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Monday, December 30, 2013

This has been a year of crystallization in so many ways, both on an individual & collective level. That which no longer serves us, old belief systems & dogmas, relationships, "jobs", attachments of many kinds were shed in 2013. 

2014, as far as a made up number to keep track of time , which really doesn't exist, is going to be EPIC, next level, its time to take things super nova, and its all possible because you think it to be, you will it to be. And so it is. 

Consciousness is the catalyst of ALL Things, the observer and the object being observed are dependent upon the other. There is no separation, ALL is in the ALL and The ALL is in ALL. 
Create with every breath. Not merely believing it but CREATING it, by right feeling and thinking, the Logos, the Word, Projected by thought and will, the heart and third eye as ONE. Projected and made manifest reality. This stone that transmutes the leaden nature into golden being. 

Blessings. So mote it be. ONE with all that is.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This Saturday is the Winter Solstice. An excellent day to set intent for the coming year and to align in ritual, meditation & prayer, to elevate the consciousness and unite with some very special energy. This is the time of year ALL of the "Holidays" are a reflection of. This is the longest Night of the Year, the shortest day as the Sun comes to its lowest altitude above the Horizon. The Above and the Below are merged once again, spirit and matter. Many Blessings to All.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

"There is an earthly sun, which is the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the Sun; and those who are blind and cannot see him may feel his heat. There is an Eternal Sun, which is the source of all wisdom, and whose spiritual sense have awakened to life will see that Sun and be conscious of His existence; but those who have not attained spiritual consciousness may yet feel His power by an inner faculty which is called Intuition" Paracelsus

There is a space to be found within Meditation that is of the most profound and loving peace imaginable. It is a gift, a most holy tool indeed. It is not about merely pushing away thoughts, or reaching a state of inner silence, or even so much as contemplation of the many mysteries that is the goal alone. Meditation leads to the source of thought, to the void that IS creating, nothing, pure being all at once. Enlightenment is not some ah ha moment where one suddenly realizes something. It is a process, an alchemical ladder each climbs on their own. The constant refining of the "I" or Ego and the ability to not so much transcend the current reality or awareness but to transmute the lower into the higher. To combine the Above and the Below and again raise oneself from the Below and combine with the Above.

Our experiences dictate our views depending upon the level of consciousness we are at. We view experiences in life as either negative or positive and sometimes passively partake or choose to remain neutral. Experience is one of the greatest teachers. It transforms knowledge into Wisdom. Life is full of lessons for us to experience, this is how we grow, how we learn. We are never supposed to remain stagnant or become complacent in life, this leads to degeneration, waste, decay. Instead we are supposed to continuously evolve, expand our consciousness and create with every breath we take. Life is also full of opportunity, more so than the average person knows. Opportunity waiting to write new lessons and experiences that further our growth, our ability to connect to each other and to this realm we find ourselves within. Certain opportunities only come along once, others maybe a few times in certain cases. Learning to recognize them from a objective observer point of view to certain extents allows us to enter a state of intuitive Gnosis so to speak, to use a different sight to see with. As we progress along this path we are shown certain things, the Ego, certain emotions and so forth do not cloud the judgement or decision making process. Doubt and Fear which are are almost always present in the collective consciousness vanish and the path to take is known almost instantly. The beauty is in seeing them when they arise and seizing the opportunity then and there with all you are.

The things in life such as luck, fate, and so forth are nothing more than ignorance to understanding that there are laws in place that all things follow; Reaping and sowing. Cause and effect. The pendulum of polarity and correspondence that most are slaves to. What is completely possible is to become the cause and the effect. The goal of Meditation is To learn to enter a state of single mindfulness where Intuition is guided by unconditional love, where fear and doubt are not allowed to enter the temple and run amok. Where we enter a waking state of higher awareness, a state when faced with even the hardest decisions, the answer is to be found clearly. We are responsible for the reality we create within our personal lives fully and that reaches over into all other aspects of reality. When the way is found to do the one thing, then there is no other way to do anything.

To understand this is to then take as complete control of life as is possible. Fill it with Love, peace, abundance and prosperity on all levels. Be kind, charitable and peaceful. These are the faculties each person has within them, to strive for the highest virtues because it is the only way to be. To behold the stone of the philosophers is to know the secrets of nature, of self and of the Divine. Which are ONE in the same. Nothing is separate from another. The Observer and the Object being observed are completely dependent on one another.

Solve et Coagula


Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Realizing you wouldn't be exactly where you stand now if you had made different choices is part of the immense beauty of life. Good or bad is all perception and it is only we ourselves who hold the key to our happiness or to the illusion. Its all a dream, creating every experience as we go along, recognizing the important things in life and not worrying about the things you have no power over. instead use this gift to Manifest Destiny and push the envelope to see how far it bends...Always go as far as you can, beyond the imagination and any limitations you can conceive of