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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wishing everyone a Prosperous and Abundant New Year, may we all be rich in Love, Health, Friendship and may this be a year of Awakening for all, to see truth.....

To the Revolution!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thanks to all my visitors to this little corner of the internet as we end our 5th year together... I guess profile views stopped logging after 3500...

I finally figured out the subscribe or "Follow" tab for the blog so people can keep up with new postings...

2009 has been one crazy ride, but we haven't even seen anything yet, just previews of whats to come. So lock and load, keep your powder dry, get your house in order and pay attention. Its about to get crazy around here for 2010 and beyond...

This country, this world is in distress, how did the majority ever allow 1 or 2% of the population to control them and drive us all into this wall of corruption and insanity we are faced with today?

The archives are here so if you are new to this "blog" , welcome... take the red pill and come on in

until next time...


Monday, December 28, 2009

...and now eyewitness reports that the so called "bomber" was escorted onto the plane with no passport by a well dressed man in a suit who talked to aiport management and claimed the alleged terrorist was "Sudanese, and "we do this all the time" SHOCK CLAIM: Man aided terror suspect onto plane without passport...

no tin foil needed, no need to yell "conspiracy" or attempt to rationalize extremely well timed propaganda, but this doesnt sound like SOP (standard operating procedure) , not in these "post 9/11" times.... sounds like a set up to me, a carefully planned placement of someone supposedly on a terror watch list with PETN Explosives that are known time and again for not doing the job intended (shoe bomber, failed attempt on Saudi Prince, etc.)

Ahhh but here is the good the airports will receive upgraded equipment (billions in profit for certain companies and groups) and new Terror legislation can help renew the Patriot Act provisions set to expire on Dec. 31 that Obama and the Rest of the Puppets in DC have been quietly trying to extend and get enacted.

And the never ending "War on Terror" and the boogy men of Black Ops funded and created "Al Qaeda" are used to put a little fear into the people distracted by endless wars and economic problems

Just paying to much attention I suppose...and no longer buying into the Bull Shit sold by those who are trying to convince us we need them and the draconian / Orwellian laws to keep us safe

Thursday, December 17, 2009

If you are easily offended by the word fuck then Be warned...

In response to a question : Are we better off with the Elite running the show because the "Sheep" are too lazy and stupid and would just mess things up?

My Response :

AS far as the world being better off with the Elite running it : NO fucking way, you have to understand that the current situation we face, the way things are today are because of manipulation, propaganda and Bullshit have replaced real truth, people dont search for truth because they have, for the most part been demoralized to the point they no longer care, they dont have the "will" , they have been taught, better yet PROGRAMMED to believe in the illusion and are now PRODUCTS themselves, Slaves to system that doesnt give two shits about them other than to consume and work....

Things are the way they are.. i..e all the fucking "sheep" because the system has been built and rigged to produce fucking "sheep" , to keep people ignorant, to keep people dumbed down for generation to generation until the lies and bullshit repeated for so long over time are eventually taken as truth and the only "truth" everyone knows anymore is actually nothing but fucking illusions, and it has been taught in all aspects, from religion to education to politics...

People are comfortable , complacent for the most part - 90% of the population - because life has become something that doesnt require questions anymore because they have accepted the illusion as reality, they have been taught to love their slavery, to not think too much, to not question authority and to feel like the problems of the world are bigger than they are and are beyond solving , that the "leaders" aka the Elite scum are better qualified to take care of things, when in fact the Elite scum have set up a system that only benefits themselves, its all a rigged fucking ponzi scheme.

People have been programmed, conditioned to believe this is "human nature" that things are just fucked up and thats how it is.

If REAL truth, REAL education and knowledge were revealed then we could fix this mess... or at least rebuild from the ashes of this corrupt soulless system we have now. If people we actually taught the truth then we would have knowledge and wisdom, awareness, a shift in consciousness... but like I said, everything we see now regarding the "sheep" is a result of things being done a certain way, the people are the product, they dont know any better, they were never taught the truth, only BS and lies and illusions, and given drugs and alcohol and reality TV and entertainment and distractions to dull any common sense or critical thinking that might creep up in their minds. Even though most people know deep down shit is fucked, they dont have the motivation to research and dont know what to do about changing it even if they could.

