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Thursday, August 27, 2009

We are all faced with our own demons from time to time on this journey of life. We all through ignorance and impatience fall victim to allowing the lower nature to come to the surface. We must take personal responsibility for our actions and thoughts, to move past our transgressions, our faults. We must learn from the experiences so we may conquer the lower emotions and transmute them. This is the path we all walk, some choose the higher road, while most remain willfully in denial. Love must overcome fear and hate, this is the only way.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Illuminati Deception - 2009 - 10 parts on Youtube

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Documentary

Programming the Nation : Are we all being brainwashed? Or have we just lost our minds?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

A discussion on a Forum turned into a long discussion so I decided to post it as a Blog entry....


One of the biggest problems we humans (for the most part) have is we think of Space / The Universe (and the world around us) as a purely Physical thing, something to be "conquered" and "owned", when it fact it is part of the entire living organism that is all of creation, it is a Multiverse, it is spiritual / consciousness / energy on a level most are unaware of , What we think of "ETs" are really multidimensional beings, and traveling "Light years" from star system to system is a joke, it is accomplished by use of what for a better term are actually stargates / wormholes / bending time and space, its Quantum Physics and accomplished with energy systems and technology that is known to a small number of people here on this planet... I know I know... too many this is "out there" and "sci-fi", but again, the truth is much stranger than fiction and is not as big of a secret as some would like to think, for example, go look at the pics of Flying machines found in the temples at Egypt of the Vedic "Vimanas"

there is a huge disinformation program regarding just about everything from the Space Program itself and the real reason behind that and the Star Wars / Missle Shield plans, to Religion to the Wars and so on because If the truth were to come out regarding this, a topic that can be found in ALL the ancient & religious texts, temples and so on, then the gig is up across the board for all avenues of Slavery / Control / Manipulation on both Physical and Spiritual levels of human society

I dont expect anyone to just believe it after years of programming, lies and Illusion, but I will say this, what we think is "Reality" and all the Divide and Conquer techniques we see world wide are for a very large agenda, there are NO coincidences as to why things happen. Unless Humanity is kept in a state of "Go Go Go" with fear and such as the catalyst then more people would wake up to the truth of whats been happening for 1000s of years and there would be no more control....

Think for yourself, its good to be a skeptic, but also look at everything that is presented by those in control and connect the dots...its all for control and nothing more

as for NASA, the origins of the US Space Program began when the US Government & Russians were in a race to bring the Nazi Occult Scientists here and there after WW2...and look where the space programs "popped up" after doing the research, but believe me, if you like your little illusion and are comfortable accepting what you think is real "as is" the rabbit hole should not be is not for those with who have conformed to accept what they are told

The whole "UFO" movement / disclosure of the last 60 years is a distraction, a very good one at that, the truth of the matter is that what we consider to be "ETs" or these beings have been here for 1000s of years, go read the Vedic texts and even the Bible in Genesis speaks of the "Sons of God" coming down to get busy with the "Daughters of Men", Look at Peru and the Nazca Lines, the Mayan & Egyptian Pyramids contain hints, the Dogons in Africa and many Native Cultures and much more evidence out there. It is literally the greatest cover up in human history, it is the reason for constant wars and fear based Orwellian tactics, its more a War on CONSCIOUSNESS than anything else...

The Whole space program is a guise, if the truth comes out that there is What is called "Zero point energy" which is free non polluting energy and technologies that can solve all the worlds problems, the origins of Humanity and the constant "religious" struggles we see world wide then what control is left for any of these Governments all under the guise of unity in the UN or G20 countries... there isn't, the entire illusion about everything would over, there would be no more of any of this uncivilized degenerate abuse we see world wide

All I can really say is if people need "proof" they can wrap their minds around then watch everything being thrown around just in the next few Years, the breakdown of all current paradigms and the fear mongering along with it another distraction ... watch VERY closely the events over the next few years, step back from the "left vs right" and be an observer, disconnect from the anger and fear generated by this type of thinking and WATCH, from "Socialization" of all industries - not just in the US but world wide, to the rush for "World Government" and a complete control matrix like grid and the clamp down on individuality and Liberty and personal freedoms in all forms...Its all to keep people from "waking up" so to speak on a much higher level than just politics or any of that, this is the reason for the "never ending war on terror" to keep people looking for the boogie man and to strip away as many rights as possible, to keep the FEAR level high along with controlled economic collapse and engineered "pandemic" events and forced vaccinations across the board (Europe is already mandating this in many countries)

