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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LOVE. It is the ONE thing in this world that can heal and cure all things. Not the mere human idea of Love, but the divine unconditional virtue that is inherent within ALL things. The feeling of gratitude and humility that If you ever encounter that spark, that feeling here in this material world you find yourself manifest in, Do not ever let it go.

Most are blind and ignorant to such things, co enablers of the illusion seeking only personal gratification outside of their true selves to fill the void within the sleeping soul. Those that have eyes to see, behold a different view - one that brings life and appreciation in all aspects. That is a rare thing indeed in this reality we manifest with every thought and action, something few find and even less understand. And if it finds you through your journey by experience, then you will have the key and secret to the mysteries. The union of Two into One, Fire & Water, Light & Dark, the key to the Spiritization of Matter, Truth and Illusion... the Above and the Below made manifest as ONE.

Do not wait for the world to change, BE that change, create that Change in every thought and every action. There is only Now, that is all there ever is. This is the space in which everything is possible, it is everything and it is nothing. It simply is. This realization brings about the most divine peace of mind, that all things are exactly as they should be right NOW. That by our every decisions and actions & thoughts we give the most energy to are what we find most prevalent in our lives. Negative or Positive is polarity, it is a choice as to how we perceive the consequences or rewards of our actions. Some outweigh even the most random odds and many become lessons we repeat until we learn them and break the old cycles, easy or hard is completely up to us. This is where transmutation is key. Take that which does not serve the highest good and transmute it into that which does. Extract the Gold from the Lead and discard the rest. Ignorance is a choice. The Heart and Mind when united are capable of so much that the possibilities are endless. This is the key to Alchemy, to transcending the mundane spheres.

Solve et Coagula