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Monday, June 15, 2009

Interview I did with Lance White "A Fireside chat with Zany Mystic" from June 13, 2009 - 58 mins - an in depth discussion on the Esoteric and Occult, Consciousness, 2012 and Politics

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June 15, 2009 - By Mike Eggleston

The entire system is going to collapse under the corruption, within a few short months now, maybe a couple years at most, this is inevitable, it has run its course like a cancer in society, it has less to do with what Obama does or doesnt do, or the politicians as it did for the Corrupt Puppet Administrations before going back 100 years... There is nothing we or anyone can do about it anymore, its going to happen regardless, its the way things work, it is one of the many Laws of the Universe, of God, Of nature, whatever we want to call it, it is a natural cause and effect, everything operates in this way.

One of the main things that people need to start understanding, on a mass scale, is that this is as much a spiritual war, a war on consciousness than anything else. Those who run the show are very proficient and know what they are doing, the manipulation of emotions and minds using information, religion and politics is a well skilled craft to them. The left vs right, divide and conquer mentality needs to stop now, all the so called differences we humans have created in our minds between us all, the racism, the "differences", everything is an illusion that we created, its Fear based and as long as we keep feeding into it the same will be perpetuated in our own lives, this goes with everything we do, not just on the socio-political side of things.....

One of the things we need to realize is that EVERY single problem we see, on an individual personal level to the collective level of society is that the problems we face are because we humans are the ONLY beings in this universe that attempt to control and fight against the Natural order of things, the Laws of God / Nature / Universe can not be broken, only the laws we create for ourselves can we break.......and as long as we continue to feel like we must be in control of everything on all levels like we are some how above the rest of creation instead of a part of it, then we will continue to see the same things we are seeing now until it finally eats itself and destroys itself.

Not to say its not worth it to fight for as bigger change, but first if we are going to see ANY real change, or Peace, or ANYTHING on a mass scale EVERY SINGLE one of us has to manifest that change in ourselves first. Then and Only then will we see those changes take place on a mass scale. All this fighting against what we dont want to see on a mass scale is a reflection of the inner battle we all fight, and unless we Become the change we want to see in our own lives, that means, being peaceful, not trying to control or fight and actually flowing like a river through life, in Harmony with the Laws of Creation, then we are not going to see change in the outerworld. Its as simple as that.

Friday, June 12, 2009

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Blessings, In Truth & Light

Mike Eggleston

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"What is now called the Christian religion has existed among the ancients and was not absent from the beginning of the human race" - St. Augustine


There is much open debate over the life of Jesus or properly Yahushua and his role in the world. It can not be denied, by any educated thinker well read and truly educated in theology, philosophy, and the Esoteric or Occult nature of things many myths and ceremonies, of saviors and Gods did arise from the Drama in the heavens. Denial is based in Dogma and ignorance, fear and superstitions alone.

This is not to discount or dismiss Jesus / Yahushua the Man, the teacher and mystic known as the Nazarene.

Yahushua the human, and "the Christ" in the modern Bible are the same in many ways, yet very different. It is a paradox: Yahushua the man was a Sage, a mystic, entrenched in the divine mysteries of Antiquity, Egypt & the Essenes, He is the Nazarene; a philosopher king. Yahushua "the Christ" or more properly Christos in Greek (anointed one, personified divinity within all humanity) in the Bible is in ways attributed to the drama in the heavens, 12 apostles (Houses of the Zodiac) around the Son (Sun), Born on the 25th of December (winter Solstice) (Summer in reality of the man), He was crucified (solar cross) and resurrected (in the spring), to bring redemption and new life. This is the same story repeated through out many of the worlds religions and not unique to the religion of Christianity alone. The Drama of the Heavens is also referred to, as It is sun worship, (though it was not really "Sun" worship, as the Sun or Fire only represented a deeper meaning or representation of the divine light of the creator) and personification of the creative generative spirit, nature, i.e. God or more properly in Judeo / Christian belief IHVH = יהוה.

