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Monday, April 27, 2009

Seek within to know TRUTH.
Practice personal responsibility in all aspects of ones life, thoughts & actions.
Live in harmony and with the laws of Nature and Nature's God.
Respect others and self at all times.
Choose Love over Fear.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer

Truth is something that is ridiculed, mocked and feared in these strange days. We find ourselves in this 21st century digital dream, unaware for the most part of reality, of Truth in its highest form. I do not speak of subjective truths, or of true and false mundane trivia, or of what is paraded as truth by so called experts in the fields of modern Academia (which is deeply flawed and has lost or completely forgotten the ancient knowledge), the Mainstream Media or by those who sit in powerful seats in their Ivory Towers of Governments, Religion, Science and Economics. For if the veil is lifted and actual truth, about history, spirituality, and humanity is taught these will all be proven as frauds, as illusions in place to limit the freedom of the individual. Thus, the illusion perpetuated for so long by those in power is vital to the continuation of a world built on lies, with power and profit being the pillars of empires. The result is constant struggle (problem, reaction, solution) in both the individual and on the world stage.

If we are to solve the issues facing humanity at this point in history, this juncture, we must educate and awaken the innermost faculties residing within each human being and awaken the senses to true reality that is locked away deep within. It is the stuff of legends, of the mystics of a time long forgotten. It is the enlightenment of knowledge, of wisdom, that in turn will awaken the divine creative spark to understanding and truth. To illuminate reality as it truly is, and not as we like to believe, wish or think it to be. To provide solutions to the struggles of humanity, which in reality are more simple than one can imagine, as most solutions offered by these so called experts always appear complicated, one sided and only benefit a small group in the outcome.

We find ourselves, as individuals and as a whole facing the most challenging times in modern human history. We must, for the betterment of all nations, for all people, unite as One to solve the problems now facing humanity. To seek solutions that benefit all, while maintaining the sovereignty of nations and personal liberty for all people. We must seek to understand the interconnectedness to which all things are part of, a higher divine consciousness, the NATURAL order of all things. Humanity must learn to respect the beliefs and traditions of others, while finding common ground needed to repair centuries old wounds, an end to war and disease of body, mind, spirit and nature. A consciousness of awareness, revealing of Truth, of Philosophy and knowledge.

However, the distinction must be made clear, without doubt, between those who currently seek control through a malevolent agenda, a New World Order built on corruption, deceit and power. The very forces that have polluted the political, religious, and socioeconomic paradigms for centuries must give way to truth, to light, to liberty. There is no place for this type of greed oriented mindset any longer if we are to restore the balance needed for harmony and equality among all men of earth, the equilibrium needed to maintain life in Nature, as a whole, the sum of all its parts, of which humanity is a part of. To emerge from the darkness there must be humility and compassion in place of arrogance and indifference.

Those who claim to know better, to wield power of control over the souls of men on earth for personal gain and pleasure, in all Governments and institutions, must step down and accept that the laws of nature, of the universe, of God (which ever label one wishes to give to the higher force of creation) can not be broken or manipulated. Cause and effect (as ye sow, so shall ye reap) are one of the laws of Nature and one way or another balance will be restored. Liberty and freedom to humanity is a right, it is not a privilege to be decided by other men in positions of power. This is against the free will not only of individuals but of nations. To impose control over others as if personally ordained by some insane deity is unacceptable. The Laws of Nature and of Natures God are one in the same and must be obeyed. The disharmony we see in the world, and in personal life today is because these laws have been ignored for so long in search of trivial material pleasures and ignorance to truth.

Consciousness is the catalyst of all that is. There is a war on consciousness occurring, a spiritual war is what this is all truly about. But for the new consciousness to emerge the old paradigms must be questioned, broken down and built again. We must understand truth, but first we must understand that what has been accepted in place of truth for so long has, for the most part, been based on information and manipulation by a small group of people to produce a certain outcome, through Governments, Organized Religions, Schools of Academia, and so called modern "intellectualism". There is no real difference between any of these, as they are all perpetuated by the same "progressive" movement. The vast majority of humanity has fallen asleep for so long within the illusion that it now accepts the illusion as reality and rejects truth when faced with having to make any real decisions for themselves that might upset or bring change to the comfortably numb world they have come to accept. Personal responsibility must be taken, and a revolution of sorts must emerge from the complacency of inaction.

