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Monday, May 21, 2018

Find peace within yourself, and manifest peace within the world. Be the light.  Transcend the illusion.


Monday, March 05, 2018

"Be kind, loving, compassionate & truthful with everyone, regardless of Differences (illusions), Be the Change you want to see in the world, choose Love over Fear in all things"

It's not merely a mind set, it's a state of being. Spread Light in the world. Whatever change you want to see in the world, you must embody & live it. Take personal inventory, full responsibility, and use all the resources at your disposal to make shit happen, to get YOUR house in order. Then and only then will the lotus of life open its 1000 petals and reveal the nature of all things. Too many out there playing the victim / blame mentality, wondering why things are so messed up, either in their personal life or the insanity of the world, but not looking in the mirror. We are the ones we are waiting on to change things, to save us from ourselves. Stop looking to the parasites and "leaders" who tax and lie, murder and cheat and steal at every turn. WE are the ones. We are ONE.  Do you not see? Above all else, it is a war on consciousness. If you even half understand that , then you are well on your way. Know Thyself.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It is Philosophy that frees man from the chains of ignorance. The mere religious offers but dogma and is void of the true spiritual fire. The Political but another illusion, the will of others enforced hinders free will & true progress. It is the Spiritual nature of man that elevates the senses beyond the mere physical prison & unifies the Threefold nature - Mind, Body, Soul. The profane mock and reject what they can not see, what Science can not show them, what they are told is evil if it goes against the status quo accepted version of reality. Seek the light within, it will illuminate the darkness of the world, chase away the shadows by the eternal flame of truth, Love, the spark of the creator within man himself.... Do you not see? The Universe is mental. It is pure Consciousness projected from the mind of the ONE, taking many forms through the spheres of creation. The only separation is that which is perceived in the mind. Elevate the mind. We are ONE. Love thy neighbor. Love thy Enemy. KNOW THYSELF. As Above. So Below. As Within. So Without. ∞ M.D.E. 12/12/17

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Technology and Consciousness...
The Future is now.

When Artificial Intelligence is the future of Big Brother, meaning it is is FB, it is Technology. (I am half on board with Elon Musk making sure AI does not take over the world, but he seems to think WW3 will be started by AI - but I'm not convinced 100%. Watch enough Sci Fi and actually research beyond what you are told and you begin to know what is possible. Its not just for entertainment, half the stuff most of the purely "conspiracy" people think has already been happening for years, this is the digital age, you get the toys as left overs because the tech cant be hidden, it is exponentially growing now...)

How we utilize such technology & power will destroy or free us humans from the illusions we cling to....

Do you feel safer, better protected? Lets take an objective step back for a second and forget about using emotional reactive words like "terrorism" or "suicide" to sell it to the public. (the other thing the AI "scans" for - see link here ) If you were not already aware that we live in a mass surveillance society after Edward Snowden dropped all that knowledge then open you eyes & minds.

What this means is that AI is online, live, turned on. Not just Facebook, that would be naive to assume.... AI is now watching everything , everywhere - not only facebook - and has the ability to report you should you say the wrong thing online. Those with eyes to SEE , use them. Those who will react to this with cognitive dissonance and attempt to justify or logically reconcile, I do not know what to say to you anymore without offending or causing a Ego trip that leads to argument because the big picture is missed..... Ignorance is a choice, also bliss from what I hear. Of course technology should be used to benefit the human species, but we all know how technology in the hands of destructive and corrupt Governments and corporations is turning out for our planet at this time. Technologically advanced civilizations are not indicative of spiritually advance species.

Singularity is so much closer than most can imagine. Most do not understand what is coming in this lifetime, in the next few short years.... If you do not understand your own consciousness, and the infinite possibilities of knowing that wisdom, then the "matrix" truly has you. FREE your mind. Think about what it is you support, the sides sold to you, the reasons why things are done. The Future is now. The Final Revolution must be one of Consciousness. The current path is unsustainable. "Reject the system dictating the norm...."

