. Too expand ones awareness and realization to include ALL that is as ONE is no meager task. Yet it is a thought that is inherent within every human being. The eternal flame that thirsts for knowledge and wisdom in this world of uncertainty and questions. The search for Truth above all else. Knowledge in its highest form is a far cry from modern day theology and this Age of "Modern Thinkers" we like to consider ourselves in. Ignorance and superstition have become accepted as truth in this the land of make believe. This physical shell, the world of materiality, this 3D land of illusions.

Spirituality, Philosophy and contemplation of the world, of the universe seems jaded in this information age. A world of technological wonder and medical advancements, yet the mainstream populace is bombarded with blatant brainwashing and illusions of how to live that are unattainable, yet sold as popular thought and culture. This society, this civilization has been raised with the belief system where materialism reigns supreme and blind ignorance is acceptable behavior. When truth is discussed, whether it be political, religious or many social topics, it stirs fear in the minds of the masses and promotes contempt for the very underlying essence it is trying to illustrate. The human being has become unknowingly passive and conditioned to accept what is taught as truth and in this modern day it is again taboo to go against the status quo. Divided this species has become, categorized and placed into countless labels, groups and subgroups. Split up into Conservatives and Liberals, Moderates and Progressives, Race, creed and so on, are the masses. The entire time the very foundation is blurred by preconceived notions and thoughts fed into the collective consciousness to distract from the big picture, to attempt to feed the material ego and to prevent the awakening of the mind, of the spirit of the soul.

This is the moment in our history as a species that we must all make vital decisions that benefit the whole and not only the individual. To awaken the inner being, to transcend the every day life to rise above the monotony and experience the divine energy that flows through all that is. There are many paths to truth that each walks. Some awaken to the Nature of the Consciousness, the Divine, of Love, Compassion, Truth and Unity and others become lost in the illusion of materiality of greed, lust, jealousy and fear.

Underlying all the religions and spiritual movements of the world is a fundamental source. The ONE, the mother / father God, the universal truth, energy and light. It is something that must be experienced, for it is indescribable and incomprehensible to attempt to put into intangible words.
It is the very essence of life, of truth, of enlightenment. It is the realization of Oneness with all that is, the awareness of connectedness to all things. The state of being, the states of consciousness that there is no separation or doubt that we are connected to source, to “God“. It is the acceptance of destiny and the understanding of our divinity and true being. It is the removal of fear and the knowing that death is but a word to define the transition of spirit from the material to the infinite.

The next step in human evolution is here, it is the paradigm shift of the ages. It is the ancient, divine, eternal knowledge and wisdom that changes everything and leaves no doubt in the mind and heart of the illumined. It is undeniable and is unmatched in its splendor and beauty. It is clarification of the riddles and teachings that are the keys to unlocking the mysteries of life. The simplicity is awe inspiring as the veil lifts and the spirit rises above material life into the spiritual life.

Some term the movement, this cosmic awakening that is occurring within the entire Macrocosm and Microcosm on all levels, “New Age”, some call it false, misguided, and blasphemy, while some go so far as to brand it evil and with fear attempt to label and condemn it to preserve the belief systems that cling to the illusion, or “Reality” that has been projected for thousands of years. This is natural, it is part of the evolution, the growth, the awakening of spirit. It is the duality that grips the material world. But when you let go and truly learn to be in the NOW and allow all doubt and fear to subside you begin to see with new eyes. The truth transcends all, seek within, trust your intuition, and step back to view the world as it truly is, full of life and abundance.

Throughout the ages the idea or illusion of separateness from source has been contemplated by the many and realized by the few. In a world built on Diversity as a cornerstone to illustrate the vast reaches of the human species, we have in turn categorized and separated each other into groups of race, religion, creed, status, sex and so on. This has led to indifference and discrimination and not unity. The error in this is that we have separated ourselves from each other, from the whole, and in turn aligned ourselves not in unity, but against one another. The realization and awareness that we are all ONE, transcends all labels and all groups one could possibly create and choose to differ from. Now to many, they will say that diversity is something that shows the many differences between us all and that is something that is needed. These so called differences are limited in the big picture, as we are all human beings we are only separating ourselves and missing the underlying commonalities we all share as one human family on this one planet Earth. In turn we have been conditioned to fear more than appreciate these “diversities” that we inherently share. Diversity has created more struggle than anything else. In reality it divides and highlights the so called differences between us all, than actually bring us together. IT IS TIME TO MOVE BEYOND STEREOTYPES AND IGNORANCE. It is time to wake up……