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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When the latent faculties within are developed and brought forth into full consciousness then manifested and directed toward one soul purpose with true passion, intention & unwavering dedication complete success is the reward and destiny is revealed.

This is the goal of Initiation, the Esoteric & Divine birthright of all conscious beings to experience. To replace mere belief with direct experience, mere faith with direct knowledge. To live from the Heart with no illusions. To adhere to a strict moral code that benefits not only the individual but All. This is the Secret of the Arcane, the great Mystery shrouded by the veil and illuminated from darkness by the inner fire, the light of God, the Cup that the Water of life flows from ; Many seek but few have come to drink from it.

Doubt and fear are diseases to be eradicated as they arise in the mind. Love, Compassion, Truth and the highest virtues must be manifested in their place and never compromised by the many illusions in line to distract from the path.The Reward for this is universal unspeakable Truth. It is complete Freedom from mental and physical slavery and bondage of every kind. It is time for All of humanity to awaken from its slumber.

I AM that I AM

Veristas Vos Liberabit.

The enlightened being must manifest Love, Peace, Compassion, Oneness & Truth fully within first, then this will manifest in the outer world. The old paradigms no longer serve a purpose other than a lesson to be learned and transmuted. The old will collapse under its own corruption, and like a phoenix from the ashes will rise a new consciousness supported by the most divine virtues. There are now cracks in this reality that are allowing the Light to illuminate the Darkness, to raise the vibration to a much finer frequency. Do not be distracted by the propaganda of the day trying to sway minds to sleep, wake up, look in the mirror & become what you are. Nothing is separate from the source, ALL is in The ALL and The ALL is in ALL

We are moving ever closer to events that will reshape the way we view life on this planet, both Natural and Created Events that will test the spiritual in all of us.

It is the awakened beings now and throughout history that have told us to seek within to find true change, love, light, truth & Oneness. That time has never been more important than now. The coming months will bring great natural changes to this planet that we have already begun to see occur in 2011 in increased rates. The illusionary Material world view will also see major events that reshape the Economic, Social, Religious and Political paradigms. These are already occurring and those with eyes to see the signs that are hidden in plain site echo this call for humanity to raise its consciousness, that the old world is falling away and it is up to us, ALL of us to recognize the divine esoteric & universal truths starring us in the face.

We are all ONE. The time is NOW.


Consciousness is the catalyst of all that is.

Without Consciousness there is nothing but the empty void. All perception, emotion, sense & experience comes from Consciousness. The Material world as we view it is a matrix of electromagnetic field and vibration. What we see, what we call reality is produced within the brain, in the mind, as light enters the eye and is translated in an energetic frequency firing off electrical bursts producing sensations and images, sounds, tastes, smells.

The Physical world which we know now from Physics, is as we perceive it, energy, atoms arranged in different vibrational frequencies forming every object & known thing in the outer world. This knowledge upon meditation & contemplation alone should awaken something within every human being on this planet.
Consciousness is the source of all we see and know. It is not merely something created by the mind , but is what allows mind to interpret and visualize, to experience the physical reality. It is with this realization, this awareness, that we can begin to understand the greater mysteries and truths of a divine nature.

Once this is understood and experienced on a direct level of interaction, via conscious manifestation, intuition and other higher 6th & 7th senses we can truly understand what we are here for, and how our outer world is manifested through our direct consciousness, our direct intention, fears, Love, thoughts and so forth. We create our individual reality & experiences while also experiencing the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole.
For aeons this knowledge has been known, this connection to the stars, to nature, to what we have labeled and personified as God.

This was once shared by all, and then over time as consciousness experienced different levels and certain groups began to understand that this information could be kept secret and used to manipulate the mass consciousness of the majority of the population.

Now there is a shift in Consciousness occurring and that knowledge once again is available to all who seek it.
It is what all the worlds Religions are founded after. It is what all the Spiritual paths aim to teach. There is ONE source from which ALL came, a higher uncomprhensible intellegnce & consciousness that is accessible to ALL. What humans have given the name of God. Omnipresent & omnipotent & Omniscient, it is known by many names , and is the same in ALL regardless of the label, just different interpretations or expressions of the consciousness of the group be it Christianity, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, Muslim, Native & Indeginous cultures, Hermetics, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, and so forth.

