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Saturday, January 14, 2017

In the coming weeks, while the media and those who control and mold public attention & opinion turn it up to 11, Try not to react emotionally , see where the message is coming from - both sides of the same coin - do not get riled up because you have always been told to root for your "party" or the labels that were created to divide and fill you with fear , yet are so easily accepted and parroted, liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, using race, religion, sex or creed to separate us from each other and from ourselves. Look real deep & Look in the mirror, and for a second apply critical thinking to everything, and full personal responsibility to everything in your own life. Its going to be very interesting watching this all play out, Fear or Love. 2 choices. Truth resonates within, beyond the Ego, beyond what you want to "believe", it is that feeling in your gut, the intuition, the still small voice within. Be the observer, not the one manipulated into reacting via emotions, strings pulled like a puppet, a slave giving power away to something outside of yourself. Ignorance has replaced wisdom in these strange days, this 21st century digital dream, it is the land of make believe out there.... everyone feels it deep down...Shift your perception and BE The change in the world. It will not come from those puppets with delusions of grandeur asking for your votes and your money, like a junky promising this time it will be different...... I know I am far from the only one who sees beyond the illusions presented. Create the Future. Now. Peace

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Let love be the driving force behind all you do. Do not let your Ego and illusions convince you to passively accept the world around you as the best we humans can do. We are capable of so much more, We each have power that if you understood even a fraction of it your life would be changed in an instant...deep down, everyone of us knows, buried under all the shit no one likes to talk about. We are each responsible, for everything we do in this world. It matters. It has a far reaching effect beyond what most "think"...

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

As the Solstice dawns let us reflect and remember , we do not have a soul, we ARE a soul and we have a body. This vessel we are so fortunate to incarnate within, most take for granted, living a shadow of what life should be. Shake off the dust , awaken to the calling from within, embrace your divinity and realize your inherent power to change your life, to self realize and to conquer over the most powerful master, the Ego who deceives and leads us astray. We are each responsible fully for everything in life that we have, for the words that come out of our mouths and the things we act on, or reaction in most cases. We are ONE. All else to convince you otherwise is illusion. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. Solve et Coagula ♡

Sunday, November 13, 2016

If we want peace we must manifest peace within ourselves. If we want love we must Transmute the hate within our mind. We must unite the opposites within ourselves. If we want truth then we must turn the mirror inward. Know Thyself. 

We are all reflections of each other, of the source taking its many forms in which to experience and to help nudge those who seem to be remember, to nudge the awakening, the unveiling of truth in its highest form. That which most do not remember in their current state. It is merely a shift in perception that is needed to see the Mystery in all its Glory. We are ONE. 
The only separation is that which exists in your mind. 

Friday, November 04, 2016

Always find the inner light 🌞💓🌞Illusion of Choice in the Land of Make Believe... and people look at you funny when you talk about Consciousness. This world is upside down and side ways and every single one of us is pretending to keep our shit together. Keep putting one foot in front of the other when deep down you know its the Matrix out there and you thank God you learned how to navigate to certain degrees, or so you think..... onward. Don't ever look back, that is regret and we are each fully, 100% personally responsible for every word and action we allow to manifest, there is no way around this law, and do not look forward into the future which is unwritten , for that is where anxiety comes from, and YOU can only make the change you wish for in the here and now. Instead find what you are good at, Create the world YOU want for yourself , leave all the naysayers and fears in the dust, in the here in now we are in control, pay no mind to the illusions of control that fight so hard to steal your mind and your soul in this world. We all have good days, we all have bad days, but to realize what we are capable of is a blessing that frees us from that mindset of scarcity, lack, fear, All of the shit that is projected at us each day through all the different sources, in so many forms, That is normal in this world, everyone deals with it in some way. Just have to remember not to get stuck there. Always doing your best to remember what you learned along the way and always find that light deep within that is truth in its purest form... rise above and fly instead. ∞

Friday, October 28, 2016

We are so much more than merely human, merely living in this world bent to the will of the "way things are".... people think "The Secret" and these other movies and gimics and trends are mind blowing, or "truth" news and memes or whatever it may be are... and in a way they are, small pieces to the puzzle of unlocking Consciousness and understanding the all inclusiveness of the mystery we wish to unravel. Yet most will never take the personal responsibility and applied action required to prove it and bring about real change, real awakening through direct experience, or really test the theories enough that they so desperately want to believe in. Why not? What is the use of simply parroting mantras and the like if you will not do the hard work necessary to transcend mere belief or wishful thinking into Direct Knowledge. The entire universe of information literally at our finger tips in this day and age, there has never been a more opportune time to be alive and we have within us the ability to unlock the universal storehouse of abundance and happiness, beyond what most can only imagine or day dream of. We are as a species starting to understand the unsustainable path we find ourselves on, the struggle most are subjected to, living in a shadow of what life is meant to be. To be or not to be I suppose..... lets get down and Philosophize about creating solutions and how shifting our consciousness / awareness & directing our will / vision we can actually create the very life we wish for but always seem to fall short of.... it is all created by our Thoughts, this is the foundation, the cornerstone is the Imagination, the discarded element we are told to leave behind so we may "grow up" and become another obedient clog in the machine, waiting for change or some savior to come in some form outside of ourselves....that change will never come, because we ourselves, well, We are that Change. And I know many of you reading this understand exactly what I am saying. It transcends the divide and conquer mentality of the old system, and appeals to the soul, beyond what we are told to believe by the Organized religion / government / chaos driven illusions of control we accept as truth in these strange days, I hope one day all of you do...most don't start to "get it" until the end of life...but to realize this now, that is the key. The grand unifier of all things is Wisdom, divine in nature, undeniable in its essence. As Above, So Below. ∞ The Hard Work is worth it, I promise you that, the pain is worth it, the realization that comes is beyond anything that can be put into words

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Do good in the world. If you have abundance in some way and are able to share that to make a positive impact then do it when you are able. There is a difference between helping those who can help themselves but do not understand they are creating their own "lack" or more of what they "do not want", and those who truly need the help. We draw to ourselves , in unlimited potential from the universal storehouse. The only lack truly exists in our minds, it only manifests in the physical when we affirm over and over again that we lack, or we want what we do not have, etc, etc, etc. Struggle is in place to teach us lessons, pay attention to those, is the same thing repeatedly popping up over and over again? Pay attention, where your mind goes, the energy flows, and that will manifest in many ways, always giving us what we need in order to learn the lesson and to transcend a certain way of thinking. Because as all our "problems" are mental , created by thought, so is the Universe and it responds in accordance with our thoughts! Really it is all perception. Those with eyes will see..... those who blindly grasp for truth without understanding, by casting aside the corner stone of imagination can not see or perceive that which they do not know or deny because of ego or pain. We draw to ourselves drama, chaos, disease of mind and body, and so forth only when we are ignorant to the that which is always trying to show us the way. Silence the mind and close the eyes and SEE where all of it originates....within. Have an excellent week. BE the change you wish to see, now go out and create, put it to the test, direct experience is the only way as it eliminates all illusion or mere belief in something unkown to ones self. Know Thyself ∞ 
As Above, So Below