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Saturday, December 13, 2008


The Constitution, the long held sacred document that has guaranteed liberty and freedom for 232 years in this once great republic has become in these strange days little more than a piece of paper, a relic of history.

Politicians once sworn to uphold the truth and rule of law now interpret and make changes as they see fit in order to grant themselves power that the constitution once sought to limit in order to prevent tyranny and abuse.

The Corporation now is protected and held in higher esteem than the citizen. Taxation without representation is the norm once again, one of the very reasons the American revolution was fought 2 centuries ago.

The Federal Reserve, a private corporation and the IRS were created in the shadows of Liberty under the guise of financial equality and now taxes the citizen of nearly half their hard earned wages.

Laws that erode civil liberties and are blatantly unconstitutional are approved in the name of protection and security, and are now common place as draconian legislation is transforming this once free land into an Orwellian state. Fascism and corruption now occupy all facets of Government, with very few who even attempt to uphold liberty or speak out against such things.

The Citizen for the most part, has become a complacent uninformed and ignorant shell of what used to be. Patriotism itself has been morphed into blind obedience of state approved propaganda, where citizens are told it is unpatriotic to question their government.

It was once said that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. That the government should fear the people, and that it was the duty of the people to rise up and flush out these kinds of evil if they were ever allowed to fester like an open sore. The type of evil we now see running freely without oversight, without checks and balances, with free reign to spend and tax and subvert truth at every corner.

The two party system has become 2 sides of the same coin, bought and paid for by the highest bidders. Left vs. Right, Liberal vs. Conservative has become an illusion used to “divide and conquer” the masses into argument over the simplest things, while distracting from an agenda geared towards destroying freedom and replacing it gradually over time with a zombie like state of passive sheep consumed with self loathing tendencies that over time replace the flame of liberty with the chains of mental slavery.

We have for the most part become a nation of codependent enablers. We are as guilty for the evils we now see for doing nothing for so long. And we now stand at the crossroads of choice and free will. A choice to stand up and resist or lay down and silently comply. One will test the very fiber of our souls, one will guarantee what the founding fathers fought to avoid.

Some say that some fights are not worth picking, that some issues are not the battle to wage. Anything that further restricts liberty is a stand that must be taken. As the saying goes, give an inch and they will take a mile.

Rights, guaranteed to free men by divine providence and liberty given on the basis of personal responsibility must not be intruded upon. Patriots are of a rare breed. Patriots must uphold equality and freedom for all, respect their fellow man, yet see clearly through illusions placed to distract from reason and logic. It is one thing to say something, another to do. Action speaks loudest in a room deafened by the ramblings of insane leaders suffering from delusions of grandeur.

The time has come for real Patriots to once again stand for truth, to never compromise the belief in Freedom and liberty for a second. To stand in the face of tyranny and beat it back to the dark shadows of greed it crawled out of. To not be distracted by the illusion of difference between these so called leaders of the past 20+ years, Bush, Clinton, or Obama, because there is NONE.

It is time to take a stand, as individuals and as a whole 232 years after freedom was once claimed and restore the republic. For if good men continue to do nothing, we will all reap the consequences of inaction and we shall bury lady liberty with our freedoms until a generation worthy of calling themselves free men once again rises to the occasion. The time has come to draw a line in the sand. To uphold the oaths of freedom against the most dangerous enemy of all, the enemy within. As peaceful as possible.

We must raise our consciousness from the gutters of mindlessness that has become this land of make believe, this 21st century digital dream and grasp reality once again. Clear and right thinking, truth and freedom, liberty and justice for all.....

Thursday, December 04, 2008

We must as Individuals and as a Species realize our interconnectedness to each other and to all of creation. We must open our minds and our hearts to love and to truth. We must remember that we are dependent on the whole of life and not just random parts here to do as we please without regard for others.

We must not be blinded, remain willfully ignorant, or in denial of the the things in this world put in place to distract us of our true purpose and being. We must learn to see through the veil of illusions portrayed as reality to keep us from awakening and experiencing true freedom and life. We must learn to see the connection between all life for what it truly is, not what we have been told or programmed to believe.

The universal Truths are the answers to the questions we seek.

We are the very ones we are waiting for to come and save us from ourselves.

Our Time is Now

Sunday, November 30, 2008

If we are to talk of Consciousness, then we are to talk of Philosophy. If We are to talk of Philosophy this will eventually lead us to talk of peace and universal truths. If we are to talk of Peace and Truth then we inevitably will talk of Revolution. Revolution spoken of as an idea, the way of the centuries to maintain freedom and to see that true freedom is not impeded upon, to keep the flame of liberty alive in the hearts of free men, Men who will under no circumstances bow to lawlessness and tyranny imposed upon himself or his fellow humans. Philosophy based on equality for all, free of the reign of Tyrants and free from fear of seeking individuality. Freedom from the collective mind of the herd mentality that willfully submits to complacency.

We stand at a cross roads in the evolution of an idea, of a species, of a planet.

We stand at a moment in time when each one must examine the very belief systems we adhere to and why we adhere to what it is we think we know or believe.

Truth is veiled in mystery, in illusion. It is hidden from most, seen by many, but known by few.

We must as souls, as human beings elevate our minds and hearts to know truth, to know love, to no longer believe in mere fantasy because it is convenient to do so.

We must remember, become aware of our history, in order to fulfill our destiny.

The time has come to realize the light within to illuminate the darkness and to guide us to our destination. To Freedom, to truth, to love.

Do not be fooled by those who claim to know, seek within and feel truth in your own heart. Only then will truth resonate.

Revolution of the soul, of consciousness, of liberty, of truth is NOW, it is within that the fire will ignite the movement of the individual and the whole.

The final eclipse. The final call. To stand as one in realization of the true power of the idea, the thought.....

