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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shift... are you in?

There is so much going on in the world we find ourselves in these days. Shifts are occurring on levels most are unaware of, at greater intensity than ever before. Many simply ignore or "rationalize" away what is happening or personally affecting them away or they are ignorant (not by fault of their own) to the natural order of things and the way energy and consciousness affect "reality". So many people are feeling unexplainable, or more than usual effects on an emotional level, experiencing major "shake ups" be it frustration, anger, relationships, etc.

Physics has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything is light and energy, that physical reality is merely dependent upon perception, that solid mass is not actually solid but varies by the make up of the atoms and vibrational frequency. That at its very core the reality we experience is dictated and manifested by consciousness, that is thought first and foremost.

Simply put you are what you think you are. Like attracts like. For a very simplistic example, if you are constantly thinking about what you do not want to experience and find it occurring over and over again then you have found your answer. Instead of giving energy so to speak to what you do not want one must retrain the mind - which is not the origin of thought - but the processor merely of the conscious brain - to focus on what is actually wanted.

Now this does not mean that your problems will magically disappear, for this is only a nudge towards truth, the mind for the most part on a mass scale must be reconditioned from the illusion it has been fooled into accepting as reality. The connection to the divine mind was lost long ago, in reality we are all connected, we are connected directly to the very source consciousness of all creation, of all things.

We are responsible for our emotions, we are responsible for our experiences, our reality. We can choose to view things as random happenings in an utterly chaotic world, or we can open our minds eye, free our minds and realize the interconnectedness and our ability to experience peace, joy, the truly spiritual and finding TRUTH instead of passively taking part in life...and having our decisions molded and guided for us, seeing the problems of the world as random, blame others for their problems, or write it off as "just the way it is" and missing out on the beauty hidden behind the clouds...

Simply choose Love over Fear in every instance.

There are no coincidences, not even the illusion of coincidence

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It is now that the new consciousness paradigm must emerge, even in the face of adversity and opposition, against the tides, forces and energy that seek to see true change and awareness prevented from coming to fruition. The time is NOW...

Don't be fooled by those who control the current illusion, and those within the system claiming to be the ones to lead us all... become the change, become truth, become love for the highest good of all

The I AM presence within each beckons the call to awaken, to join as ONE with all that is

Sunday, June 20, 2010