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Know Thyself - and thou shall know all the Mysteries of the Gods and of the Universe

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It is Philosophy that frees man from the chains of ignorance. The mere religious offers but dogma and is void of the true spiritual fire. The Political but another illusion, the will of others enforced hinders free will & true progress. It is the Spiritual nature of man that elevates the senses beyond the mere physical prison & unifies the Threefold nature - Mind, Body, Soul. The profane mock and reject what they can not see, what Science can not show them, what they are told is evil if it goes against the status quo accepted version of reality. Seek the light within, it will illuminate the darkness of the world, chase away the shadows by the eternal flame of truth, Love, the spark of the creator within man himself.... Do you not see? The Universe is mental. It is pure Consciousness projected from the mind of the ONE, taking many forms through the spheres of creation. The only separation is that which is perceived in the mind. Elevate the mind. We are ONE. Love thy neighbor. Love thy Enemy. KNOW THYSELF. As Above. So Below. As Within. So Without. ∞ M.D.E. 12/12/17