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Monday, December 28, 2009

...and now eyewitness reports that the so called "bomber" was escorted onto the plane with no passport by a well dressed man in a suit who talked to aiport management and claimed the alleged terrorist was "Sudanese, and "we do this all the time" SHOCK CLAIM: Man aided terror suspect onto plane without passport...

no tin foil needed, no need to yell "conspiracy" or attempt to rationalize extremely well timed propaganda, but this doesnt sound like SOP (standard operating procedure) , not in these "post 9/11" times.... sounds like a set up to me, a carefully planned placement of someone supposedly on a terror watch list with PETN Explosives that are known time and again for not doing the job intended (shoe bomber, failed attempt on Saudi Prince, etc.)

Ahhh but here is the good the airports will receive upgraded equipment (billions in profit for certain companies and groups) and new Terror legislation can help renew the Patriot Act provisions set to expire on Dec. 31 that Obama and the Rest of the Puppets in DC have been quietly trying to extend and get enacted.

And the never ending "War on Terror" and the boogy men of Black Ops funded and created "Al Qaeda" are used to put a little fear into the people distracted by endless wars and economic problems

Just paying to much attention I suppose...and no longer buying into the Bull Shit sold by those who are trying to convince us we need them and the draconian / Orwellian laws to keep us safe

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