We are a rare breed my friend. We are considered dangerous minds, we are anomalies in the system, glitches in the matrix, like a virus representing truth in a host that is built on lies.

The sheep are not to blame for being the way they are, the elite have taken huge measures over 100s of years to perfect this cess pool we know as society today, they control every function from media, to banking, to law, to Governments.... the poor bastards we call sheep never even had a fucking chance

and this brings us to Consciousness.... come the 100th monkey time.. EVERYONE will start catching on.... as you can see now the Paradigms of control are breaking down world wide, the corruption is being seen for what it is and slowly they are awakening.... lets just hope it happens in time...many will not, many will only half awaken....

The world is a cruel place, but this is a well constructed illusion, it has been made to be about money and power, this is the illusion, it is not about that, that is not what truth, happiness, etc is about. That is the lie. The dark side so to speak.

There is more than enough for all to be abundant for all their needs on this planet. For all to prosperous, but for that to happen the illusion must be deconstructed, collapsed. The evil bastards and different factions who have a stake in the current outcome must be eliminated. For that to happen Truth must be known, and truth will begin to become more evident by each paradigm and system that falls from its toxicity.


Update 12/21/09 -
PAPER: There'll be nowhere to run from the new world government...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Power of Nightmares: The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear

An ADAM CURTIS 3-part Documentary about the origins of radical Islamic Fundamentalism and Neo-conservatism (originally aired on the BBC in 2004)

Part 1 - "Baby it's Cold Outside." (Time: 59:12)

Part 2 - "The Phantom Victory" (Time: 59:13)

Part 3 - "The Shadows in the Cave" (Time: 59:41)

At times one must wonder when observing the human population and modern society, especially here in America, how so many remain willfully ignorant of the corruption around them. Maybe it is out of fear? Maybe it is out of complacency? Maybe it is out of ignorance? So many what ifs, the truth is, as I have said many times before, IGNORANCE IS A CHOICE.

You can only bury your head in the sand for so long before you begin to run out of air. You can only ignore the reality of what we are faced with for so long before you begin to be personally affected by the insanity, before your conscience alone tells you something is very wrong. Those who do not see it, or better yet those who refuse to see the reality in front of them call those who are sounding the warning "Doom and Gloomers", "Crying Wolf", "Fear mongering" etc, etc, etc...Whatever helps you sleep better at night, again, as I have said before... 20 Years from now NO ONE will be able to say they didn't see it coming with a straight face.

There is only so much you can do when you have made your way out of the cave and upon return the rest choose to remain in the shadows of illusion, where they feel safe, where they can attempt to rationalize away truth because they have never been out of the cave.

We humans can not break the laws of the universe, cause and effect, etc. This is common sense, basic understanding of consciousness and the world around us. Though Common sense has become taboo, just as critical thinking and personal responsibility have become relics of a time long ago. Dependence on a system that is in place to imprison your mind and expectations of some kind of entitlement have become common place. And so we wait, we watch, and those who know prepare for the coming storm.

The clouds and rumbles of thunder are on the horizon. There is no avoiding what is coming. There is no stopping it, there is no pretending it isn't coming. The best we can do is to prepare to weather the storm, to take shelter and to wait it out. Then with a new sense of being we must rebuild and restore.

This is the natural precession of events when a system becomes so corrupt, so toxic. It is history repeating.

People have no idea just how fragile the system they depend upon for everything is. They think the banks will always operate, that collapse will not come, that they can just run to the store in the event of an emergency. Self Sufficiency and preparedness is what will possibly allow you to last longer than the 95% who are living in a dream world.

Anyone, the Government, the Media, the *Experts* who repeatedly say "No one could have predicted this" are fucking liars. The Economic is just the beginning, the "It cant happen here / or get that bad" mentality is just what they are counting on...