The sad thing is, certain things are not going to be disclosed unless it benefits those in control in some way, hopefully that falls apart too, on that note regard this entire post with an open mind that leads you to research more on your own or disregard it as incoherent ramblings...either way works for me...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What if everything you think you know is not as it appears regarding “reality”. What if those in positions of Authority in government , religion and other high institutions were manipulating consciousness, perpetuating an agenda of what can be regarded only as pure evil in its purest context? What if media, for the most part be it the News, Hollywood, Music and Television was used to subliminally program and imprint certain malevolent vibrations into the mass consciousness, via violence, perversion, immorality, fear and hatred? What if through sounds, frequencies, color and ritual your mind was conditioned to accept certain things unconsciously? What if you found out the truth behind the lies? What if you awakened to the truth found within? Would you believe them? What would you do if you woke up in the matrix one day and could see through the illusions? What would you do in the face of true evil? Would you fight back with all your soul? What if you could see what was coming and everyone around you seemed to be in a daze? Would you stop trying or would you do everything in your power to protect them?

These are the questions I ask myself everyday…

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Greatest Story Ever Denied

Friday, August 07, 2009

I am posting these now, they were private for sometime only shared with a couple of people...

This is an older post from 2007 as well

2008 - 2015 Predictions


Economic Collapse begins
Obama President
Possible Martial Law / “terrorist: event in US / Europe
Stock Market 7500 level
Gold $850 Range

Spring 2009?? Bank Runs / Economic Meltdown becomes mainstream, DOW gains but drop by winter, Depression Begins - War with Iran - Martial Law event between now and 2012 - Pandemic? Economic ? Unrest - civil? Revolution Begins in US?? Riots?? - Bank Runs ????- holidays - continued increase in nationalization of industries by Govts - Gold $1000+ - all though markets are 100% manipulated by Illuminati - Stock Crash again by winter - Revealing of truths, shattering of illusions begins

2010 - 2015

Engineered Economic Depression - Open world Goernment
Engineered Pandemic and Famine, food shortages, weather via HAARP and other external causes - Increase in natural disasters - Civil Unrest in US, Food Shortages, Revolution - Martial Law- increase in wars - Europe and Middle East, violence, oppression, tyranny, “New World Order” attempted to be established openly -Cataclysmic event - ? - earthquake - volcanic ? - “Contact” event - Extraterrestrials event - engineered also???? Gold to $2500+

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Goal of Initiation, of Life, the doctrine of the Esoteric Wisdom of all the Secret Schools of Light and of truth, is the awakening of the the inner "Christ. That is, the awakening of the Divine spark inherent within each person, i.e. Soul Consciousness to commune directly with the universal consciousness, the father of the ALL, God.

It is through transmutation of the lower carnal mind into the higher spiritual being, meditation and ritual that one becomes illuminated in the true light of God, the father of All, the source from which all else comes. It is the doctrine taught by Yahushua / Yeheshua aka Jesus the Christ to his disciples (initiates). It included teaching the immortality of the soul, reincarnation, the spiritualization of the body and union with the divine. It is the source of all Miracles as related in the many religious texts and manuscripts, from the Gnostic texts and Dead Sea Scrolls to the Bible.

To many this is not what they have been taught, and it must be understood that manipulation and control by those who seek a most malevolant agenda of control over the many is the reason for the dogma and intolerance that has replaced the simplistic teachings of the Master teacher known as the Nazarene.

There is much else that has been concealed, and for the true seeker of truth these will be revealed in time on your studies.

No guru, or priest or any other person is meant to be the "go between" or middle man, between you and God.

Truth must be realized in the heart and then in the mind. Intuition must be the guide, "the still small voice within".

Sunday, August 02, 2009

come visit.... expand your consciousness

Saturday, August 01, 2009

One topic that must be addressed in the field of Occult and Esoteric subjects is that of what is called by our modern culture "Extraterrestrials" (though in actuality are interdimensional beings). For many it is a taboo or considered strictly science fiction. But for the student with a mind opened to all possibilities it would be considered ignorant to dismiss the topic as such.