Hang on to your seats in 2018. Think before you react. Look within and find the truth..... I will be utilizing FB less going forward, beyond business it serves me no real purpose. It is a social and psychological experiment, that instead of truly "connecting" further separates as we replace critical thinking and human interaction with Clickbait, distractions and interaction with a digital screen more than the touch or conversation of others..... There comes a time when your conscience can no longer pretend. Illuminate the Darkness. <3 span="">
We must be responsible and aware in how we use such things.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

This is a call to all those on the path... seek light. BE light. spread light. Love is the greatest power of all. 
Our species has gone insane, certifiable. We stand at this present point, 2017 with threats of Economic & Social Control, Nuclear War, Corruption from within the very systems attempting to maintain their illusion of authority & control in these strange days. Those with eyes to see. The work is in our communities. Our families. Our businesses. We are ONE. Though we may be a small percentage of the population, those who see through the illusion. Those who have become illuminated in the divine knowledge & mysteries. Spread that LIGHT in all you do. Now more than ever, everything we do matters. Every word & Every action sows and will create or destroy. Those who understand the power of the word. So mote it be. Those who claim to be awakened ones... its time to start living like it in every moment.

Be the change in the world. We are the ones we have been waiting for. 


I AM WILL, I have energy

As Above. So Below

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Crystals as Meditation tools

Nikola Tesla 100+ years ago, discovered "Free" Energy which was suppressed. He also spoke about crystals - " In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none the less a living being. There may be, besides crystals, other such individualized, material systems of beings, perhaps of gaseous constitution, or composed of substance still more tenuous. In view of this possibility, nay, probability, we cannot apodictically deny the existence of organized beings on a planet merely because the conditions on the same are unsuitable for the existence of life as we conceive it. We cannot even, with positive assurance, assert that some of them might not be present here, in this our world, in the very midst of us, for their constitution and life-manifestation may be such that we are unable to perceive them"

To cut through the New Age "fluff" surrounding crystals and stones, and get directly to the point I would like to address their use as tools of Meditation. See, Consciousness is not only what or why we experience, but what creates the very fabric of reality, and all things. Crystals as Tesla said, and as Marcel Vogel touched upon, are "Beings" in the beginning stages of evolution, manifestation of material consciousness. (Evolution of consciousness in this material realm begins in the mineral / crystal world, then to plants, Single cell organisms, Insects, Fish, Birds, Animals, Humans).

Crystals manifest in such amazing structure and forms, each having a signature, a vibrational rate unique to their variety / species. Quartz has been used for this purpose in electronics, watches, radios, etc because of its Piezoelectric properties, the ability to put out more energy than is transferred through it. Etc. Crystals have the ability to transmute and amplify energies, including the bio-electrical energy field of humans or the Chakras / energy centers. When meditating with crystals and stones, we are by "thought" ; intent / direction of the will, working to "raise" our vibration, from the normal mundane state, to "higher" awareness. Crystals can assist as amazing tools to focus the mind and assist in the meditative process. However, all the real work is done WITHIN. There are many ways to the same path, with a variety of tools to help us along the way. Crystals have an effect on their direct environment as well. Especially relating to Electromagnetic energy from technology, etc.

When meditating with different stones experiment with receiving and sending, Positive & Negative, etc. The non dominant hand is the receiving / negative hand, while the dominant hand is for sending / positive charge. Usually Right & Left, also symbolizing Sun / Moon, Yin / Yang, Male / Female, the hemispheres of the brain.

Experiences are relative and subjective to the observer - to certain degress, much more than that. Depending on your own awareness of what are referred to as "subtle" energies, depends on your experience. Also your ability to enter the meditative state and how deep you can go within, which can take time to master. Daily Meditation, applying of all things learned are a good place to start, to integrate this as a way of being, bringing together the mental / spiritual / physical balance also plays a huge role.
Direct experience is the greatest teacher. Crystals can have a profound effect on our imagination (which Einstein said was more important to knowledge), and on our consciousness the more we open our minds and work with them directly. 

