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Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Goal of Initiation, of Life, the doctrine of the Esoteric Wisdom of all the Secret Schools of Light and of truth, is the awakening of the the inner "Christ. That is, the awakening of the Divine spark inherent within each person, i.e. Soul Consciousness to commune directly with the universal consciousness, the father of the ALL, God.

It is through transmutation of the lower carnal mind into the higher spiritual being, meditation and ritual that one becomes illuminated in the true light of God, the father of All, the source from which all else comes. It is the doctrine taught by Yahushua / Yeheshua aka Jesus the Christ to his disciples (initiates). It included teaching the immortality of the soul, reincarnation, the spiritualization of the body and union with the divine. It is the source of all Miracles as related in the many religious texts and manuscripts, from the Gnostic texts and Dead Sea Scrolls to the Bible.

To many this is not what they have been taught, and it must be understood that manipulation and control by those who seek a most malevolant agenda of control over the many is the reason for the dogma and intolerance that has replaced the simplistic teachings of the Master teacher known as the Nazarene.

There is much else that has been concealed, and for the true seeker of truth these will be revealed in time on your studies.

No guru, or priest or any other person is meant to be the "go between" or middle man, between you and God.

Truth must be realized in the heart and then in the mind. Intuition must be the guide, "the still small voice within".

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