The evidence is there for those who know where to look, though many who claim to be the "authority" in archeology, science and Government will do their best to deny, until of course it benefits them in some way. All one must do if they truly want to peek inside is to research how the Space program / NASA was started after World War 2 when the Nazi Occultist / Scientists were brought to the USA.

Many in the Occult (Hideen) Fields of Esoteric knowledge, from philosophy to other fields contain the truth of humanities origins. In many ways the truth regarding the Ancient knowledge regarding consciousness alone would lay waste to the many illusions taken for truth these days. Many still like to label the ancients as uncivilized, though this is far from the actual truth. In truth the proof of Ancient visitors is contained within the many ancient pyramids & ruins and contained in the spiritual and religious writings, from Egypt, Mayan, Peru, Dogon, Vedic to early Christianity itself. This has all been concealed for many reasons.

I stated in my Treatsie "Illumination of the Soul" :

This brings us back to the teachings of the Ancients. They created math, science and the calendar system, or it was taught to them. Their systems all aligned with the heavens and cosmos to exact precision, without the use of our technology. They were completely aware of the interplay of energy on themselves and their environment. And they we clearly advanced in energy and healing work. They knew what each plant was for. They were aware of star systems and other cosmology that they could not have known about without our telescopes and satellites, there is proof carved within Egyptian temples, caves and texts, in records from lands long forgotten. But in fact they did know. They were advanced in ways and abilities that have become dormant in our culture. Some of this is still seen in indigenous cultures, that only Shamans, Medicine Men, healers and adepts among others have tapped into. It is becoming prevalent in today’s culture, through multi media, and other forms of communication that these abilities are very real and that we are all capable of them. It requires work, but the answers to the greatest challenges facing humanity are starring us in the face.

There is no denying when we open our minds and think for ourselves and truly allow our mind, body and soul to become one, through meditation, prayer, healing, whatever way a person chooses. This is proven across the board, all faiths. It is non denominational, because it all leads back to ONE. The basic core truths can be found. The truth is contained in metaphors and guidelines within every page of every religious text. What was once deemed mystic is now becoming accepted as real, as truth, yet resistance do to programming of the mind is evident.


The truth is out there as they say...

At one time in my studies I thought that there would be an event in time, possibly like the 2012 theories, that would lead to a worldwide shift in consciousness, like a light switch being flipped on a mass scale. However as one delves deeper into the mysteries of the Ancient Esoteric wisdom and cuts through the dogma and half truths it becomes clear that illumination of the soul is an individual experience on an individual basis. Each soul, must on its own, awaken to soul consciousness through the path of gaining knowledge, experience, "passing through the 7 spheres" as it is sometimes referred to as, and this happens for most through many lifetimes.

Though there may be events, the release of certain information and changes in the mass consciousness on many levels, it is still on an individual basis that the spiritual or divine wisdom is revealed. Many masters throughout time have attempted to teach humanity this point, Jesus, Buddha, and others come to mind.

The work needed to be done by each is in accordance to certain laws & principles and the Karmic ties of each individual soul. This is clear in all the Ancient, Indigenous, Occult / Esoteric traditions, including those of Esoteric Christianity, Gnosticism, Hermetics, and the Eastern schools of thought.

Now there are many theories in what can be called the Occult, even in theology or grouped into the modern New Age spiritual movement that as we move closer to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius that there will be a time of peace and of conscious evolution on a mass scale. This may be true, up to a point, but the process is undeniable once one experiences the higher or etheric realms first hand, through meditation, intuition and awareness of certain topics which will not be discussed here. It is up to the each to realize the oneness with all of creation, to recognize the divinity within all. Love above all else.

Direct Experience and knowledge results in knowing, which not only verifies "faith" but in many ways transmutes mere faith or belief into actuality.

I have said many times, Change can not happen in the outer world until change manifests within each person. This is true on all levels, the outer world is a manifestation of the inner battle we all face on the path of awakening to true consciousness, to our connection with the divine.

The path is one that each must walk alone, though teachers, masters and other students will at times guide the seeker on the path of illumination.