Now, this is not to say Crystals will change your life instantly without doing the work to change or transform, or are a quick fix or cure for anything. But they will, if used properly, and with an open mind, assist us in clarifying things within ourselves, that lead to great transformation. After all, every experience, everything you feel, everything you perceive or think to be true occurs WITHIN and then plays out, from the realms of the subconscious to the ego mind, and if enough energy is given to it, it will manifest in the material realm. Good or bad is relative, and is dependent upon what views we hold in our minds.

I have had amazing experiences myself over the last 11 Years of working with Crystals & these amazing stones. There are stones I feel "nothing" from, there are others that hit my instantly, as though the universe itself reached out to zap me. It is a blessing to work with them everyday in this manner.

I am a little different in my approach to Crystals & energy, than most New Age writers or crystal dealers, many who will write only the best information or even make up info in order to convince you of something obscure or outright deceptive in order to sell you something. This is beyond that, this is about empowering and providing real information to assist those who are eager to do the serious work of awakening, regarding consciousness, meditation, etc. I hold true the principles of the ancient Hermetic & Alchemical Path which lays waste to all that is not of light and truth, it destroys dogma and fantasy..  The path is not "easy", and the further one journeys away from the matrix we have been sold, the more it becomes clear that the truth is not a cute little puppy waiting to snuggle you, it is instead transforming and destructive to illusions and preconceived notions, but alas, it is but the true path to freedom, to understanding who and what we are. 

Blessings ∞

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The emergence of Consciousness alongside new Technology.

One day soon, lets call it singularity or something, it will be known and understood that Consciousness itself is what makes up all things. Its not merely just being in the conscious "waking" state. It is actually the animating stuff that is the basis of all physical matter, the aether so to speak. The thing behind the thing. Not what we would call "God" or the Source of all consciousness, but the imagination so to speak, flowing from the source of all things, taking many forms to experience itself, to evolve, to learn, to grow, etc. This world is ruled by, and most are slaves to, unseen forces and energies - outside of themselves.

We are all so intimately Connected, yet separated by a veil of illusion so to speak. These Laws of the universe that govern what we understand and call "Nature", we of course being a part of Nature and subject to such laws, are unbreakable. There are also Esoteric laws, many are aware of these, and a huge "remembering" phase is now occurring, relating to Consciousness. These immutable laws deal with principles, with polarity, perception, manifestation, emotions, and so much more, what have been deemed "extrasensory" perceptions. After all, "it", "life", is all perception. Light enters the optics of the eye, is then transmitted through electrical impulses and the agreed upon reality is projected, a shared reality. It is said that one can not come to know truth except through direct experience. Not just "subjective" truth, but that which transcends all things. Unifies all as one.

Merely absorbing knowledge and information without testing and verifying through direct experience is one of the many causes of ignorance, which reigns supreme in this strange 21st century digital dream. We already have too many who "intellectually" know, they pretend to lead and make policy from repeating what those from the past have dictated. We see those results on a mass scale. Unsustainability because of a system that no longer serves the whole. We can assume things, and we can pretend to take the word of "professionals" who spout the status quo on command. But alas, this all stumbles from the path, the point - to experience & grow, to realize... from our own consciousness, to technology. The Ultimate KNOWING done to prove such things instead of merely being a parrot. Until we open our minds to the infinite possibilities we once believed in as children, can we come to understand the true nature of our own being.

After all, virtually all we think we know, like, participate in, etc, has been sold to us, via choices. Very few are operating within the web of life thinking for themselves, taking full personal responsibility for thoughts and actions allowed to manifest, and taking into account  that what we do matters. Not only matters, but it comes back to us ultimately, many times over. We create our direct experiences within this reality matrix by our thoughts + intents + actions. These laws are immutable. No matter how much we may think the opposite to be true. It is a raw, honest approach. Most are on auto pilot. We all are or were at some point. How much exploring beneath what we are told have you done? And we are not talking about merely personal opinions, subjective opinions or conspiracy fantasy. We are talking about doing the work, as the mystics and consciousness explorer philosophers of the past have done. The work many today are doing. And if you have walked the path long enough, have you reached the point where you know there is no going back to the old world view. It is based in destruction. Ego. False realities.

