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Friday, March 23, 2007

It's been awhile since I have written anything here.... things are moving so fast these days, between work, keeping "InnerVision Crystals" going out to the the right people all over the world, meditation, and trying to relax and enjoy life to the fullest I have neglected posting here for a couple months... partly because in the BIG post on here I condensed and said what I felt needed to be said regarding my views on consciousness, spirituality and where we are heading... and other things occupying most of my time

I have been keeping in touch with alot of amazing people from all over the world via email, phone, and this site, I have met alot of great teachers and have been able to share so much with so many people, its mind boggling how this thing just started out as a little corner of the web to voice my thoughts 2 years ago and what it has manifested into... pretty cool when you think about it

Alot of people are talking these days about "The Secret" and law of attraction & so forth... its ok, it can be a very good thing because it gets that initial *spark* in the minds of the masses who have been *asleep* for so long, but it really leaves alot of things out, I recommend "What the Bleep?" for anyone starting out and wanting to explore consciousness / spirituality and expanding their awareness, if they need that extra something to get their minds contemplating the universe on that level, but the truth is its NOT A SECRET AT ALL :) And there is much more to it than manifesting abundance, you have to work and balance the other things out... energy, etc and recondition the mind... remember use discernment in everything, with all information, written, spoken and multi media... truth isnt in a book, it is rarely spoken because words can not do justice to it, it is something you know when you know it.. make sense?

Well I just wanted to post a little something up here in the absence of the usual writing, thoughts and now I AM rambling so on that note its time for me to sign off....

Expand your consciousness and awarness to include all as ONE, dont get to lost in the illusion aka the land of make believe, the shift is......

Peace and Light