Think for yourself, take personal responsibility, wake up and stop denying what is happening, Jump through the 5 stages of grief and get a grip on the reality of what we are faced with.

Welcome to the end of the beginning...

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009 : Re-Release of "Initiation of the Soul"
First Edition - Revised - First Print

Esoteric Occult Phi...
By Michael D. Eggleston

"Initiation of the Soul" written by Michael D. Eggleston, it can be purchased by visiting the publisher @

Seek within to know TRUTH.
Practice personal responsibility in all aspects of ones life, thoughts & actions.
Live in harmony and with the laws of Nature and Nature's God.
Respect others and self at all times.
Choose Love over Fear.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer

Initiation of the Soul - Opening of book - To read more please buy the book

Truth is something that is ridiculed, mocked and feared in these strange days. We find ourselves in this 21st century digital dream, unaware for the most part of reality, of Truth in its highest form. I do not speak of subjective truths, or of true and false mundane trivia, or of what is paraded as truth by so called experts in the fields of modern Academia (which is deeply flawed and has lost or completely forgotten the ancient knowledge), the Mainstream Media or by those who sit in powerful seats in their Ivory Towers of Governments, Religion, Science and Economics. For if the veil is lifted and actual truth, about history, spirituality, and humanity is taught these will all be proven as frauds, as illusions in place to limit the freedom of the individual. Thus, the illusion perpetuated for so long by those in power is vital to the continuation of a world built on lies, with power and profit being the pillars of empires. The result is constant struggle (problem, reaction, solution) in both the individual and on the world stage.

If we are to solve the issues facing humanity at this point in history, this juncture, we must educate and awaken the innermost faculties residing within each human being and awaken the senses to true reality that is locked away deep within. It is the stuff of legends, of the mystics of a time long forgotten. It is the enlightenment of knowledge, of wisdom, that in turn will awaken the divine creative spark to understanding and truth. To illuminate reality as it truly is, and not as we like to believe, wish or think it to be. To provide solutions to the struggles of humanity, which in reality are more simple than one can imagine, as most solutions offered by these so called experts always appear complicated, one sided and only benefit a small group in the outcome.

We find ourselves, as individuals and as a whole facing the most challenging times in modern human history. We must, for the betterment of all nations, for all people, unite as one to solve the problems now facing humanity. To seek solutions that benefit all, while maintaining the sovereignty of nations and personal liberty for all people. We must seek to understand the interconnectedness to which all things are part of, a higher divine consciousness, the NATURAL order of all things. Humanity must learn to respect the beliefs and traditions of others, while finding common ground needed to repair century’s old wounds, an end to war and disease of body, mind, spirit and nature. A consciousness of awareness, revealing of Truth, of Philosophy and knowledge.

However, the distinction must be made clear, without doubt, between those who currently seek control through a malevolent agenda, a New World Order built on corruption, deceit and power. The very forces that have polluted the political, religious, and socioeconomic paradigms for centuries must give way to truth, to light, to liberty. There is no place for this type of greed oriented mindset any longer if we are to restore the balance needed for harmony and equality among all men of earth, the equilibrium needed to maintain life in Nature, as a whole, the sum of all its parts, of which humanity is a part of. To emerge from the darkness there must be humility and compassion in place of arrogance and indifference.

Those who claim to know better, to wield power of control over the souls of men on earth for personal gain and pleasure, in all Governments and institutions, must step down and accept that the laws of nature, of the universe, of God (which ever label one wishes to give to the higher force of creation) can not be broken or manipulated. Cause and effect (as ye sow, so shall ye reap) are one of the laws of Nature and one way or another balance will be restored. Liberty and freedom to humanity is a right, it is not a privilege to be decided by other men in positions of power. This is against the free will not only of individuals but of nations. To impose control over others as if personally ordained by some insane deity is unacceptable. The Laws of Nature and of Natures God are one in the same and must be obeyed. The disharmony we see in the world and in personal life today is because these laws have been ignored for so long in search of trivial material pleasures and ignorance to truth.

