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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Always be grateful. 1st rule of success, in anything. Its all Mental, All of it. Fear & Doubt, should be assassinated as soon as they arise in the mind. Never allowed to take root. But we have been conditioned as humans, programmed deeply. Compare yourself to no one. All this Inferior/Superior to others is BS, sold to make you feel less then the divine being you know you are in your dreams. Anyone can do anything, if you put your time and energy into it. If you cut out the toxic and do all the work necessary. You write the story. You are responsible for your happiness (it comes from within too, not external stimuli). Stop chasing distractions, substanceless fulfillment, click bait. It is All mental, all of life, that is how we project and create the world, Positive or Negative, what you think about most is what you will manifest in your life on the individual and collective level. Get in alignment and it literally shifts. You want to change the world? It all starts WITHIN

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Without a shift in consciousness, the problems we face as a species can not be solved. Without this shift, we can not gain full perspective of our responsibility as beings within the reality.  We now have the money, knowledge & Technology - much of it suppressed because it is disruptive to the Multi Trillion Dollar world economy - to solve most of the worlds problems, provide clean water and food to everyone on the planet. After all, Tesla had proposed wireless communications & free energy, etc over 100 years ago.

We are currently faced with "Climate Change" , something that is in fact occurring within the entire Solar System, not just planet Earth. Are we polluting much of the planet in ways that are destructive? Yes. Do We have the means to change this and clean and heal affected areas? Yes. Do we have the tech to deploy sustainable & renewable energy sources? Yes. Are we causing extinction events and disrupting the natural order? Yes. But do not be emotionally manipulated by those who spin lies in order to maintain the illusion of control.

The Same Corporations and Govt and Agenda in place that would guilt you over single use plastic straws, have been dumping chemicals into the waterways for years, but would have you believe straws and single use plastics are the problem. Only Government could envision a "Carbon Tax" in order to "Fight Man Made Global Warming". Fear, used to keep the populace at bay. People start waking up to the illusions being sold and the system screams - The end is near, and only by Govt regulations and taxes and control can we be saved!

Not to long ago that an Elite sex trafficking ring was busted implicating Politicians, Entertainers, Royalty and more. But that guy killed himself and there is nothing left to see. Move along onto mass shootings to distract and go after the right to bear arms. A disarmed populace after all is much easier to control. But the Left and the Right and the Media will do their jobs, divide and conquer. Get the slaves ready for another fake election to let them think they are choosing their leaders. Bought and paid for, sold to the highest bidder long ago.

Without a shift in consciousness, to understand truth from a much higher perspective than mere ego and political affiliation, we as a species are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, as clearly, we do not learn... But we do learn when the shackles of ignorance are removed. Seek the light within

Wake up... There is still time
We Are ONE

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Art by : Rai wëni
Italy – Peru – Canada

In my opinion, modern alchemy / Hermetics / The Great work , the physical lab work is not necessary. For Some people, they need to also do the lab / physical work as it gives them something tangible to work with, shows examples of the stages also being worked on internally, within the alchemist on the spiritual level, there are also other benefits of the lab work, tinctures, etc, from what I have heard from others doing that work... But alas Alchemy is SPIRITUAL in nature, the Lab is the vessel, the human body... the old books written in jargon to conceal from those only interested in material gold. The real lab work is by use of the true imagination / the direction of the will, meditation, Astral projection / visualization, utilizing the tools we have to access non physical planes of the ALL..... and then incorporating KNOWING into BEING in all we do. Solve at Coagula. - MDE

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Wake up world... it is time, you feel it deep within. A world of peace and abundance for all beings is possible 🌎 The old ways of thinking are rigid. The old system only seeks to control, to enslave, to divide and separate us from ourselves, from our true nature , from nature and from the source of consciousness that is ONE with all things. What the ancients knew, what the shamans know, that we are the universe, consciousness made manifest in the material world, animating, experiencing. REMEMBER who you are 🧙‍♂️, find your true power, HEAL your spirit, the wounds, the lies of ego, the unconscious and conscious pain, so that we no longer project it into the world 💜 You are light, you are love, you are the change you are waiting for. It is all WITHIN. Everything you are seeking is just on the other side of fear, let go, surrender and regain the power and memory of what and who we are. Behold the stone, that precious jewel, the key to the fountain, the water that does not wet the hands, eternal and everlasting, first and last in the universe 🙌💧🔥 Experience is the greatest teacher, are you paying attention?

Monday, December 31, 2018

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We have WITHIN , all the power and glory of the Universe & of the Creator. The teachings of truth have been passed down through the ages, Hermes, Thoth, Jesus, Buddha and the many master teachers who have incarnated to show us the path home have said, the kingdom is WITHIN. We are not separate from it at any time. Once we have learned, through meditation, through healing, through doing the work necessary to transmute the carnal / material nature to its higher virtues of Truth, Light & Love, we begin to see clearly and to make our way home. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for. 
You are ONE with the ALL and the ALL is ONE with YOU
Do you not see yet? Have you not felt it stirring in the face of the hypocrisy, the sides, the divide and conquer illusions sold by those who claim to hold power, who know better, who claim to "lead"?

We are source, the same consciousness manifesting in a multitude of forms throughout the universe. Somewhere along the way a few learned to manipulate consciousness, thought, emotion, energy and so many are trapped, prisoners in their own minds because they have given their power away to others. Free your mind. Free your heart. Free your consciousness. You are already free, you just have not found the key to unlock the door.... you already have this too

We each have the ability to awaken in this matrix, this sea of energy we call physical reality, and SEE WITHIN so that we may see the world as it truly is... interconnected, ALL in the ALL...

Do not be blinded by Ego, opinion, sides, parties, illusions sold to divide, to separate, to conflict, to cause disharmony. Step through the veil. Step through the fear.

Blessings. We are ONE.
As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Find peace within yourself, and manifest peace within the world. Be the light.  Transcend the illusion.


Monday, March 05, 2018

"Be kind, loving, compassionate & truthful with everyone, regardless of Differences (illusions), Be the Change you want to see in the world, choose Love over Fear in all things"

It's not merely a mind set, it's a state of being. Spread Light in the world. Whatever change you want to see in the world, you must embody & live it. Take personal inventory, full responsibility, and use all the resources at your disposal to make shit happen, to get YOUR house in order. Then and only then will the lotus of life open its 1000 petals and reveal the nature of all things. Too many out there playing the victim / blame mentality, wondering why things are so messed up, either in their personal life or the insanity of the world, but not looking in the mirror. We are the ones we are waiting on to change things, to save us from ourselves. Stop looking to the parasites and "leaders" who tax and lie, murder and cheat and steal at every turn. WE are the ones. We are ONE.  Do you not see? Above all else, it is a war on consciousness. If you even half understand that , then you are well on your way. Know Thyself.