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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Initiation of the Soul" - Esoteric, Occult Philosophy, Consciousness and Realization of Truth : By - Michael Eggleston

I have decided to make the PDF / Electronic version available to everyone who is interested in such topics. Its a short Read, thanks for all the feedback from those who have read it and pushing me to make it available for all.

Blessings, Light & Love,
Mike Eggleston

Some Excerpts from "Initiation of the Soul" :

All work is copryright 2010 and may be used only with written permission and creidt of the author. Please contact is you wish to reproduce this is any way.

We can continue to rely only on stories, myths and legends and dogmas or we can again seek within ourselves, through meditation and through intuition, the very avenues that we have long forgotten as our direct links to something much bigger than any of us.

It is after all, our choice to think for ourselves, to question reality and authority, to approach things with the mind of the skeptic and to discover truth on our own instead of only basing our belief system not on our own experience, but on what we are told to believe, pertaining to all facets of life..

The time has come, to break through the illusions that is the matrix of so called reality and to become who we were always meant to be, or we can continue on the current path, and continue to wonder why we face the problems we do and continue to allow others to decide what is best for us, as individuals and as a whole. If the latter is chosen, then it should be no surprise as to why society continues to devolve into utter chaos until ultimately the reset button is pushed.

It comes down to personal responsibility in all aspects of ones life, through the countless hours of searching for knowledge, of learning, of going within ones mind through meditation as the key to unlocking the secrets of this life. The answers to happiness, or the pursuit of it. It is personal responsibility for ourselves that will save us as individuals, and as a collective whole.

"Faith without works is Dead". This is very true. To merely believe in something without experience, without doing the work needed to accomplish the goal is ignorance at its best. Remember .. IGNORANCE IS A CHOICE

The mind control that has distorted the collective consciousness must be severed. We must look to no one but ourselves, to seek within ourselves for Truth, not to some guru, not to some church or person or cult or anything outside of ourselves, leading us on a path that is not truly our own.

Belief systems must be gained from direct experience, from intuition. The connection to the divine is directly linked to our consciousness, we may study all avenues of knowledge, the occult (Hidden) teachings, spiritual and religious paths, learn to gain wisdom through meditation, through intuition and discovery of self, higher self, awareness to realization of truth.

Waiting for someone else to change the world, or seeking truth outside of our self, waiting for some savior or some date on some ancient calendar to come and save us from ourselves is in truth philosophic suicide, it is complacency and leads to depravity and despotism.

We are the ones we have been waiting for to bring change to this world.


We have forgotten our divine origins and replaced them with books and texts full of hints and guidelines that one would think shouldn’t be too hard to follow.

Certain information was omitted or fabricated as well, this was not by accident. We separated ourselves, from our higher selves, from Nature, from God and created a veil of illusions. It became a fight for energy, then we began destroying everything in our way for some material purpose we could justify. Now we stand on the brink of this civilizations destiny or its Destruction.

Ancient cultures such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Sumeria, The Mayans, all grew very advanced in their knowledge of the stars, of science and healing, spirituality and technology. There are now only ruins left as clues to where we came from and where we are headed. Stories, myths, legends....pieces to a puzzle.

It is easy to become confused, but once you truly wake up, there is no “off” switch, you can not just forget or dismiss it. It is completely evident what is happening to us, to our planet, to this universe. The NOW is all there is and ever will be. The past and future are illusions of linear time and space, memories, lessons..

Do we learn from the lessons or just keep hitting our heads? Pay attention to everything, read between the lines and really begin to think for yourself, because when you tap into the collective consciousness you will realize we are all of ONE universal mind. There is no place for indifference of any kind, for we are connected through all to all. I AM that I AM to be.

Think of it like this, all that is out there is ONE organism, and we are functioning parts, vital parts to that whole.

If the creative force of nature, of the universe that we call God is the beginning and the end, then God is EVERYTHING in-between. Everything that emanated from the original source are Extensions, reflections, creations, light and energy. Matter and Life. Each containing the original spirit within

This brings us back to the teachings of the Ancients. They created math, science and the calendar system, or it was taught to them.

Their systems all aligned with the heavens and cosmos to exact precision, without the use of our modern technology. They were completely aware of the interplay of energy & the seasons on themselves and their environment. They were clearly advanced in energy and healing work. They knew what each plant was for. They were aware of star systems and other cosmology that they could not have known about without our telescopes and satellites, proof that we are not the only advanced beings to ever visit this planet, there is proof carved within Egyptian temples, Ancient caves and texts, in records from lands long forgotten.


The creating of wars for profit by those in power and creating even more distractions to make themselves seem like they are needed is something that should not be allowed To keep people down as far as they can from ever knowing the truth about where we come from and where we are headed. This control must come to an end. Each one of us contains the entire truth, locked away, forgotten over centuries of conditioning. We keep coming back, over and over, more and more to see the same problems facing us all, in a world with enough abundance to go around.

We are all ONE. There are no differences, only Ego and Fear. Illusions in place to distract and conceal intentions that are meant to provide results to those in control.

World Leaders and Big Corporate sponsors of the “free” world in the 21st century, are attempting to enslave and keep ignorant the many.

There are few who dare to stand up and speak their minds, to speak truth, and when they do are ridiculed by those in the media and social architecture, by friends and family. In this day and age it is rare, where it is considered dangerous thinking to do so, and free speech is assaulted, while truth is made a mockery of.

The status quo is an imaginary and rhetorical standard set to keep people thinking they need what the advertisers and leaders are selling them. An entire planet is waking up, realizing the huge potential within us and seeing through the illusions of this 3D physical life. A life that is meant to experience, to create, to truly live in Harmony on this planet that sustains us

All the secrets of truth, of God, of life can be found by looking within. The keys are staring us all in the face, wondering why we do not recognize them.

It is the most pivotal point in human history and it is time to remember. It is time to take a stand on the real issues. It is time to demand equal human rights for all without exception to race, religion, creed or sex. It is time to start living by the words of the ascended masters, the true teachings of the illumined and enlightened ones and truly awaken to the laws of the universe and protect and respect this planet, each other and the universe. Because the universe gives what we ask of it.