What Man has done in the name of the ONE is in fact to (fall) separate himself from the divine, to replace truth with dogma, superstition, fear and manipulation. Once this higher consciousness is experienced there is no off switch, there is no denying that the reality accepted by so many is in fact Illusion. There is no confusion, there are no more pre concieved notions or programmed belief systems. Truth is known in the heart, it is known in the consciousness.

There is a war on consciousness that has perpetuated this current awareness for personal gain by keeping the truth from the masses.

Organized Religion, Politics, Mind Control, the programmed reality that has been molded over centuries and has become the current reality is now breaking down on all levels. Every paradigm is shifting, burning because it is no longer relevant. Corruption and Greed have become widely seen in every facet of the current reality.

The Esoteric secrets and wisdom teach that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Each interacting with this consciousness vibration, most asleep to the true power and faculties dormant within. The outer chaotic world is in fact a holographic representation of what is going on within the collective human consciousness.

It is indeed strange when one becomes conscious or enlightened to the understanding that we are Spirit in this physical shell. When this becomes clear everything changes and the possibilities of manifesting and experience becomes unlimited, or as unlimited as it can in this Physical 3D reality. What most dont understand is that all of creation is connected through this energy matrix, nothing is separate from another.

We are all experiencing this "reality" through our own individual and on a collective level of awareness. ALL flows from universal mind, from the source. We experience the duality & polarity of human consciousness, we experience universal laws that rule all things but most are ignorant of these aspects and live as though they are lost in a maze.
All are a reflection of this consciousness filtered through and experienced on a subjective level. We have control over many aspects of this reality once we come to realize we can co-create our reality and we can change that reality from within.

Through techniques like meditation we can access and awaken these internal faculties.
As everything is energy vibrating at different frequency, we as physical beings in this 3D material world can interact on an energetic level with the forces around us. We can influence and manifest physical reality through intention and thought. Abundance, Healing, Love, can all significantly influence our reality.

We can manifest what we need and we in fact do. Most are unaware of how their thoughts manifest their reality. Most contribute happenings & experiences, either viewed as negative or positive to "fate", "luck", "coincidence" or other other things in their life, but when the truth is realized personal responsibility is permanent.
The great shift of the Ages is in full swing on this floating rock humanity finds itself on.

It has been taught by the great adepts & initiates of our history that to transcend the illusion (the material world / the reality experienced by the 5 physical senses) that one must reconnect to the source of all things by searching within oneself. That latent & buried in the subconscious, deep under the Ego & the programmed belief systems of man are Treasures of the richest kind. More valuable than any gold or gem or material possession. The direct connection to the Holy Grail, the Cup of Life, understanding the universal truth that all is ONE, no more separate from the Divine than a drop of water in the ocean or a grain of sand from the desert.

That ALL is in the ALL and The ALL is in ALL.
As Above, so Below.

As we see the changes occurring within every paradigm in this reality it is clear to those with eyes to see and ears to hear that every social structure, Political, Economics, Social & Organized Religion facets of society have become corrupt to the very core. Those who sit in their Ivory towers of control no longer serve a purpose other than a lesson to all of humanity that we must rise above this collective consciousness of greed, fear, war, hatred, corruption & darkness and manifest Love, Light, Charity, Oneness with all of creation, Compassion Truth and Peace. Every facet of the current paradigm is already collapsing. Propaganda at all time highs to put at ease the minds of the masses. This is an issue that faces all of humanity and not just one group or nation. The call to awaken, to question to stand for something greater than ourselves is beckoning.

All the worlds teachings point to this time as the great tribulation, where Man will either choose personal responsibility & Liberty & Love as its Path or repeat the mistakes unlearned from those before us.
This planet of ours is changing on a natural level, the entire Universe is. Cycles repeating, that do so in rhythm like clockwork from æon to æon. Changes the ancients were very aware of but we seem to have forgotten.

Quite simply it is Time to Wake up fully, to raise the Consciousness from within and manifest that into the outer world. This is the only way change comes. It can not be by forced beliefs upon others. It must first come from within and this happens when one directly connects to the source of all things and understands the I AM principle. When this is done, all illusions are shown for what they are, When one learns to feel through the heart and think rightly from the higher mind then one understands enlightenment, truth in its highest form.

It has always been said Man - KNOW THYSELF - then you will know all the mysteries of the Gods and of the Universe.

Direct experience that replaces faith and mere belief in something but rather unifies all things to what they are. Direct Experience that can not be doubted or mistaken for something else, but a glimpse into Who we are, where we come from and what we are doing here. Its time.

Ignorance is a Choice.