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Sunday, September 27, 2009

This was submitted as a response to a video I posted on Youtube....

If you want to be a flower,
Be one that faces the Sun.

If a bird inspires you,
By all means be a White Dove.

If you want to be a rock,
Then try to be a Precious Stone.

But if you want to be a real human being,
...Then you must become a Revolutionary.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Max vs. the water

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is from one of the books in my collection of Occult Wisdom and something that is very relevant regarding self control and self mastery over emotions, mainly the emotion of Fear which Hatred, Anger and so many others are byproducts of, I actually found an online version with link below so I dont have to take a long time attempting to transcribe it....


From the Book : History and Power of Mind - Richard Ingalese
The entire Book / chapter found online here

As understood by the Occultist, self-control is the control of the objective mind by the subjective mind. Another way of expressing the same thing is to say that self-control is the control of the emotions by the higher mind. This latter statement may seem more tangible to you. Sensations and emotions are the manifestations of the objective mind of man as we have heretofore seen.

The first great emotion, the one that causes us the most needless suffering, is Fear. The second cardinal emotion is Sensuousness. The third basic emotion is Sex Desire; and the fourth, and most subtle of all, is Vanity. These are the basic elements of the emotional nature. You cannot conceive of any emotion that has not its origin in one or more of these four. Let us briefly examine the nature of each of these emotions, since the larger part of the actions of mankind are directly attributable to one or more of them.

Fear is the cause of most anger, most jealousy, most murder, failure, theft, doubt, discouragement, despondency and many other lesser inharmonious conditions. Analyze any one of these states of mind, and you will find that fear is the father of it. Eliminate fear and you have destroyed the root or basis for many of the emotions which lead men astray. Begin your fight directly upon fear - not the many phases of it - and a tremendous amount of force will be saved; for it must be conquered before very much will be accomplished in life. You remember you were taught in another lecture that the mind is magnetic, and draws to itself whatever it frequently thinks about. When you are constantly fearing something, you are drawing toward you the thing you fear, and the reason humanity has not been swept from this planet long ago is because it has shifted its fears from one object to another so often that it has never held to one thing long enough to destroy itself.

To accomplish rapidly the destruction of this great enemy it is well to begin by controlling some of its grosser forms, such as physical cowardice. Great numbers of men and women are inwardly the most wretched cowards and yet suppress the external expression of their fears because ashamed of them. Here is where the fear of public opinion is greater than the fear of something else, and the emotion is not conquered but shifted. Try to conquer your cowardice, because it is an enemy to you and is retarding your development.

Then there are very few persons who do not fear someone. You may not be conscious of the fact, but if you stop to think, you will see that it is true. You dread to meet Mr. Blank because you do not know what he will think of you, or because he is wealthy and you are not, and you are afraid you cannot make so great a display as he can. Or perhaps you have heard that Mr. Blank is a great statesman, and you are in awe of statesmen; so you stammer and grow red and wish you were a thousand miles away when you are introduced to him. The first thing to do toward overcoming this fear of persons is to declare, "I am not afraid of Mr. Blank, nor of anyone else." Then calling to mind the image of Mr. Blank, say to it as if he were there in person, "Mr. Blank, you have not the power to make me uncomfortable, and I am not afraid of you," and continue to repeat this assertion till your perturbation has subsided and you feel that you could face him without a tremor of fear or embarrassment.

Many women are afraid of mice. I have seen a room full of women put to the most ignominious flight, screaming like lunatics because a tiny mouse ran across the floor. To cowards of that class I would suggest that you put a mouse into a cage and keep it where you can look at it. Examine its little body through a magnifying glass and make friends with it, declaring constantly while you are looking at it that you are not afraid of mice; that there is nothing about them for you to fear; that they are small centers in consciousness and you are a larger center in the same consciousness; that the same life principle that sustains them sustains you; and after you have come to a realizing sense of your relative positions your fears will fade away, never to return.

When you have eliminated the grosser forms of fear, then attack the finer forms, such as fear of the unseen or the unknown. Many persons' lives are made utterly wretched because of their fear of the future. They are continually expecting things that never happen. Others are afraid of the criticism of the world, and a common question on their lips is: "What will people think?" You should remember that the world always criticises and condemns everything and everybody that it does not understand. You must declare, therefore, that you are not afraid of the criticism of any individual nor of the public at large; that you are not dependent upon anyone for your health, wealth or happiness; and that the approval and disapproval of other persons, whether collective or individual, are alike to you. If you declare this earnestly and often you will overcome all fear of criticism.

Thus we have these four great basic emotions which must be controlled. To do this we must learn to exercise our wills. There are two very good rules by which, if persistently followed, self-control can be attained. The first is, never speak until you have thought with your subjective Mind. It will be impossible for you to speak before you have thought at all, because you cannot have a material manifestation of speech until there has been some mental action. But do not let the emotions of the objective mind become expressed in words before you have thought with the subjective mind. In other words, let your thought be divorced from emotion before you attempt to express your thoughts in speech. For example: You walk out of a warm room, suddenly the cold air strikes you, and immediately you exclaim, "I am catching cold!" This remark is the offspring of the emotion fear and is not the result of your becoming conscious of a little fresh air. The objective mind commences to manifest fear and it speaks into existence a creation of sickness. Now if you will stop and think with your subjective mind before you exclaim into existence that cold, and claim it for your own, you will destroy the fear which would be the father of it, and no cold could be created for you.

The second rule is, never act until after you have thought with your subjective mind. Acting upon emotion usually leads to regret and is always followed by a reaction. A thousand cases could be cited to prove the truth of this statement and I have no doubt that you have thought of many examples. These two rules, if put into practice even occasionally, will help you; but if you practice them constantly you will be surprised to see how soon you will begin to dominate the four cardinal emotions; and after they are destroyed, all the others must disappear, because they are but branches from these four principal emotions.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


ALL is Vibration. Sound, Light, Color, Energy, Consciousness...

People tend to lose sight of this through their day to day hustle and bustle of the rat race grind.

How we perceive the world around us via sight is through the transmission of vibrations through the eye and optic nerve to the brain, then an image of the material world is produced, and objects we have all agreed to name or collectively agree on are then known. The Same is with sound, touch, taste, smell , "Objective" consciousness.

Everything vibrates at a distinct frequency. Matter for example is in reality not solid, but groups of atoms vibrating tightly together, very slowly. We have the ability through thought (Vibration) to change the matrix (accepted reality) around us. This was taught by the ancients and all the Master teachers through out the ages, in all the worlds teachings of spirit and what has become "Religion".

The simplest way to explain it is that you are what you think you are, whether you think you can or can not you are correct. We are not merely physical human beings wandering around in some world separate from the divine, from universal mind, consciousness. The truth is much stranger than fiction, and much simpler than we are led to believe.

Vibration, everything is Vibration, light and energy, cosmos, divine, free, being...

How easy we forget and fall victim to Illusions