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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Against my better judgement I read an article in the news about Prop. 37 in California...its a shame that its such a Big Business that food companies and Monsanto dont have to label GMO (Genetically Modified) Food because they pay off the FDA & USDA & the Big Food Companies and hide the results of testing and lie about the facts that these things are poison.... There actually has to be a ballot for people to vote weather or not It needs to be put on the Labels that the food has been engineered on a genetic Level ??!!!!! I bet you our crooked politicians and the people sitting on the Boards and running these Giant Food Companies dont eat the shit they expect the masses to eat. Whatever happened to Food being Food, natural the way it should be instead of spliced with chemicals and genes of animals and other things because we fucked up the natural process with so many pesticides and chemicals that nature revolted. 
One day soon only when faced with
such daunting realizations that we are already seeing Humans will once again realize that we are a part of nature and the more we separate ourselves from it or act like we own it we will reap what we sow. The root of all our problems in the world today is that we have given away all our power and allow Insane Megalomaniacs to sit in positions of power and wage war on every level of society from the food we eat to the medicine we can take to Economics & Organized Religion and bombing other countries and making up lies to further Control "resources" and mold the minds of the masses to believe the illusions being sold...its all about Control and power and nothing more. Those who fail to see what is clear as day deserve everything they get. Ignorance is a choice! But I guess another Puppet election in November just might fix things. Rant over. 
Blessings, Light & Love to ALL. Be the change you want to see in the world.