Consciousness is the catalyst of all that is. There is a war on consciousness occurring, a spiritual war is what this is all truly about. But for the new consciousness to emerge the old paradigms must be questioned, broken down and built again. We must understand truth, but first we must understand that what has been accepted in place of truth for so long has, for the most part, been based on information and manipulation by a small group of people to produce a certain outcome, through Governments, Organized Religions, Schools of Academia, and so called modern "intellectualism". There is no real difference between any of these, as they are all perpetuated by the same "progressive" movement. The vast majority of humanity has fallen asleep for so long within the illusion that it now accepts the illusion as reality and rejects truth when faced with having to make any real decisions for themselves that might upset or bring change to the comfortably numb world they have come to accept. Personal responsibility must be taken, and a revolution of sorts must emerge from the complacency of inaction...

We are the ones we have been waiting for. It is as simple as that.

Veritas Vos Liberabit

Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Politics - Unfiltered and No Illusions

Esoteric, Hermetics & Consciousness

Monday, December 07, 2009

UN / Global Warming Summit - COPENHAGEN 15 . COP 15 MEETINGS - goes forward - despite information that proves it is a FRAUD perpetuated by the New World Order tyrants

Globalist Hypocrites Arrive In Copenhagen for Summit

Obama to Use EPA to Declare CO2 a Dangerous Pollutant

The Hypocritical Road to Copenhagen

The UN Agenda of "Man Made" Global warming is also used as a means of Threatening using Fear and control and attempts at theft and enslavement via Carbon Taxes and various Cap and Trade laws as well as Credits and countless new taxes waiting in the wings - Now finally being exposed for the lie and Fraud it truly is

Hackers expose Climate Fraud by top Scientists / UN

Rigging a Climate 'Consensus'

Friday, December 04, 2009

Pentagon Preparing for Homeland Deployment - Verified Mainstream Media Reports

This was sent to me by a friend - as always use discernment & do the research yourself (along with the MSM links provided below) and use your own common sense - this has at points a very religious /Christian overview / Stand point , but none the less much information contained within relating to plans for homeland deployment against American citizens. Religion / Spirituality is a personal choice, but we should not discount others views or information because of a certain overtone.

in all honesty I dont think we even really need anyone like Steve Quayle, Greg or Alex Jones to tell us what is possibly coming.

If history alone is our teacher and we are brutally honest about the political and economic agenda by those who run the show this type of discussion should not be a surprise to anyone.

The "it cant happen here" attitude is arrogance , or ignorance, or both. "America" is not the country it was 100 years ago, the Constitution is nothing more than a formality and a relic now. Our Leaders are bought and paid for. The Central banking elite, CFR types, UN & G20 thugs are the ones who actually run the show and they are not shy about openly stating what their agenda is.

America is no different from any other nation or empire in history. We may like to think we are, maybe the most powerful in history, but all fake left vs right Patriotic Pride aside we are no different. Regardless of the D or the R next to our favorite Teams mascots they do not care about our best interests. Anything to the contrary is willful denial. Our Country is run by criminals and we are witnessing the end of an era, an empire.

This is all going to turn out for the world like all other empires and phases in history. Except now the lunatics have nuclear weapons and bigger toys.

We are in for a very long road ahead, and its coming sooner than anyone wants to admit. Those of us who have been in the Military, LEOs and others should understand the severity of what we face. Enough with the BS, enough saying "it wont get that bad" (unless that helps you sleep better at night). Just take a look around. The America we were raised to believe existed does not exist anymore, we have been sold illusions. And now we are watching Phase 2, the looting of any remaining wealth. The morale and morals of the people have already , for the most part been destroyed. Whats coming is going to be the fear needed to move forward with the Agenda.

20 years from now, NO ONE will be able to say they didnt see it coming with a straight face.


Homeland Security chief warns of threat from al-Qaeda sympathizers - "Home Grown" Threat in U.S.

