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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here is an older post from April 2012 - seemed relevant , a reminder as I looked back through some writings, I started reading a new book tonight about the divine laws that govern all things, Life is beautiful...
Enjoy the Equinox! 3-20-13, FIAT LUX

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This latest post is a Summary of Experience and Wisdom from the 10 years on this path leading up to this point. This will be the last in depth post on these topics as I do not feel I can expand much further regarding this topic in words that has not already been said repeatedly on this little corner of the internet since 2005.

The knowledge is just belief until it is transmuted and experienced first hand through the work needed to be done by each who sets out on the path of understanding Truth in its highest form. In coming to understand that which illuminates ALL things, free from illusion. For when this is understood, All things are understood and put forth in all one does.

The hardest part is maintaining this as our human side has a way of drawing us into the occasional rift or wave that tests how we react to the situation. To remember to step back and breathe before we act, to maintain patience, to maintain control knowing the wisdom within and to navigate in a world in the midst of realizing what has been known for aeons, which is now coming back around full circle. We must maintain and never compromise who we truly are for any of the illusions that hold us back from the full realization that we are in fact conscious spiritual beings having a human experience, and not the other way around.

Direct Experience is the key to the Alchemical Process necessary for utter and complete awakening, enlightenment, that divine wisdom & magic of the greatest power and truth, of love, that has been forgotten by the many, yet hidden in plain site for those with eyes to see.

Veritas Vos Liberabit

Solve et Coagula

As Above, So Below
The Mystery of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm are ONE. Seek within, awaken and discover the most precious treasure of ALL


A Summary of the Wisdom Gained through study of the Hermetic / Alchemical Knowledge

The First Catalyst is Consciousness. The intelligent divine thought behind all manifestations, all of creation directly emanating from the mind of the source of all things, What we call God.

Matter in this dimension, the entire known Universe, is consciousness manifesting itself into physical form to create in order to experience. Nothing is solid matter, it is Atoms, Molecules, Light vibrating at different frequency to take the form of the vessel, Stars, Suns, Moons, Planets, ALL LIFE is ONE Consciousness.

The same SPIRIT (animating energy) flowing through all things, plants, planets, air, water, rocks, humans, in the imagination or projection of the Divine Mind that it becomes reality and made manifest to experience itself.

If the first cause or source of all things is that which we say all things emanated from and we are to call this God, Nature, Universal Consciousness, the label does not matter, then that intelligence is projected outward in a multitude of forms, and all Conscious Beings that manifest within the various realms of the dimensions of consciousness contain within a fractal, a spark of the Source, of God. This is what we call the soul of human beings. This means that the Divine , is ever growing, evolving, projecting to experience itself infinitely in every form conceivable within the mind of God and thus consciousness creates reality and manifests by thought from the mind of Man as well. Thus as the master teacher and his initiates , as well as all Esoteric wisdom states, - Know Ye not that ye are Gods Temple, the spirit of God dwells within you?

The wisdom and ancient teachings command from us
“Man , KNOW THYSELF - and thou will know all the mysteries of the Gods and of the Universe”

Thus all matter is first and foremost effected by and manifested from Consciousness and what are called the Subtle Bodies (energy body / electromagnetic field) is how this consciousness manifests itself through the densities into this earthly realm. All disease, stress, anxiety, worry, and all happiness, love, compassion, healing, TRUTH is manifest through how these denser energies integrate into the physical reality and are interpreted by the mind. Order or Chaos. It is by choice, all based on the level of awareness of each Human being that in turn determines the frequency and perception of the collective human consciousness / mind / world view. There are many Techniques to access the fire within, Meditation, Healing Arts such as Reiki & Shamaballa MultiDimensional Healing which are the remembering of the ancient Energy Channeling. As the Kundalini awakens it allows us to fully activate the energies of the body, the Chi, The Prana, The Universal Life Force. This can be directed through the use of the Will and in turn produce wonderful things, there is no need to go into more detail here as this is only possible through the work each must do on their own.

The mind is the product of consciousness, as are ALL things. The Brain is the computer that the consciousness is filtered and projected through in the Physical world. The Human Body has its correlation to the Stars and the heavens. To Nature. This vessel was created to house divine consciousness so that it can experience itself in human form. The pineal gland is the seat of consciousness within the human brain. This is what is meant when it is said that we are made in the image of God, the creator. Not because God looks human, for God is the incomprehensible first cause and last cause, it is the ALL in all things, the consciousness behind all consciousness. God is the Universe, Nature, ALL of Creation is God if this is the label we humans are to call the source of all things. And if we are to agree that all things are only possible because of this first cause then all things are divine, all things including the “evil” in the world which we only experience because of the way the energies collide in “physical” reality. Above this dimension or frequency the energies would pass right through each other.

It is human ignorance, misunderstanding because we must forgot the other side when we incarnate into this human vessel for the sole purpose to experience and to remember in order to achieve what was the intention and is still the goal for every human being. It is the ways in which we have separated ourselves from Nature, from God in the great sleep that this reality appears to be in chaos where others attempt to control and rule over the free will and divine birthright of all incarnated conscious beings. It is the duality of the physical and the spiritual, but the reason for the manifestation in the first place was to create Nirvana, Heaven on Earth to experience itself in LOVE which is the driving force behind all things. It is only ignorance to the Laws of creation that man has separated himself and constructed laws which can only be broken and cause chaos and disharmony.

We are no more separate from each other and the stars and the source of all things than the light from the sun. ALL is ONE. This can not be known unless directly experienced, which is the reason we are here. Experience transmutes Knowledge into Wisdom, belief into KNOWING, fear into Love.