With the emergence of Technology comes a faster emergence of this shift in consciousness and what we are capable of. Now we could dabble and talk about Quantum Physics, string theory, singularity, simulation and even the current religious Dogmas or other belief structures of the human species. But it is quite evident, that very ancient knowledge, forgotten or erased from current memory, still exists. It is hidden in plain site for all with eyes to see and minds to perceive the mysteries. The personal journey that leads to the secret of secrets, that truly sets men free from their bonds.

The ever evolving Tech landscape that is now outpacing itself every few months is leading to new leaps and shifts in thinking - leading to innovation, or maybe the other way around. New technology is thought of and this then shifts the paradigm almost instantly, forcing the old consciousness to evolve once the old model is no longer of use. A natural step so it would seem. After all most of the Sci Fi stuff is already doable and being used. SpaceX, NASA, Skunk Works, Silicon Valley. I would wager these places could confirm some pretty big "conspiracy" theories regarding certain Tech, Free Energy and so forth, But this is not the point. The point is to understand Consciousness. The biggest "Mystery" so many seem to be working on, yet the answers are self evident for those who realize that consciousness creates and molds reality, like a plastic substance, intent, will, and energy all effecting the individual and the collective shared reality.

In the age of information, in which truth can no longer be contained, the pillars of empire crumble under the hypocrisy of the illusions they sell at every turn. Truth yearns to shatter these illusions. To free us from our own prisons, self imposed by ignorance in these strange days. We have as a species turned on ourselves. This is why we see the chaos turned up to max. The pundits and the leaders scramble to distract the masses from the leaking of information that makes them complicit to the illusion. They clamp down on the flow of information labeling anything that goes against the status quo story line as "fake news", as they threaten Nuclear war , their last grasp at maintaining power and control. Corrupted fools attempting control over something of which they have no true control. Humanity is awakening, we are coming to the point of singularity where consciousness will be known for what it is. You feel it deep within, beyond the mere intellectual, beyond the deep programming, beyond the fear that you can do nothing about it. Free your mind. Step through the doorway, go within and the truth is revealed.

Each new advancing Technology, in hand with radically changing world views no longer confined to a "box" of any kind assists in the break down of the current control structure in search of a more sustainable future, and a more conscious and compassionate demeanor towards each other and the planet we find ourselves living together on. Beyond Ego, beyond these warped and corrupted political ideologies that divide rather than unite. Each of these shifts, act as ripples across the ocean of interconnected chaotic organization. Cryptocurrency for instance, is something out of the matrix, yet a natural evolution it seems in a system corrupted to the core by its own hypocrisy and rigged system built on debt and control. Its own unevolving consciousness of control no longer suited to its environment in an ever changing world. Systems upon systems. Tech and Consciousness, Reshaping perception, molding new thought, shattering illusions in their wake, while awakening to a new way of being.

The old system is rigid. It serves only itself and not the whole. ALL things are ONE. Those who get "it" well...... eventually everyone will when they can no longer prop up the illusions in place to protect fragile Egos from seeing what is right in front of them. When people see each other as themselves, as one. Well... Cognitive dissonance sucks for awhile, but we all have to go through it at some point. Growing pains. And then opportunity. Like never before. Anyways. Yeah. That is it for me. Comment if you like, not trying to convince anyone of anything so no need to engage in any back and forth rhetoric. Just an objective observer in the land of make believe, moving paper dollars into cryptocurrency while navigating this journey.... None of this is "secret" anymore

You are what you IMAGINE yourself to be...

∞ Spread LOVE like a virus. Illuminate the darkness ∞