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"Sitting, Watching, Waiting for something or someone else to change the evils we see in this world is equivalent to doing nothing. When in the face of Tyranny choices must be made, both spiritual and logical for the well being of the whole, not just the individual. It is the awakening, the knowing, that We are the ones we are waiting for, that we the people are the ones that must act and bring an end to the injustices we see each day. To sit idle and do nothing while waiting for some savior or politician to save us from ourselves and do the work for us is blind ignorance and defies the laws of the universe and free will. This is the time we must look in the mirror and see the power we all hold and must reclaim. For our time is now to realize that with the swiftness of the wind, that we can bring true change to this world at once and uproot the corruption where it lies, to understand we are the ones who hold our destiny" - M.E. 2008

We face Decisions in this world. Each day, each moment is a choice. The inherent power within each and every soul is divine when it is awakened.

Around us, we see a world spinning out of control. Corruption and Greed has crept into every facet of society. It rules all Governments, Corporations and Courts. Yet the people sit idle, knowing deep down something is very wrong. Hoping for some savior in some form to come and save us from ourselves and those who we have allowed to control this society of ours. This in reality is wishful thinking.

What people do not realize is that it is we who must act. It is we who hold the true power in our hearts. To simply live life, knowing that what we experience and see each day is far less than what it should be, and doing nothing to change it is a slow suicide. There is no hope for change in sitting by and doing nothing but voting for these so called elected officials who promise us delusions of grandeur are nothing more than the worst reflections of the human soul. They thirst for greed and power and even the best of them are fooling themselves when they say they alone can change a corrupt system.

It is the people who are the backbone of the system. And kept asleep for so long, medicated in this 21st century digital fantasy, we have forgotten the fight and struggle that our ancestors went through to make this possible.
We have become so complacent and comfortable with the material world we have allowed spiritual depraved lunatics to control the reality, the Illusion we think is truly real. We have lost sight of what life and liberty is all about. What Freedom is about.

The time has come to awaken, to rise like the phoenix from the ashes of the long sleep and to stand as one, united for the highest good against the evils we have allowed to creep up and fester like an open sore.

No longer can we turn a blind eye, or ignore what is undeniable. It is time to awaken and take back our Country, our World from those who seek to impose slavery upon us all.

The Constitution, the Bill of rights, The Laws of the Universe can not be taken away from us, they are given by God. And to all those mere humans who claim to know whats best, they do not, and it is the greatest sin of all to allow self or others to be treated in such a way and do nothing to stop it. We must not accept what is being fed to us any longer.

The question remains... What are you going to do about?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

By: Frank Herbert

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

In Lak'ech

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The choice is simple.... Fear or Love

We must make the choice to remember to ground ourselves in the energy of Love in all instances. To be able to see clearly what is going on around us, through the veil of illusions is a blessing, but don't allow yourself to be sucked into the fear energy of the situation. To prepare and to know is of course something we should all do, but to be centered in fear is an illusion. There is nothing to fear. We are spiritual beings co-creating this reality, those who seek power over other souls use fear in an attempt to paralyze any change we may bring about. Light will always prevail over the Dark energy when allowed to flow unrestricted. Remember we are divine beings, we control our reality, break free from the illusion and stand up and reclaim the power we have given away.

Stand up for Truth and Freedom in all you do.

Aum Mani Padme Hum


Sunday, September 07, 2008

2008 is quickly becoming the year that the economic crisis in the U.S.A. shows what it is made of. After years of unsound money and policy by the corrupt central bank ("Federal" Reserve - See Video = ) and the corrupt overspending in Washington, the U.S. economy is now nearly $10 Trillion in National Debt with a spending Deficit of nearly $500 Billion. Both Democrats and Republicans are equally responsible for this mess, eyes should be opening at this point...

The country has been systematically engineered into massive debt with the use of Fiat Currency and the Middle Class virtually wiped out. This is no accident, this has been happening for years but no one wanted to listen. The housing bubble that was created, along with a credit crisis and bad loans has in 2008 lost nearly $1+ Trillion worldwide with another wave to come as we head into 2009. This will be much bigger and will send the Stock Markets into a dive as people finally begin to understand the markets are manipulated on all levels at the very top of the pyramid.

To the New World Order , Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group and others, this is business as planned. The European Union is already in place with one currency (The Euro) and The North American Union will be the solution given to "fixing" the problems here in North America by the very people who created this mess to begin with. (See video = )

This country and the world is being destroyed from within by the Very governments and United Nations in place to supposedly look out for our best interests. Wars are being waged using out right lies to fuel the Military - Banking - Corporate - Industrial Complex and here at home our civil Liberties and freedoms are now being eroded , the constitution trampled and a Police State being instilled. (Patriot Act, Homegrown Terrorist Act, REAL ID, etc.) -

It is time to stand up for Truth and Freedom and no longer participate in a failed system that no longer serves "We the people". The U.S. is now under a 2 party corporate sponsored Dictatorship, the only question that remains is how long are we going to wait to do something about it?

Financial Institutions are failing every week now, this year there have been 15 banks and the Govt Take over of Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and more to follow.

For more information, The following link contains many videos to help awaken the public to the illusion of freedom and the land of make believe.

Our Time is NOW

Power to the Peaceful

Expand your consciousness, break free from propaganda and mind control

Monday, September 01, 2008

RNC 2008 - Minnesota - POLICE STATE

Welcome to the Revolution...... This country is turning into a Police State more and more every day

Rubber Bullets and Grenades used by cops at RNC Protests

Cops Raid Journalists house before RNC Protests

Police RNC protesters homes before Protests Begin

Launching CS / SMOKE Grenades at protesters

National Guard assembles at Protests (Martial Law Prepping)

STORMTROOPERS preparing for Protests

Friday, August 29, 2008

Iraq Vets Against the War and Cops Stand off at DNC Protest

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is What a Police State Looks Like - DNC PROTESTS - DENVER 2008

More of what we can come to expect from the Storm Troopers

Friday, August 22, 2008

I want to talk, or vent about the political situation in this country. When is enough going to be enough? This seems to be the question in many millions of peoples minds.

