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Thursday, October 27, 2011

It is by a strict code of conduct that the initiate must adhere to. All things being governed by universal / natural laws leave no room for attempting to pick and choose what laws are useful and which ones can be ignored. The ALL is ONE and so must be the path if results are expected to be manifested and remain a constant state. The seeker of truth and light must do everything within his will to defeat darkness, fear, greed as soon as it may arise in the mind. It is a great power to be open to the natural order of all things and to the flow of creative energy this awareness allows access to. Mere personal gain alone or purely self gratification without the benefit of the all will result in very short lived experience of the Laws that govern all things. The intention and unwavering will to experience and to manifest for personal prosperity and that of all those involved in one way or another from the action must be True.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"We will all be Free when Personal Responsibility, Not Government Dependency, is the order of the Day"

The ONLY way true change will come is when each human being experiences an individual shift in consciousness (which in turn will cause ripples in the collective human consciousness) and takes full personal responsibility for their own thoughts and actions. The change we wish to see in the outer world must be first manifest within. Peace, Love, Truth, Compassion, and other virtues can not be made reality in the world around us until we each become that change ourselves fully.

Until our belief systems are based on direct experience and universal knowledge instead of political & religious dogma applying divide and conquer tactics we can not continue on the path of awakening, learning, growing, by lessons. Until each comes to the realization or enLIGHTenment that we are all ONE, we are all connected to the ALL and there is no difference between the countless "isms" and labels we humans have imprisoned ourselves by. Self Governance is the goal, or should be, and this only happens when one is enlightened to truths greater than what we think we know, no order can be brought by forcing governments or institutions of control over the free will of others, or by keeping the masses ignorant.


This means the shattering of all illusions. This means no longer being blinded to carefully crafted propaganda used to program & manipulate the masses emotionally. No more falling for the Left vs Right, D vs R, fascism, socialism, democratic, communist, progressive or any of the other false paradigms of control set up to produce a certain product.

The "Right" manipulated and steered what was the Tea Party to produce a certain outcome, just as the "Left" is steering the Occupy Wall St movement now. These are all symptoms of the disease and nothing more. Until every single person comes to know Truth and understand the interconnectedness of all things, that is to feel it within the Heart without the opinion of others influencing emotion or logic or rationality we will only see Revolutions that will not solve the evils humans are trying to root out, for the same evils will in short time pop up again without a radical shift of awareness, a shift in consciousness.

The cycle must be broken, the illusions must be shattered. Remember above ALL else what is occurring is a war on consciousness. All the political, religious, environmental, economical, social injustices are in place for CONTROL above all other things. To control the mind, to control free thought, to control this little reality and keep humanity asleep long enough to prevent them from realizing the potential that is within each.

Those who currently run this system Own the political, religious, banking and economic systems. There is no voting that will fix the current system, no bailouts that will save it, there is no restructuring in which the groups that have led us to this point in our history can be allowed to be in charge of the new system. The current paradigm will collapse because it no longer serves a purpose. It already is coming apart at the seams.

The only thing that matters now is that humanity wake up from its slumber, truly wake up, this means no illusions, no self delusion that puppets like Obama, Bush, or any other politician can save us, only WE can save us from ourselves. We are the change we have been waiting for. We are the ones we have been wishing would make it all go away.

As long as movements like this are covertly guided by those who run the current illusion no change will come. As long as those involved in these movements are programmed to believe & manipulated into delusions of grandeur that somehow through new laws, new restrictions, new restructuring, new systems of socialism, fascism, democracy, etc will actually change the system then no change will come. Only destruction of our current "reality".

There is no more room for greed, hate, corruption, manipulation of consciousness on any level. There is only room for Humanity to wake up, and fast. Because a storm is coming, and through the events that will take place humanity will be forced to wake up and change their minds because of what these events will teach them. Many will not make it, many will go crazy (as if they aren't already), Each is awakening at their own pace, but so much static is still in the air holding most back from what they already know deep inside. Its time...


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Manifesting Abundance & Prosperity in ALL Things

In the mind, to manifest abundance in the physical, the state of being must be held as one of having already attained or acquired the "goal". Balance, must be achieved on the many levels of being. One of the many laws which must be obeyed is that of the Law of Compensation and Exchange. This ensures that all involved benefit, that a mutual level of happiness comes from the interaction. When this law is followed, in accordance with the Esoteric laws & Knowledge then the outcome will result in a "positive" way. This is a very simplistic way of putting it.

There must be no place for greed, corruption, fear or doubt to be allowed to resonate for any extended period of time within the consciousness. When these arise in the mind they should be eradicated immediately. These are diseases of the soul. These seek to lower the vibration into the carnal desires. The Enlightened being seeks Light and this light will shine from the heart and overtime and growth defeat darkness where ever it may rise from.

When this state of mind is a state of constant being it then vibrates on a higher level awareness that recognizes the interconnectedness within all things. It connects to the unity or collective consciousness of the ALL, direct to the source of all things. When this Light illuminated the human consciousness it is capable of many things. Manifesting into this reality opportunities to grow as individuals on all levels of experience, especially the physical reality we find ourselves in. When the individual consciousness rises this causes a ripple in the shared world view & collective consciousness which causes it to shift.

We are Capable of more than most may ever know, and those who do, or are figuring out realize that when the ALL is striving to resonate towards vibrations or frequency of the Natural order of things, then we draw to us exactly what we need, in full abundance and prosperity on all Levels. Success is the only option. Failure is only a lesson to remind us that way did not work. Repeating lessons learned is ignorance of the Law, and Ignorance is a Choice.

Applying ourselves through attaining enlightenment / higher consciousness and revealing the illusions in place is the birthright of every human being. It is this personal responsibility and proper use of the gifts and knowledge at our disposal that are the meanings of life. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, we must awaken and cast off all that seeks to imprison the mind in illusion.

Manifest DESTINY


Wednesday, October 05, 2011

"While All is in THE ALL, it is equally true that THE ALL is in All. To him who truly understands this truth hath come great knowledge." — The Kybalion

Realize that we are ONE with all that is. That we are spirit in the physical, experiencing, on levels of individual & collective consciousness. We create our reality. This is one of the many secrets of the initiates of all the esoteric wisdom traditions.


Sunday, October 02, 2011

It is up to Humanity now to realize the potential within. To raise the consciousness, of the individual & the collective to that of Love. To the harmonic natural order of things. To realize the interconnectedness of all things, to co create in that reality and manifest Compassion, Peace, Truth, Justice, Liberty, Equality, and the highest virtues capable. To manifest abundance and prosperity for all. To heal the environmental destruction. To end all Wars. To end Greed, Corruption, and to rise above the lower carnal nature of man kind. That path is unsustainable and must be changed before it is too late, it is our choice. It is time to Evolve, to realize we are Divine Spiritual Beings collectively experiencing the physical and together as ONE we can share the knowledge, wisdom and peace that is our birthright, the goal of true enlightenment.

We must act now. Wake up. Become who we are meant to be.