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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Do good in the world. If you have abundance in some way and are able to share that to make a positive impact then do it when you are able. There is a difference between helping those who can help themselves but do not understand they are creating their own "lack" or more of what they "do not want", and those who truly need the help. We draw to ourselves , in unlimited potential from the universal storehouse. The only lack truly exists in our minds, it only manifests in the physical when we affirm over and over again that we lack, or we want what we do not have, etc, etc, etc. Struggle is in place to teach us lessons, pay attention to those, is the same thing repeatedly popping up over and over again? Pay attention, where your mind goes, the energy flows, and that will manifest in many ways, always giving us what we need in order to learn the lesson and to transcend a certain way of thinking. Because as all our "problems" are mental , created by thought, so is the Universe and it responds in accordance with our thoughts! Really it is all perception. Those with eyes will see..... those who blindly grasp for truth without understanding, by casting aside the corner stone of imagination can not see or perceive that which they do not know or deny because of ego or pain. We draw to ourselves drama, chaos, disease of mind and body, and so forth only when we are ignorant to the that which is always trying to show us the way. Silence the mind and close the eyes and SEE where all of it originates....within. Have an excellent week. BE the change you wish to see, now go out and create, put it to the test, direct experience is the only way as it eliminates all illusion or mere belief in something unkown to ones self. Know Thyself ∞ 
As Above, So Below

Thursday, August 04, 2016

All of the study, reading and knowledge in the world is but nothing if not put to the test. The Direct experience is the key, the raising of consciousness by directing the will, for all else is but tales of wonder until the mystery is unveiled for thy own minds eye. The work is necessary, this is the way of Transmutation and Evolution. Explore the innermost realms of consciousness within the Temple where the One resides. This is the only way. Truth revealed leaves no room for obscurity to remain. ∞ As Above. So Below.