People have become so complacent and divided that they can not even agree on what color the sky is anymore. "Divide and Conquer" is the goal of those who stand behind the curtain. This country and its people have been divided into categories and classes, Republican vs Democrat, Liberal vs Conservative, Rich vs Poor and so on and it has worked brilliantly.

This Government is not "our" Government, it has not been for some time. It does not serve the greatest interest of the people or the world, it has become a rogue fascist state in which civil liberties are being taken away under the guise of "Terror" and fear mongering , the constitution is being shredded and the people further enslaved and in debt under the illusion of freedom. It is a corporate sponsored machine, serving the needs of Military Industrial Complex and Private Bankers.

Both sides, Democrat and Republican are guilty of high crimes and fraud. Yet many are still convinced they are separate when both parties are but 2 sides of the same coin. These politicians are bought and paid for, all but only a couple who voice the facts and truth only to be blacked out in the mainstream complicit media. The Media in this country is owned and run by a very small number of corporations all owned by the same people. It is brainwashing and propaganda at its best. The truth has been replaced with fantasy.

A police state is being engineered using the so called war on terror as a catalyst. Because there is an invisible enemy who hates us for our freedoms, our very freedoms are being reduced to "protect" us by the very people who are responsible for funding both sides of the conflict.

It is time for people to wake up and realize just what truth is and not the candy coated version of a bed time story that is being sold.

Obama will not change anything. McCain will not change anything. They are both puppets of the Council on Foreign Relations and the New World Order. It is time to stop choosing the "lesser of two evils" and to stand up for what is right and just for all, instead of willfully submitting to what is coming.

We are Human Beings, not sheep. We have a choice, we always do. Free Will is still ours.

Fear can not be allowed to paralyze us from standing up and shouting stop the insanity.

It is time to back away from the Television and altered reality that has been created. It is time to refuse to participate in a system of slavery before it is too late.

Expand your consciousness, realize your true power and potential. We are the ones who must BE THE CHANGE, not some politician or savior to do it for us.

Peace is the ONLY way.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

For those who are DMB Fans, Leroi Moore, the Sax and Horn Man for the Band Died on Aug. 19 from complications from the ATV Accident in June.
He will be greatly missed.

I had the honor of shaking his hand and meeting the band in Rochester a few years back and seeing the band play live, more times than I can count over the past 15 years. The Music has a had a huge impact on my life. It will not be the same with Roi

Prayers go out to his family and to the Band.

Peace, Love and Light.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

An ancient truth concealed a key to the mysteries... "Man Know Thyself and thou shall know the mysteries of the universe and the Gods"

Modern Science is steeped in its materialism , lost in ignorance and the denial of a Divine Essence and blind to the ancient metaphysical sciences, it now borders on the destruction of humanity and the planet . Organized religion has concealed and destroyed arcane wisdom and knowledge and replaced it with dogma and superstition, in turn it has become void of any true spirituality. Politics has become corrupted to the point of annhilation of what was once a service to the people, now it only serves the elite and greedy who seek to control through fear and manipulation. Academia has dumbed down true education and offers a very perverted view of history and truth. Economics strives to serve one class and acts to enslave the rest.

A new paradigm must emerge.

The consciousness of the planet is shifting, the destruction or breaking down of all paradigms and belief systems can be see across the board. This is a sign of the new coming into being. We must as a species seek true knowledge in place of the illusion that has been presented and accepted for so long. The echo's of the ancient philosophers calls out from the shadows of 1000 moons and suns beckoning the mind to see beyond the perceived "reality". If we ignore the mistakes of the past and remain complacent in the face of evils committed in the name of "truth and freedom" we are as guilty as those who support such acts.

Humanity appears to have become numb to its true power. An inherent power and connection to nature and true divinity that has fallen asleep through the aeons. It is time to awaken and to become the the change we appear to be waiting for. Personal responsibility and awareness is key. We can not afford to simply stand by and wait for some savior or superman to come rescue us from ourselves. The truth of the matter is that we are the ones we have been waiting for , all one has to do is seek within and realize the truth that resonates within the heart.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We stand now in this moment at the 11th hour of what is the most important time in modern human history. It is said that history repeats itself if we do not learn from the mistakes of the past. It is time for each person to awaken from the slumber of complacency , take personal responsibility for their actions, thoughts and being. We are spiritual beings in the material world, not mere human beings. Separation and fear is an illusion, a condition of the mind and nothing more. It is time to recognize the connection between the whole and individual, the macrocosm and the microcosm. As above so below, we are all reflections of the divine, of nature, of the universe. We are all reflections of the same consciousness on different levels.

We must have peace, but peace as an outer act must begin within each person, as the outer world is a mirror for the inner struggle, people must understand and seek truth in its highest form, the acceptance that we are already perfect. It is the conditioning and propaganda of a society ruled by those who seek control over the souls of this planet and a mind set of material accumulation that has created the rift in the psyche, fueled by low self esteem, greed that has lead to the outer problems we see manifested today. It must begin with personal responsibility and the realization that we as individuals each hold a abilities and a power greater than any material treasure this earth has to offer. That we have a direct to nature, to God, to each other.

The paradigm is about to shift beyond anything this modern culture, or any human has seen in nearly 10,000+ years. The consciousness of this planet is expanding if you will to allow energy and information to be accessed through higher states of awareness that will become the norm in coming years. Advancements in Quantum physics and the "new" sciences are going to merge with Metaphysics and will bring an understanding about the nature of "reality" that has not been seen on a major scale since the ancient forgotten civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, the Egyptians and Mayans. These cultures were aware of the relationship between energy, nature, and creation and the balance that was necessary to maintain.