It is known and not secret to all who choose to research for themselves that when the Holy Roman Church destroyed what they called the "Pagan" religions of the ancients, that they took parts of stories, rituals and beliefs and merged them with the beliefs of the day, edited and mistranslated the original Hebrew Texts and even outright invented things to compete with other beliefs of the time. For example you will not find "Christmas" the Holiday any where in the bible, this was created, and not denied by the Roman Church much later to compete with the Roman festival honoring the persian God Mithras.

Christ is highly symbolic for Christianity, but most Christians are unaware of what and why the Church did certain things and why today things are the way they are. It can be highly doubted that the Man, the great teacher Yahushua (Jesus), one of the greatest master teachers to ever live (who never claimed to be God , but a son of the divine creator, if the teachings are approached properly and not taken literally) would not approve of or wanted a religion modeled after him. He never claimed to be יהוה, only a Son of יהוה (as the Sons of Men, become Sons of God יהוה), through rebirth, resurrection, to be born again through spiritual truth, philosophy, of consciousness, to unite with the father, the ONE from which all else came.

After all the religion known as Christianity in its true unadulterated, non dogmatic form, had existed for many years before the man known as Yahushua appeared. He spoke in parables and preached an exoteric message to the masses, veiled in mystery so they might understand certain universal truths and laws. Unfortunately many were taken literally, and turned into Dogmas.

He also taught another doctrine in private, Esoteric to his disciples, or "initiates" of the mysteries, those who could see, understand and hear truth, based on direct Gnosis, and experience, free of superstition and dogma.

The Parables of Yahushua in the bible convey much to those who may see with open minds, but are taken literally by those not educated in any other manner but to believe what they are told and shown without further explanation.

Matthew 13:11 "Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given."

Luke 6:20, 22 "Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of יהוה... Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake."

Matthew 18:3-4 "Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

Many parts of the bible contain and conceal the esoteric truths or doctrine taught by the man the religion has been modeled after. For example, The kingdom of Heaven is on Earth; i.e. the saying of "Heaven on Earth", as well the way to illumination or realization is to "Be as little children", having the uncorrupted minds of children, OPEN minds, free of dogma.

Ye are the Temple of the Living God, "YaHuWah", the human body, nature. The way to find Truth is through intuition and experience. The Lost Gospel of Thomas, considered Gnostic by many "fundamental" Christians, also points the way to the esoteric nature of the teachings.

It is important to look into the esoteric nature of things and not what is presented to the mainstream in religion and philosophy alike and you will find many keys to the mysteries of Life. There are many reasons that certain things are portrayed in certain manners, this is obvious and clear to anyone who will choose to think for themselves.

What is today known as the modern "organized" Christian Religion, is young in the eyes of time, of history. Words have been changed throughout history, the original Hebrew text is lost in translation, with this phrases and meanings and truth. Books, Gospels, verses have been omitted, and dare some say invented to portray the message of the Church when they first came to power, and even now, through violence and oppression in the beginning to instill a matrix of control. To enforce a certain Dogma and Doctrine. After all the church was the power, today considers itself the true seat of religion, issued direct from God himself as they claimed in the beginning, ordaining Kings and such over the meek.

It is up to us, to live the life, to be as the wise man known as Yahushua did live, through Philosophy, Spirituality, oneness with knowing through direct experience. The Laws of Nature, of God the most high creator of all things, through Gnosis (Divine Knowledge), Hermetics, truth based on Love, experience, divinity being the doctrine of life. There are always 2 sides to everything, this is the duality of the human condition, of consciousness. It is easy to label things you do not want found out by the majority evil and the work of the devil. What better way to control minds than to label things based on fear and half truths.

All preconceived notions and belief systems not based on direct personal knowledge and experience must be cast aside.

