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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Many Blessings on this Solstice.
May all awaken to the truth that sets one free.
Know Thyself

Saturday, December 12, 2015

So I follow God on facebook , I know, i know... how does pure consciousness have a facebook account? Exactly. And he Has some really good points, imagine that - cant argue with them at all. So This one means NOTHING using Fear to drive it, no more discriminating against your fellow humans because they are not the same color, race, creed, sexual preference, man made "religion" and so forth as you claim to be, because no matter how some would like to claim - God didn't write the holy books, inspired humans did who were trying to express the ineffable source of all things. 

The spiritual meanings in those books appear to be lost on todays civilization because no one seems to be able to follow or understand them except for the warped interpretations of parables taken literally or molded to fit peoples personal agendas. Those inspirations were hijacked by people using organized religion to control the minds of the herd, for spiritual and political control, further separating them from the ALL / split in consciousness - and to fuel hatred, war and so forth. 

We are all ONE, maybe really ponder that for a second, especially during this very special season (Winter Solstice Celebration that has occurred for Thousands of years, i.e. the "Holidays" i.e. Christmas / Hanukka / Kwanza / Ramadan / The Yule and so forth.) God does not give you the right to perpetuate ignorance in any manner. If you do then it is not right thinking and if it is not right thinking then how in the hell can you be in alignment with what God wants. Too much? Not at all. Ignorance is a choice. Rant over.

Love your Brothers and Sisters as if they were YOU. 
As Above, So Below

Friday, December 04, 2015

The problems we face as a species are ONE, it is a problem of consciousness. If you understand this, then you are part of the Solution. If what you believe is driven by fear then think about that and think why would that be done...think way outside the box, in fact there is NO box ∞ Until that is realized and solved it does not matter what laws are passed, or what measures are taken, those who wish to inflict harm will do so. You could ban guns, but then lets be real, only Criminals, Terrorists, and those who claim to fight both would have guns. Safer? Not at all. But its a nice illusion as propaganda and divide and conquer tactics are used by the Government via the illusion of choice and the media. Banning Guns will do nothing, laws are already in place, but again Criminals pay no mind to any laws in place. But this really has nothing to do with Guns, they are just the means by which crazy people do violence with. If it wasn't guns they would be bombs and other things. And in an age when War is celebrated, supported and murder legalized when there is an "enemy" to fight - for gods sake, we "entertain" ourselves with violent movies and shows - we as a whole have no moral high ground to stand on when something like this happens. This is all the result of the disconnect between human beings and each other. The separation via illusion, with fear driving it all. The Government and the media are in place to control popular opinion and to emotionally manipulate to achieve certain outcomes. Maybe one day humans will realize that we are all ONE and we can move forward to achieve our destiny, until then.....those who understand, must BE the change, until that change shifts the paradigm. We are the only ones who will save us from ourselves....