Human history is not as we like to think limited to the accepted false or manipulated modern history of 7,000 years. The proof that is made public shows humans 200,000 years ago, but it stretches far beyond, as Lemuria was around 10 million years ago.

It is important to understand this is not limited in its potential. It is in fact infinite. It is a step that must be taken as we enter the final stages of what is referred to as the Mayan calendar relating to shift in consciousness around December 2012. But we must all make the decision to make this change. This is to be made without fear, as fear only exists in the mind. It is an illusion, a disease to the soul. A tactic used for control. The only control others can have over yourself is what you allow them to have. We are one, connected to the divine and no more separate than we are from the earth that we find ourselves living on. The power of awakening, of the potentiality of the human species is far beyond what words can express when our consciousness becomes linked to the source and all illusion falls behind the veil.

There are going to be changes occurring very fast, a shift from, a collapses in the current paradigm that we are already seeing as well as earth changes, climate change, but not because of the "man made" global warming scam that is being pushed on the people, using fear as a catalyst. Examples are to be seen by looking to the ruling elite of the world, those who have stolen the title of "the enlightened ones", placed themselves in high positions through manipulation and control, not the puppet governments or "elected officials", but the actual men behind the curtain who thrive on fear, war and greed, making a last ditch effort to instill their control version New World Order instead of what is actually The Age of Aquarius , the Golden Age or the New Order of the Ages prophesized by all ancient texts.

Other examples that are clearly evident to those who can see through the mind control are the Collapse of the United States Economy leading to a North American Union, much like the European Union, eventually to join as one. National ID Card and Biometrics, surveillance society like control, Destruction of civil liberties and habeas corpus (your rights) and division of the classes among others.

It is important to remember that through the shift it may seem that everything is falling apart, but it is a natural process for change. The material world, money, possessions, that comfort is temporal. The old falling away to give way to the new. The new must be built on ethics, trust, love, peace, humility, giving and understanding that we are all connected as one human family on one earth, not separated by race, color, religion or sex. That we are reflections of each other, connected to each other and dependent on each other. Not the few over the many, but the many working together, to sustain, to cultivate and to support the whole.

There is No place for greed, hatred or war. There is no place for destruction or discrimination towards another, but a deeper connection of consciousness, of knowing, of experience that will lead us to rise above the current state of affairs to an understanding of oneness.

The time is now to elevate the minds of the masses to see past the illusion of what has become a land of make believe playing on everyones fear. Fear is the illusion, created by ourselves, by those who do not want to see peace.

Peace is the only way. We must BE the change we wish to see in the world. We must become peace on an inner level, become love, become one and find our true higher self within to understand how to change the outer world.

In Lak'ech
In Light


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Men behind the Curtain

The ones that call themselves the "enlightened ones", who have used sacred knowledge for personal gain and control are the same who have controlled society for too long

unveiling the Illuminati and mind pattern programming / control

Fear only exists only in the mind ... seek the truth and the truth shall set you free

current reality is a perception brought about by conditioning of the mind to accept illusions in place of truth

Do the research....

The thirteen bloodlines of the Illuminati are:

The Astor Bloodline

The Bundy Bloodline

The Collins Bloodline

The Dupont Bloodline

The Freeman Bloodline

The Kennedy Bloodline

The Li Bloodline

The Onassis Bloodline

The Reynolds Bloodline

The Rockefeller Bloodline

The Rothschild Bloodline

The Russell Bloodline

The Van Duyn Bloodline

Merovingian (European Royalty)

Vatican - Religion arm
London - Financial arm
USA - Military arm

Georgia Guidestones

United Nations
Central Banking Cartel
Oil Cartel
Bilderberg Group
Trilateral Commission
Council on Foreign Relations
Think Tank

Genetically modified food

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fear exists only in the mind. It is an illusion, a by product of our objective consciousness. Through only being aware of our 5 physical senses we become confined to a very limited experience of so called "reality". Through our objective consciousness we are able to perceive the illusions of linear time and space. In a constant battle to conquer these two seemingly elusive nemesis.

It is through the study of consciousness, meditation, the esoteric that we are able to glimpse beyond the veil and experience true reality. The connection of all things to each other. The mystery of the macrocosm and the microcosm. To commune with the divine by means of experience and not merely through dogmatic beliefs. The true inherent potential within. The awakening of the mind and consciousness to the infinite possibilities and abilities known to mystics and many cultures as being second nature.

We are at the time in human history where we once again are in need of understanding Truth in its highest form. To verify and experience what is taken as truth.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

If we seek to understand truth in its highest form and the answers to the problems facing humanity we must first understand ourselves. We must look within and realize that we are the ones we have been waiting for to bring change to this planet, and we need look no further. We must not place our destiny in the hands of the few. The power and responsibility is up to us, to join together as ONE and put aside personal gain for the higher good.

True change does not come from revolution per say as an act of change, but as an idea. The RE-evolution from within each one. Call it Enlightenment, Awakening of consciousness and the connection to the source of all that is, the transmutation of the material lower, carnal self into the higher awareness, the spiritual potentiality within each human being.

The current situations we observe in this world are do to the lack of knowledge, and the misinterpreted truths that are available to all. Mere Faith or the belief in something without the individual work needed to actually experience it is blind and ignorant. It has led us to where we stand facing our greatest moment as a species, to realize our destiny. There is enough abundance on this planet for all to have enough and to live in peace.

To merely believe in anything because we have been taught, yet without researching and testing the theory for ourselves is a dangerous way to live. It breeds complacency and in turn allows the "evils" we know in the world to continue and become taken as normal due to "human nature". This is utterly false, nothing is the way it is because of "human nature", this is a lie that has been perpetuated as an excuse. It is because of ignorance of our divine origins, and denial of the natural, constant and unchanging laws that everything in the universe follows. The laws of nature, the universe, of God, (it does not matter what ones chooses to call them), are constant and unwavering since the first spark of creation billions of years ago.

