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Friday, January 24, 2014

*taken from a conversation with a friend on Sustainability & Society , decided to post it here...

In order to see real change in ANYTHING on a mass scale we must first change ourselves, this means a shift in consciousness where each individual manifests the latent faculties asleep within. By doing this one raises their consciousness to the point of realization of our true connectedness to each other and the ALL and rules the self by FULL personal responsibility for every single thought and action allowed to manifest. 

Until these things are manifested within the individual fully as a conscious being then Sustainability, Peace and so forth are infant ideas floating around the collective consciousness but never truly taking root within the reality so long as the majority remain asleep or under the illusion of being awakened and bent to the will of other men, Governments, institutions, etc. 

The cold hard truth is instead of trying to change or save the world one must first save themselves. We are much more powerful than most can even imagine and as long as most are caught up in the land of make believe, "the matrix", whatever label we wish to call this realm we find ourselves in then the chaos will continue and only signs of a shift will be seen. There is no saving the current system, it does not serve ANY purpose other than to awaken us all to the pure hypocrisy and as a tool of separation from the truth that it is.

its always the Idea ... if that Idea gets into the mainstream consciousness then we see shifts, like whats going on with "Sustainability", Organic / Natural / Clean Food, & GMO awareness, for example. And other "movements", its all cycles. Humans will figure it out sooner than later hopefully and stop this adolescent temper tantrum (as a collective) once and for all and grow up. It doesn't seem so strange really, to awaken to the idea or state of being that we are meant to live in peace, in cooperation with each other and the planet, which creates abundance and prosperity for all, no life worth more than any other, and a heightened consciousness which shatters all illusions. 

It is possible one day. For those that get it now , then its up to each one to live and BE the change in every action. We have the technology and the Science but it is void of any real conscience or purpose unless consciousness / spirituality is truly applied and then used to better our species and stop destroying and going to war and competing with ourselves. The tech is here now. The means are here now. But its not about sustainability right now really, its about Profits and those who run this system who will have no profit or control if this were all to happen, so chaos is created, movements are steered and distracted and crushed from the fear of what real freedom and awareness brings to this civilization. One day. Balance. Find it. Reject the system in place. It can not be changed or saved in its current form. It is corrupt. It is in place for one reason and that is control. A new system is forming each second and the old one burns. 

But its still all cyclical, like evolution, painfully slow to see and to be involved in , but none the less it occurs every second whether we are aware of it or not. We are creating change right now based upon what we decide to do , give our energy away to, our money, our souls. It changes and balances with each person who realizes that the lies do not stand on their own merit any longer, that supporting or feeding the parts of the system that only restrict, enslave or destroy means being part of the problem. So much more to it all, on every level, but in truth the answer is extremely simple.

That is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming..... Blessings

Create with every breath

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

By the will may the thoughts be directed. The intention dictating the results of projection. To manifest success or abundance requires the vision to be direct and clear. It must be seen and believed to BE, because there simply is no other alternative. Let love and wisdom guide the path. The highest Good of ALL held in the highest of regards. Mans first duty is to himself. To Raise himself and his own consciousness to the highest degree and in doing so benefit all those around him. To create in such a way as to effect the vibration as to assist in the Spiritization of matter itself, creation in cooperation with the divine and nature. So Mote it Be.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

For your consideration, Appellatio, a new Manifesto from the Fraternity of the Rose Cross / Rosicrucians regarding Spirituality, Humanism & Ecology.

Peace Profound.