"For a moment, stop thinking in terms of "God" as a personified being, a man in the sky. God is the uncomprehensible first cause, the source, the creator of all that is. The LAW that governs all Laws, of Nature, the universe, etc; whatever label one wishes to give. God is the catalyst, the Consciousness behind all Consciousness, the supreme Idea and Virtue of all things. God is the Superior filtered through the inferiors. All things are reflections of the divine original source, of God, or first cause, thus the ALL is in all and all is in the ALL" - MDE

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

June 1, 2009 - By : Michael Eggleston

We all have the ability to see beyond this material world, a "sixth sense" locked away under the layers of the mind. Our 3rd eye, the forgotten sense, the 6th Chakra. Some are completely aware and pretty much always have been, but keep it quiet do to the reaction of others, the labels...people think you're crazy, confused, and some out right fear it. All due to mis-info about these abilities that are completely NATURAL and how in modern society we are taught from a young age that they are figments of the overactive imagination.

Through all outlets of media, society and so forth you can see reminders, little pieces to the puzzle that these things are real. Now with the awakening of consciousness taking place, it is becoming more accepted. There are of course the countless "Miss Cleo's", people who claim to have certain abilities and many others in it only to make their $ MONEY $ , personal gain above all else...that is the materialistic, greed trait we humans have so eloquently developed in place of our natural, illuminating gifts. Most who are truly tuned in don't talk about it very openly, and are very dedicated to doing what needs to be done to help ensure this planet and the shift in consciousness that is occurring go as planned.

Then there are those of us who know that it is much deeper than anything science, and thus far the failed attempts and dogmas of organized religion has offered as a means, a "logical" way to explain and or connect to the divine source of knowledge and being. It is a clarification of what all spiritual and religious teachings are attempting to illustrate. It is a doorway and the keys to unlock the answers that we have been searching for all our lives, our entire existence as a species. The connection to the other side that we come into this plane of existence with, that through conditioning is kept asleep. There are always those who have been awake and known, but reaching the main population and the countless preconceived thoughts and ideas associated with it, is another step all together. In this modern day of "intellectual" thinkers, Dogma and Superstition, Skeptics are around each corner without being opened minded enough to entertain the ideas... Thankfully, with so much finding its way into the mainstream it is becoming accepted more, people begin to question what they are told, though like everything still has its opponents who wish to keep the paradigm from shifting.

Being tapped in, opens the airwaves, it allows us to transmit communications, the dreams, channeling, visions, intuition and knowledge from the physical plane to the higher planes and vice versa. Consciousness is evolving, expanding awareness of so many and humanity is heading in the direction of what we originally intended when we incarnated into the physical realim. To Live free, ONE with the universe, nature and each other. We have always had this. Now its time to reactivate it. Its been dumbed down and manipulated for a reason.

The reason, is to keep control, think about it, if everyone becomes AWARE that this is in fact a spiritual, the ONLY reality, then out the door with the wars, the greed over material objects and money, the hatred, the indifference of nations, of an entire world. That means no profits of exploiting people, the earth, products and every day commodities that everyone needs to survive. It validates that we are all ONE and that no life is worth more than any other. That with the technology we have , if used properly for the good of all will benefit humanity and nature the way its supposed to be. And in turn would allow us to turn around from the current path we are on as a species.

Meditate, Experience, take a look around and truly see the world as it is and not this illusion accepted as "reality". Learn how to access what our minds are capable of and what every religion attempts to emulate, only not in the form of man, who created religion , but in the sense that we are all connected, through the same energy flowing through the entire universe. The collective consciousness that is all life and energy. Philosophical, Metaphysical. Spiritual. Reality.

Peace and Light

"When we accept the truth that knowledge is infinite then we can accept that the journey is eternal, we can transcend all barriers and walls , as our consciousness continues to expand to encompass the entire universe we can grasp the big picture, that everything is connected and that the truths we take for granted are in fact unique , each in their own way"