If each learns to become aware of, and live by the natural laws of the universe and govern themselves with respect for all life and each other we will begin to see the consciousness of this planet shift into a new paradigm. We will begin to realize we are more than mere human beings, passing our time in the temporal, fleeting material world and awaken to the highest truth of all.

Man can only break the laws man creates. The universal laws can not be broken.

Within each human being lies a treasure worth more than all the gold in the world. This is not merely a religious or dogmatic opinion, it is completely provable through discipline, work, EXPERIENCE, and can be achieved by each. It is the awakening of our true being, higher self, finding the Light within. It is the mystical and the spiritual. It is the answer to all suffering and doubt in this world. The KNOWING of truth, not the opinion or acceptance of a "truth". It alleviates all questions and heals all wounds. It is the answer to peace and equality, the end to greed, war and pain.

This has been concealed within all religious teachings, hidden in parable and allegories and unfortunately taken as literal. Even the basic exoteric teachings and laws are not followed by the average person. This must be done if we are to understand the deeper mysteries and meanings of life.

It is time for those who are aware of the changes occurring on this planet and the truth about life and consciousness, the only true reality, to work together.

Any preconceived notion or judgement not gained through experience must be set aside. It is time for the illusion and the veil to be lifted.

To know is to BE

Know Thyself


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crystals, Healing and Consciousness

Crystals have been used for healing and energy work as far back as human history reaches. Everything, all matter and life is energy, with its own vibrational frequency, and crystals are no different. Each variation has a unique vibrational level, this is a reason for example that quartz for instance is used in electronic devices from watches, to computers. When energy is applied or transmitted through, it expands and amplifies the energy.

Crystals have the ability to store and program energy and when introduced into the energy field of the human body can direct and transmute energy. The structure of crystals is based on the arrangement of the atoms in its makeup. Crystalline structure is the most perfect on earth and has attracted the wonder of the human mind since the beginning. Metaphysical attributes have been associated with crystals since humans have been conscious of their many uses, when humans were more in touch with nature and right brain, intuition based thinking.

Crystals also have the ability, through incorporating them with meditation and metaphysics (which modern physics will come to combine with in the coming years) allow us to perceive different levels of consciousness. Some crystals for emample, such as Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals (NY - USA), Lemurian Seed Crystals (Brazil), and Moldavite (Czech Republic) are very high vibration crystals and can have a very deep impact on not only the energy field of human beings, but can also have profound effects on consciousness. Through meditation (the tuning in of the mind / consciousness with higher awareness) information can be obtained from these higher states of being and help to activate the third eye (pineal gland / Minds eye - the part of the brain associated with intuition and "psychic" awareness).

The ancients, were very much in tune with nature, energy and their relationship to the whole of creation before the last shift in planetary consciousness thousands of years ago. In todays modern society it is easy to see how that connection must be established once again to rise above the issues facing us.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Consciousness, awakening and personal responsibility

True change comes from within. It is up to Each to take personal responsibility for their life and become the change one wishes to see in the world. There is no longer a place for blame or excuses to the "evils" we see in the world or the misfortune or suffering we experience. When we open ourselves up and follow the divine laws (law of nature, consciousness) we see that there is a connection between each and the whole. Action and REaction. Karma. Whatever one wishes to call it. We must search within ourselves for the answers to the riddles of life. The truth and the light that will guide the way resides within. As a species, we must stop looking to others to solve our problems for us, and understand that we have the answers. Nothing is as complicated as we have come to believe.

Truth, Compassion, Love, Charity, Humility, these are the true Virtues of Humanity. Personal gain and the temporal material illusion is not reality. It is fleeting, we must seek true wisdom, empowerment and experience. It is time for this world to awaken to the true potential within. We must break the cycle of complacency and awaken to the truth before we have run out of "time"

Seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Do Unto others is the LAW

If we are to bring true change and awareness in the form of love, equality, truth and justice then the law must be obeyed. There is no place for greed, war, selfishness or hatred. Love is the way, all else is an illusion. The Law operates regardless if we choose through free will to follow it or not. The law of Karma, of REaction to action is permanent and ever operating.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Love and Forgiveness are the key

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Listen to a child tell it.......

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Emerald Tablet

True, without error, certain and most true; That which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, for performing the miracles of the One Thing; And as all things are from one, by the mediation of one, so all things arose from this one by adaptation; The father of it is the Sun, the mother of it is the Moon; the Wind carried it in its belly; the name thereof is the Earth. This is the father of all perfection, or consummation of the whole world. The power of it is integral, if it is turned into earth; Thou shalt separate the earth from the fine, the subtle from the gross, gently, with much sagacity; It ascends from earth to heaven, and again descends to earth: and revives the strength of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee. This is the strong fortitude of all fortitudes, overcoming every subtle, and penetrating every solid, thing. So the world was created. Hence were all wonderful adaptations of which this is the manner. Therefore am I called Thrice Great Hermes, having the three parts of the Philosophy of the whole world. That which I have written is consummated concerning the Operations of the Sun.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The changes we wish to see in the world, must begin within each of us first. We must become the change. We must live the life by the teachings of peace, compassion and charity towards each other on a daily basis. To shed this mentality of materiality and see it for what it is, temporal, fleeting, not permanent and the realization that we are much more, that we truly are spiritual beings capable of more than most could ever imagine.

Within is the answer to all.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

As Above, So Below, As is inner is also outer, this is the Law of the ONE

The microcosm (hu-man) is a reflection of the macrocosm (the universe)

Within is contained all the power and LIGHT of the universe, of God

LOVE is the strongest of all and will lead to the answer to all of humanities challenges, healing, suffering and happiness

Everything is energy, An exchange of energy and each action will produce an equal or opposite reaction

Meditation on the ONE that is the source of all is the key

The Key is to transmute the lower / carnal / material self (LEAD) into a finally tuned spiritual consciousness / Higher self (GOLD). One with the creator, God, Nature. Alchemy.