This is Conditioning to shift blame away from the NWO / Corporate - Military Industrial Complex Tyrants

Washington Post | Napolitano says al-Qaeda followers are inside the United States and would like to attack targets here.

Obama Administration, Pentagon Prepare for Homeland Deployment

By Jim Kouri

October 28, 2009

In a report released to the US Congress recently, analysts assessed what they termed “preparedness tests” between the US military and government agencies at the federal, state and local levels.

U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) exercises to test preparedness to perform its homeland defense and civil support missions. The Government Accountability Office was asked to assess the extent to which NORTHCOM is consistent with Department of Defense guidelines for training and exercise requirement involving interagency partners and states in its exercises.

NORTHCOM’s exercise program is generally consistent with the requirements of DOD’s Joint Training System, but its exercise reporting is inconsistent. Since the command was established in 2002, NORTHCOM has conducted 13 large-scale exercises and generally completed exercise summary reports within the required time frame.

However, those reports did not consistently include certain information, such as areas needing improvement, because NORTHCOM lacks guidance that specifies exercise reports’ content and format, potentially impacting its ability to meet internal standards for planning and execution of joint exercises, and to compare and share exercise results over time with interagency partners and states.

“While the rationale for using the US military domestically had been debated for years, President Barack Obama appears intent on using our military at least until he can create his promised ‘Civilian Security Force’ which he said would be as big and powerful as the military,” said political strategist Mike Baker.

“The fact that the military — in this instance NORTHCOM — is being trained to operate with our borders should be setting off alarms throughout this nation. But it’s being ignored even by those who profess to be conservatives,” he said.

Barack Obama Continues Bush Administration Policy Regarding Posse Comitatus
Source: The New American - Joe Wolverton, II

It has been just over one year since the U.S. Army announced that the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team was being placed under the direct control of the US Army Northern Command (NORTHCOM), and was being indefinitely reassigned as an “on-call federal response force” for emergencies of all sorts, natural and man-made, including terrorist attacks, within NORTHCOM's area of responsibility — the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Although the assignation went mostly unheralded at the time, it marked the first time in the history of the United States that an active unit of the regular Army was placed under the immediate and exclusive command of NORTHCOM.

The number of uniformed soldiers assigned to this duty continues to increase annually and the force is estimated to reach a strength of 20,000 by the year 2011. This massive force will all be trained and equipped to “subdue unruly or dangerous individuals” and “help with civil unrest and crowd control.” As usual, these directives are vague and could be applied to any number of scenarios. Furthermore, the critical question to be asked in light of such an arrangement is who will decide who is unruly or dangerous? Whoever is appointed the arbiter of such things will of necessity be feared as he will have 20,000 troops on alert and ready to quell these civil disturbances.

Pentagon wants 400,000 troops for Deployment on US Soil
The Imperial Pentagon isn't just content with a foreign empire anymore. It is now seeking the authority to station 400,000 troops in the continental US:

The Pentagon has approached Congress to grant the Secretary of Defense the authority to post almost 400,000 military personnel throughout the United States in times of emergency or a major disaster. This request has already occasioned a dispute with the nation’s governors. And it raises the prospect of U.S. military personnel patrolling the streets of the United States, in conflict with the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

In June, the U.S. Northern Command distributed a “Congressional Fact Sheet” entitled “Legislative Proposal for Activation of Federal Reserve Forces for Disasters.” That proposal would amend current law, thereby “authorizing the Secretary of Defense to order any unit or member of the Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Navy Reserve, and the Marine Corps Reserve, to active duty for a major disaster or emergency.

The most shocking part of this story is that it "raises the prospect of US military personnel patrolling the streets of the United States." It appears that those tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists might have just been right after all in warning against the continuing militarization of the rapidly fading American Republic.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

A glimpse of what it will be like at the stores when The Shit Hits the Fan (SHTF) - except instead of TVs and Ipods it will be over food and water...

#1 & #2 Videos shown here - Visit Link above for more

Crazy Humans


when disaster strikes it will be to late to prepare, thus prepping now saves a trip to the store for this type of behavior over food and water