When the way is found and understood, then there is no other way. There are no illusions, no buts, no what ifs, no explaining away through ignorance or “rational and logical deduction“. Direct Experience Changes everything because it is verifiable first hand. It is spoken of in all the worlds religious and spiritual texts. It was taught by all the enlightened masters who incarnated with the mission to awaken humanity and to remind them.

It is what are called miracles, magic, divine intervention and many other names. It is not supernatural but is the natural order, for God or the Source is all encompassing and is not separate in any way from itself. As the master Teacher said and dogma and human ignorance has misunderstood when he said - the Things I do YOU can do, and Greater Things.

There is only LOVE. There is only Peace. The duality & polarity is the only reason that we perceive any difference between ourselves, each other, nature. It is the Ego that strives to protect the physical vessel and mind. When the consciousness is raised and directly experienced through the Great Work - through the work needed to be done on the individual level as this is the only place change can come from. Then the individual chooses to reach for what they know is something more, something BIGGER than they can imagine at first. This is the conscious evolution of man to take the steps to remember, to reconnect and cooperate with the natural of order of all things, to the Law of Creation, to free himself from all bondage, all slavery both mental and physical, to realize our divine origins and to become like that which we seek.

To Awaken fully, to fulfill our Destiny. Disharmony and chaos only manifest when we do not know how to deal in the physical with only our 5 physical senses and we are cut off from our true nature.This "separation" is the cause of all struggle and pain in human lives. But when the third eye is opened and the connection and balance is found it heals. So it is said that with the knowledge of the creator the Blind and Sick are healed.

In the manifest world the human vessel is the supreme manifestation to experience the higher realms. It is the only way in which spirit can experience in such a tangible and creative form, still connected to the whole but able to create on an individual level as well. It is when we open our pineal gland through initiation (the transmutation of the lower carnal / ego desires into the highest virtues of love, compassion, divinity , Lead into Gold, Alchemy) through the many techniques such as meditation and expanding our awareness, being conscious and holding ourselves fully responsible for every thought and action, that we lift ourselves like the phoenix from the ashes. To resurrect the Christ within (the consciousness of Love and oneness with all that is) to transmute ignorance and arrogance into Wisdom, into the TRUTH that illuminates the darkness and lifts the veil of illusions.

It is possible for every conscious being to awaken and remember. It is our duty to ourselves.

When we steal, lie, cheat, murder, or take advantage of others we condemn ourselves for we are all the same, we are all reflections of each other. This is what is responsible for the Karmic Law, on an individual level and the collective whole.

If you stop to think that it is now proven in Science and the mystics have all talked about through the ages that this is a realm made up completely of Energy, Light, vibrating at different frequencies.

That what we see as the world and universe around us is light entering the eye in an electrical signal that is then decoded by the brain and our consciousness is then projected into what we call reality, all possible because of consciousness. This changes the entire thought structure when this is understood and directly experienced.

We are each responsible for the reality we project. If everyone knew the power of fear based thoughts we would never think a bad thought again for we would know the impact. What you think about most of the time is what you manifest in your own life, our thoughts dictate how we see the world, reality. When you become conscious of this, and open up that connection and do the work needed you can manifest what you need in its many forms at all times. Abundance and prosperity in ALL things. This is provable through DIRECT experience. This changes everything when experienced.

The more conscious we become of why it is happening the more we follow the natural laws and order of all things and manifest that vision into reality. This is proven in modern quantum physics (the remembering of the ancient knowledge / science / metaphysics / spiritual wisdom). It is now proven that all is consciousness, and that the observer and the object observed are influenced by each other.

This is shifting the entire paradigm of what is considered “reality” and is also causing a shift long prophesized by all cultures, to show the control system in place is completely irrelevant because if we are all ONE consciousness then we are all ONE at the very foundation and core.

What has been created as Politics, Religions, Social Structures in modern society (the last few hundred years) are mans many attempts to control , and to understand the mysteries .

This has been used against the billions of souls by the very few who have kept this knowledge for themselves for malicious personal gain. But this also is part of the great awakening, all part of the process. There are two choices in all things, LOVE or Fear. It is all part of the process that will lead humanity to awaken as they begin to question every facet of the accepted reality as it appears to fall apart under the corruption and hypocrisy of its own weight. We have been asleep for so long that it is necessary to awaken the masses before we in our ignorance again lay waste and require another cycle. This is the time. NOW. There is no other time. Only the NOW. To Awaken to the beauty of life and why we are here in the first place.

Friday, March 15, 2013


This is my imagination come to life. Dream BIG. 7 year anniversary is around the corner. A brand new website built fresh off the inspiration from my month in the Desert of Tucson. Its all a dream, once we realize that then we go out and change the world starting with ourselves. Then give to those who truly need and do what we are here to do, raise the consciousness of the planet by raising ours as high as we can tune in. If we must "work" and pay taxes & pay to live here in this realm while we are manifest in this vessel and adhere to certain physical restrictions & social systems in place only to imprison, then do what you love. Love what you do. Become Free And spread that light as far as it will reach. Those of us who get it and understand truly how to transmute the stone from the waters then it is our duty to do so. No compromising the experienced wisdom for there are no illusions. Create Peace. Create Light. Cooperation within the Great Work to divine laws that Govern with no discrimination. The path must be True. We ourselves are the change we have been looking for. Manifest Truth. Manifest True Power & Freedom. Manifest Destiny. After all, this is the very reason each one of us is here in the first place, to awaken and to remember, then to create....
Solve et Coagula