The laws of the universe can not be broken. The only laws man can break are the ones he creates. To find equilibrium, the balance of the polarity - Dualistic consciousness, 3D Illusion is to live in harmony with the laws of God, Of Nature. To awaken the Fire, the LIGHT within. To unite as one with all that is and to maintain. To "live the life", to live by the law that governs all things.

The Law of Order
The Law of KARMA
The Law of exchange and compensation
The Law of Attraction
The Law of Action and REaction

It is written - As ye sow, shall ye reap

Every action, decision, act has an equal reaction. The rewards or consequences of each begins to manifest in the moment of creation, of the act. NOT later in time as is believed by the unknowing.

When the spiritual fire is awakened, and the consciousness expands, it is key to remember; The path must be true.

Personal Gain & Power & Control over others must not be the goal, but the betterment of all of humanity, unselfish love

To give and to benefit others as well as a result of accomplishing material success should be distributed.

The image of success of both the spiritual and material must be imagined in the mind as a state of being, not some future goal.

celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing.......all this pain is an illusion

Friday, April 18, 2008 TOOL



Sunday, April 13, 2008

Each one of us is far more special than we ever dreamed or imagined. Within is a LIGHT that when awakened, answers all questions and suspends all ignorance and superstition. We have the ability to heal ourselves and this planet we call home. It is time for each one, to look within and realize and awaken the divine and powerful essence that is the end to all suffering, disease, pain and the key to immortality and love. Call it what you will, it is, has and always been. It is the answer to all.

I speak not of opinion or fanciful thoughts, but of experience. We have for too long as a people assumed the heard mentality of belief through being taught, being told what is "reality" by so called experts and by the few dictating the "laws" and lives of the many.

It is time for each person, to cast aside this ignorance and belief that we are not smart enough, good enough, strong enough, beautiful enough, special enough and so forth. Each human being has within them the power of the universe and "God", each a reflection of the creator. All equal.

It is time NOW, unlike any other time in the history of this planet to LOVE, to find compassion towards others and in all we do. It is time to become who we are meant to be, to cast off this shell of materialism, nihilism and mental slavery. It is time now to practice peace and humanity towards each other and our selves. To not seek to live for only personal gain at the expense of others, but to give and to receive to benefit ALL.


Seek the LIGHT within, the FIRE that burns in each, from the source of all creation. To LIGHT the way home, to reunite the soul with spirit, to combine the physical and the spiritual, to illuminate the darkness. Consciousness is the key to seek truth in its highest form. Truth that sets all free and makes known the purpose of this life. To rise above the material to union with the ONE that from which all else comes.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

The way to God, enlightenment, truth is within. Truth ignited by the divine fire sparks the soul to remember, to acknowledge the ONE source from which all of creation came forth. Whatever name we choose to label great spirit is of no matter. For it is ONE. The macrocosm and microcosm are reflections of the divine. The mysteries may be revealed to those who seek LIGHT in its highest form, without quest for personal gain and personal power over other souls. That which is hidden in plain site to the eyes of mortal men lost within the illusion may be raised to awareness through right thinking. Ageless are the mysteries of the esoteric truths.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We create our reality. Through our thoughts, and energy and what we project into this illusion we call "reality". Live in peace, speak truth, and be the change you want to see in the world. There is nothing to fear, everything is as it is for a reason. Recognize the divinity in all of creation and that we are not separate from the divine, from spirit.

It is up to each one of us to awaken to the truth about why we are here . It is not to run a rat race, to slave away, to be under any form of control. Each of us is equal in every way. It is time to realize this, and to realize and take responsibility for the power each one of us has within us.

It is time to become who we are each meant to be. To take our place in creating and fulfilling our destiny. To love, to live, to be, to make the dream reality and to shed the old ways. To evolve, to grow, to awaken, to become.

the time is now....

In Lak'ech

Friday, March 21, 2008

Live from the heart in tune with all that is

for everything is connected to the ONE

We are all spiritual beings sharing this human experience

trying to remember...

The time has come to awaken from the dream

To become aware of the truth

Love is the way

everything else is an illusion

Consciousness is the key

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Humanity must awaken from its slumber. Through the ancient teachings and all branches that have grown outward via the various religions since the beginning of time , the very core fundamental truth is that there is ONE spirit that moves through all of creation. This consciousness, this creative spirit that connects all that is to the source, to the ONE.

Since the last shift thousands of years ago, when humanity fell asleep and forgot our true origins, countless movements, religions and spiritual teachings have tried to remind us of the core truths. Through parables, symbolism and so forth, the stories have been passed on. It does not matter what religion one was taught, except for the flaw of human nature that differentiates between these. These were created by us and the conflicts between humanity are all caused by these misconceptions and the Hypocrisy caused by ignorance and the dualistic consciousness that has grasped this planet for so long.

There are many religions and teachings who reject or do their best to conceal the true teachings that we are all ONE and in place have idolized and created their own images of the ONE, of God, of Source.

The true teachings of those who have come before us, the teachings of Buddha, of Christ, of Thoth, of the ancients have been manipulated and distorted for control and by those who do not wish to see humanity awaken to the truth of who we are, where we came from and where we are going.

History reaches much further back than the 6000+ years accepted and perpetuated by modern religion and society. Our origins on this planet reach far beyond the illusion we have created for ourselves. Beyond a few million years, to Lemuria, Atlantis and beyond. The Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, Dogon and other indigenous cultures were off shoots of these ancient ancestors.

The truth about what is covered up by the so called authorities, these souls who sit in their high seats of office and church , regarding the origins of man, the universe and the ancient knowledge of the stars must and will be revealed. The ancient teachings and knowledge of sacred geometry, the truth about what we call "extraterrestrials", energy, technology and intuition are finding their way back into the consciousness of this planet. Much is still shrouded in secrecy and concealed from the mainstream and this has led to modern day "conspiracies" and lies that are taken as truth.

