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Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Monday, February 22, 2010

To achieve success in any area of life, be it personal, spiritual or business one must approach the task with single purpose of mind, hitch the idea or goal to a star and never waiver. Once the mind is made up to do something, it must be followed through with, quitting or failing is not an option. It is better to never attempt an undertaking than to wishfully and ignorantly attempt and then to simply quit because something appears too hard or complicated, this retards progress not only on the level attempted but on all things.

Many fail because they allow doubt, either of self or from others to cloud their vision. Naysayers are many, to weak minded to ever attempt risking it all to do something outside of the norm, the status quo. Many defeat themselves when they taste failure or set backs and instead of bearing down and moving forward they become stagnant and concede.

It is a working and experience proven understanding of consciousness, Hermetics / Hermeticism so to speak, the laws that all things follow that will allow the person seeking whatever they may seek, to obtain and manifest the thought or desire into reality, into creation.

All things are ruled by these laws, every cause has its effect and every effect its cause, sowing and reaping, etc...

Now Many will deny this, they will ignore through willful ignorance, they will reject areas of this thought by their religious or spiritual bias and dogma based on what they are told and not direct experience and so on. There are a million excuses, a million reasons the skeptics and naysayers will point to, but in doing so have already defeated themselves from ever proving themselves wrong.

We are here to create, to learn, to grow, to imagine and to become. We are not merely here to be slaves to those who have figured out and understand consciousness and how to manipulate it for profit and personal gain. We are here to awaken our inner most faculties, to express our creativity to its fullest potential and to go beyond what we think is possible. We are not victims of mere circumstance or environment, as these things can be changed, first by thought, then by action.

We have the ability to become whatever we put our minds to when we follow the laws and understand them. When we seek to benefit not only ourselves, but everyone who we come into contact with we tap a bottomless source of abundance, gratefulness and gratitude. I know these things first hand. Because I AM.