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Know Thyself - and thou shall know all the Mysteries of the Gods and of the Universe

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Deep Think"

it often makes me ponder how so many sleep walk so easily, so distracted, so unaware of the divine - Not their fault, we were all brought up this way, lost in the matrix so to speak... the words of God written on ancient scrolls, the words of man now distorted for personal gain, left ruins of what used to be... and all for control what once was so pure, the energy, the truths starring the world in the face, blurred only by illusions of black magicians and politicians, divided and conquered by labels the masses so easily accept, left, right, lib, con, falling victim to their own ignorance, arrogance, something so beautiful can be made the villain, Truth is rejected as the official lie is challenged screaming conspiracy theory in the face of facts, no place for that, amnesia so it seems, almost everyone has a touch of it, yet beckoning the call to awaken, to grasp reality by the hand and rise like the phoenix to reclaim their souls rightful place as ONE with all things... I AM... this 21st century digital dream is the land of make believe, lulling us all to sleep with pharmaceutical poison concoctions for everything to pollute the body , pop a pill, just 1 drink, take the edge off with things created yet the natural things used for centuries your told are forbidden, cradle to the grave if we choose to ignore the signs all around us, ignoring the inner voice, drown it out with digital transmissions, nothing but static broadcast over the airways to kill the boredom of slavery, freedom is a dream, a soothing melody we once hummed but now forgotten, its all so toxic, all so clean, yet only a fragment of what it all will be, Sun is rising, light is casting aside the shadows, not much longer now until the layer is peeled back and the mirror gets held up with no option to look away, face the truth, reclaim the power, personal responsibility the calling of the hour, mass consciousness, paradigm shift.... tick tock...tick tock...not much longer

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It starts about 15 secs in...

Personal Freedom

Friday, September 17, 2010

Everything is ruled by universal laws that can not be broken by man. The Law of Cause and Effect is one of them, there is duality, polarity in all things, Good and Bad are matters of perception, there is karmic law and what is just and unjust of course, a matter of how one chooses to use their knowledge of such things.

Luck is a word for those who do not understand the operation of the laws and stumble into success by not understanding that they are actually operating within a law to certain degrees while focusing their intent to achieve a goal.

The force so to speak can be used for the betterment of all , for light , or for personal gain and manipulation. All things being relative of course. All things are Energy, Consciousness, even so called physical reality such as the desk I am typing at now are not actually solid but Atoms arranged into a very dense state, light and energy vibrating at a very slow rate, but none the less not actually Solid.

Shit doe not ever "just happen". NEVER. ALL things are subject to laws, all things are results of intent, Energy in motion, choices, some may not be apparent right away but ALL is connected. Praying to something outside of ourselves is giving this energy away, this surely is not what the master, the Nazarene taught, he taught God / Consciousness is WITHIN, the source of all things is contained within the Temple (Human Body) of the Living God (Consciousness) , praying on our knees to something outside of us is folly, this is what other men have taught through manipulation of the true teachings for personal gain and power over the lives of other men. Shit never happens, it is all result of personal choice, thought - manifested into physical reality, the result of our choices, no matter how small, all things react, all things have consequences, results.

True Love heals, it is above all else, it is what the darkness fears, but for many the Love as an emotion has been manipulated to be something else, something shared between people instead of the true source of power, the true source of what we humans personify into what we call God. True love does not have a dark side, it is when we humans allow our emotions and ego to rule that what we think is love has negative aspects. Love and Truth can only be known within, it is not something we find in the outer world. Truth can not be found in the outer world, only within. The closest truth to be found in the outer world is to understand the interconnectedness between ALL things, the Macro and Microcosm...


γνῶθι σεαυτόν
"Know thyself - and thou shall know all the mysteries of the Gods and of the Universe "