Love is the strongest and purest of all energy. There are only 2 emotions, love and fear and all others are extensions of these.

In this dualistic consciousness, right vs wrong, good vs evil, we perceive these 2 main emotions / energies in the physical material world. Above this 3rd dimension / 3D Consciousness they pass through each other and balance each other out. But here in the material plane of existence they collide in the lower vibrations. This is why we see conflict and modern civilization seems to think we are the most advanced of all who have come before us. This could not be farther from the truth. But our consciousness has operated on such a low frequency for so long that we have been conditioned to accept only what our 5 physical senses can perceive.

We are all spiritual beings, all at different levels of awareness and not mere humans waiting to die to experience a higher awareness, waiting to get into heaven as we have been lead to believe. We are all capable of attaining higher awareness here and now, unity or Christ-consciousness as it is referred to. We must break free from the dogmas and illusions that bind us to this "reality" we accept. Within us all is the entire knowledge and history of all that is since the beginning. We all have the ability to access this information and rise above the countless ism's and labels we create for ourselves. We all have the ability to manifest abundance, love and create this reality to one of peace and to remember the truth about our past and how vital it is to move beyond this ego driven world we find ourselves in. Ruled by a false calendar of "time" and a mentality of consume and conquer, humanity is now beginning to emerge from its long sleep.

Many on this planet now have been here since the beginning and are tasked with job of anchoring higher vibrational energy and consciousness on this planet. We are in the 5th night of the final stage of the Mayan Calendar, a Calendar based on consciousness and creation. The 5th nights of the past are ruled by Destructive energy, or the breaking down of paradigms. As we see now with the economic , political, social paradigms that are falling away and collapsing in on themselves. We are on the verge of major changes, a shift in consciousness that will change everything we think we know to be true. A shift to a higher, spiritual consciousness and understanding.

This is happening now, regardless if you can perceive it.

During this modern civilization we have seen this if we are paying attention. From 3000 years ago from the wheel and horses to 100 years ago the technology leaps and "inventions" to 50, 30, 10 years. We have grown by what seem to be amazing discoveries in amazingly short amounts of time. This is no accident.

It is time for those aware to focus and to not be distracted by the countless "new age" movements, and the fluff of those who do not understand the true workings of consciousness and truth. Do not cling to things because others do. Look within and you will find truth. Look within and you will find all you need through meditation and discernment. Truth resonated in the heart. We are all ONE and the same energy flows through all of creation. It is conscious, it is spirit, it simply is. By balancing the female and male energies within us all and activating the right brain thinking through intuition and meditation we can access these higher dimensions and consciousness.

There are those souls who wish to keep control over this planet and this 3D reality and prevent the masses from awakening. But the consciousness has shifted in such a way that the light is stronger than the darkness. For too long the dark energy controlled this reality, but now that is coming to an end. It is time for all to live through love, from the heart and raise the consciousness of this planet to fulfill the destiny of creation of what this planet has always been moving towards.

The time is now....

In Lak'ech

Friday, March 14, 2008

One of the hardest things to carrying the knowledge many of us have learned through this eternal path of enlightenment, of truth, of awakening, this 360 degree vision of whats to come and the ever emerging shift in consciousness, is the daily world of sleep walking souls. It can be difficult at times, to see those we care so deeply for not yet at the same level of awareness, still caught up in the dualistic mind consciousness, still distracted and confused by this illusion most have come to think of as reality.

We are just about mid way through the 5th night of the Mayan calendar. We are at the edge of change and shifts on this planet over the next 4 years that are indescribable in mere words.

It is very important at this event horizon we stand upon to live from the heart, through love. It is time to project and to be the change from within that we wish to see in this outer world. Everything else is secondary. There is going to be a complete breakdown of the old paradigm, via economic and socio-political systems of control. The key is not to let emotions rule us during this time. It is temporary.

Time to create the reality we wish to have. Peace, compassion, truth, ethics. An end to the 1000s of years of negativity this planet has endured. Choose love over fear in all you do.

The time is now.....

In Lak'ech

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Illusion and Reality....

Esoteric Agenda

Saturday, March 08, 2008

It is very important to stay grounded and in balance with the divine energy of consciousness. There is so much to distract us from truth in these strange times. Mind control and other techniques are employed on a daily basis through Television, Media and so forth by those who seek to remain in control of this "reality". The great shift in consciousness is happening, and the Illuminati, the men behind the curtain, the public figures we "elect" to office, will go to great lengths to convince the public that they are doing what is in the best for humanity and that peace and unity is their goal. This could not be farther from the truth.

It is time for each one of us to take a real good look at what is happening around us. These puppet institutions, the UN, the Governments and their social programs are working towards total control, while advocating an agenda that most of the public sees as needed and helpful.

It is time to break free from this illusion, to see through the dualistic propaganda of Good vs Evil as portrayed by those who have been in control and funded both sides of every conflict in modern history.

Human and Planetary consciousness is shifting and expanding on a daily basis. The illusion of control is wearing thin and it is up to each one of us, to stop being complacent good "citizens" and obeying and conforming out of fear and lies.

These Corporations, Govt officials, Banks and so forth do not have our best interests in mind, the same people control the very tops of these organizations. It is time for real change. To realize that it is we who have the power to change things and bring peace and unity to this planet. We make things run. We control the wheels of the machine. We the people have the power to make these elite tremble if we awaken to the truth and understand that this rat race mentality is not needed or essential. These puppet elections will change nothing, do not buy into this rhetoric of "change".

Live, Love, DREAM, Become the change you wish to see in the world.

Take a stand for truth every day in everything you do

the time is NOW

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Humanity must awaken to its calling, to stand as one with the very being of all creation in love and truth. We are all connected through energy, through consciousness to the source of all that is. This separation from the source, from god, from the universe, whatever one chooses to call the higher power, in the material world is an illusion and nothing more.

The truth we seek is within. Change begins within each of us. Our Divinity and connection to each other , to this planet, to all that is, is undeniable in the face of awakening, of common sense and of the heightened awareness that comes with becoming free thinking individuals, and not influenced by the constant propaganda of those who attempt to set the status quo and control over others.

The time has come for humanity to rise up and shake off the slumber of aeons and to embrace what has been right in front of us the entire time. The I AM presence calls forth from within each soul to recognize the inner voice and to become who we are meant to be. It is time to learn the truth about who we are, what we are doing here and where we are going. It is time to wake up. We are spiritual beings capable of so much more than we ever dreamed, not mere human beings entrapped by the 5 physical senses and slaves to our own ignorance and superstitions.

It is time to really awaken to the ignorance that surrounds us, and rise above it.
The illusions and arrogant lies spread and portrayed through television, by the corrupt governments and what this society has become and to make a stand against those who sit behind the curtain pulling the strings of the puppets.

If we have learned anything from the ancients, philosophy and the tools left by those who have come before us then we must realize the Earth has enough to provide all to be abundant beyond what each person needs, It is a living being of energy and creation. It is falling into Chaos because of the control of the few over the many, and the blatant ignorance that we can rape and take whatever we feel we need from mother earth all in the name of making a profit. If we would wake up and live by the true laws of the universe and nature we still have a chance. Our greatest endeavor as a species would be to wake up, and realize that when we hurt another, wage war, or fuel greed we are in turn hurting ourselves. We are all ONE and this is what has been ignored for so long.

Love is the strongest of all energy and forces. Fear is nothing more than an illusion. False Evidence Appearing Real.....

The time has come.........

In Lak'ech

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Matrix of Illusion.... NAMASTE

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wake up The Neighbors ....

Time to come out of the COMA

It is time to break the cycle of vicariously experiencing emotion through Television and replace it with actually living life, reading books, taking walks in nature, doing actual activities. We have become a passive complacent population passing the "time" by starring at a monitor screen 95% of the time full of pornographic, violent imagery & fluff that conditions and changes the brain waves to react like a herd of sheep. Reality is not TV, it is a carefully crafted illusion used to condition the human mind....

WAKE UP......Live Life...Dream...BE

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Music always has a way of communicating better than written or spoken word at times... so enjoy

Dave Matthews - Eh Hee - Live Acoustic

Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up

SCHISM - by Tool - I know the pieces fit

Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is an older post from December 2006 that is buried deep within these pages.....

I thought it appropriate to bring out again for those who havent read it yet, I just read it for the first time in a long time, very sobering indeed

Initiation of the Soul

An Idea whose time has come

Sunday, January 27, 2008

At this point in humanity's existence it is time NOW to wake up and stand for truth and love and compassion and true equality, the true virtues of humanity, and to stand as ONE among mankind and not to submit to being tracked like sheep, and to what is coming down the line, be it a week or 20 years from now, and that means we have to each look within and decide what it is we want for those who will come after us instead of the ignorance that has been laid out for too long.

For generations we have passed the problems of society on to the next and the next and the next and now we face generations to come that will struggle to make it, and all at the hands of the few, who for generation after generation have been laughing and plotting how to control society. We can not let our children and our grandchildren suffer at the mistakes we made or the problems we failed to confront.

This is not the time to be passive or complacent, that is exactly what has brought us to this point in history in the first place. Revolution does not mean a violent act, it is an idea, a philosophy, a way of being, by not submitting to being told what to do when what is being told is wrong on all levels. Revolution, is expanding consciousness, taking a stance of non violence and standing for truth for the highest good of ALL and not only what benefits a few. We are all ONE , and we are all brothers and sisters on one planet and we have choices to make, that in our lifetime will test our souls and our very being of what we stand for and the legacy we leave behind....

Power to the Peaceful

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Can Intention Change the World?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome to 2008.....

Another year is upon us and we face so much as a species living on then this incredible planet of ours. The time has come for each one of us to take a good look in the mirror, within ourselves and really become the change we want to see in the world. To open our minds to love and the endless potential inherent within us.

We have to step back away from the illusion projected into this "reality" of ours and find our center, our balance with the universe, with nature, with God. Its the Golden rule of the Ancients, BE THE CHANGE, do unto others. We need to separate this warped eye for an eye mentality that leaves us all blinded by ignorance, greed and corruption. It is time to stand up as One, and as individuals and take responsibility for our lives. Stop doing what you are told to do, how to dress, what to drive and consume, step away from the television for a moment and get out into nature. Enjoy the sun light, the fresh air and think for yourself.

The Government, Church, Corporations and so forth that attempt to control this society of ours have no place telling any one of us, how to live or how what to believe. This is part of the problem, the conditioning of the human spirit that has us in the trouble we find ourselves in. We can not have peace while occupying countries through Military force. We can not have unity while the many "organized" Religions fight over who has the true god. These go hand in hand in the problems we are facing. We have corporate sponsored Religio-political Fascists telling everyone what to believe and using Fear as a catalyst.

Love, Peace and truth are the only way and this corrupt blind dogmatic illusion is wearing very thin these days. It is time to stand up for the highest good of all and no longer accept the "lesser of two evils" as a solution or temporary fix. It is time to awaken to the true nature of the universe on all levels and open our minds and hearts so that we may see clearly through all the static.

Take a good look around, everything is not as it appears and if you think for yourself for one moment, you will begin to break free from it all. We should not be slated to accept things deemed good for the population of the world when fear is used as the reason. We should not give up our personal liberties and freedoms because we are told it will make us "safer". Do not fall for double speak and hypocritical philosophies of those who attempt to have power over the people of the earth using violence and fear tactics while preaching peace and equality. The time has come to awaken the human spirit and take this world back.

Peace and Light