The following may seem to repeat, this is intentional, as to drive the importance of the following statements, it is intended to make clear certain points, and to lay to waste to what has been accepted in place of universal truths.

The understanding of oneness that must realized is that all of creation is ONE, from one, Truly spiritual, not dogmatic. The realization that Humanity is ONE creation, one organism, a part of the whole, and that racism and indifference between humans is nothing more than illusion. That all is connected, and that in this connectedness we must understand the larger truth inherent within the very creation itself. We humans have been endowed with reason and logic to use, to grow, to understand, yet most of the time, through arrogance and ignorance we place ourselves above nature's laws and see ourselves as separate or above such laws because of these attributes that stem from self awareness. We make the mistake in placing ourselves higher on the ladder than we actually are. We see ourselves separate from the creation / creator as a whole, and attempt to control things that are beyond our control, thus resulting in the imbalances and destruction we see all around us, created by us.

We must as a species and as individuals recognize that all is in fact connected, through Nature, energy, consciousness. We must understand that the laws of Nature, of the Universe are in fact unbreakable by humans and do not discriminate on any level. Nature always balances itself out, fixes what is out of order. Personal responsibility and realization is the key to living a life in harmony with these natural laws. A life of abundance, a life of peace, of truth. When there is disease , or sickness in Nature, as in Humans and in any living being or paradigm for that matter, it is because of this disharmony with the natural state of being.

We can not control others, be it individuals or societies in such a way as to limit liberty and free will, we can not control or alter nature or the universal laws, to believe the contrary is to be ignorant of the truths we observe ourselves in nature and all around us. The consequences of this type of action should be of no surprise to those who attempt to succeed in this path. If we are to see peace for example, as an outer act in this world, between humans, between nations, we must respect one another above all else and find the inherent truth within that brings peace of mind and realization that we are in fact connected, and that struggle, conflict and pain is a choice. This means all people must realize their equality to one another, instead supremacy and of the constant division created by so called differences.

For peace to reign on earth, the ego and greed or corruption associated within the human condition, in the mind, must be properly educated in truth, in the hidden wisdom long forgotten. We must each KNOW truth, that is to FEEL it within the heart, we must each live truth. This means accepting so called differences we have created to divide ourselves from others, and the fallacy that we are in control or "own" this world we find ourselves in. It is the transmutation of the lower carnal self, the material self, the Ego into the higher spiritual self. It is The enLIGHTenment of the darkness from which ignorance springs forth, where the selfish nature of humanity is rooted in Ego.

We must understand and learn from our experiences, from "mistakes", from history. It is not only experience that is important , but what we learn and then apply from that experience. We must understand the arcanum of truth that is Nature, that is the world around us. We must learn the lessons of life, consciously become proactive in our search for knowledge, appreciate the truths we learn through life and apply it to live a better, uplifting life. To transmute greed, corruption, hatred, and the lower emotions into Charity, Ethics, love and so forth. To learn the mysteries of the how the microcosm and macrocosm are in fact one in nature.

Some would say these conflicts are just "Human Nature" and are something that have and will always occur. This is in fact ignorance of principles and natural laws. There are patterns in nature, within the universe that occur within ourselves and our lives that we must learn to observe and apply consciously.

We have as a people, given away our personal power to others, to governments and so forth. Doubt was placed in the minds of the masses long ago, creating lack of faith in all things, especially in truth. There was a barrier placed as to the connection to Nature or to God, that humanity was "separate" from this energy, or higher power, this is an illusion. We are only as separate as we believe ourselves to be. This was all responsible for producing byproducts such as low self esteem, depression, indifference and leading to despotism. This has been responsible for the break down we have seen not only the family, but in society as a whole. We have forgotten our divine origins or rather our eternal connection to the entirety of our history, from the ancients to the moderns, the NOW. We have seen a consciousness concerned more with profit and material worth used to define the status of a person and many paradigms take hold over what is truly important in life.

We must learn that these attributes of jealousy, self loathing, weakness of mind and spirit are diseases of the soul. That we must look to ourselves, and learn that we are in fact perfect , and learn to see the reflections of divinity in all life. In truth we learn to see this. But instead for the most part we are, living willfully in ignorance which results in the current state of affairs.. It must be recognized that these seeds of evil, destruction, and selfishness, of fear that have been sowed into the consciousness of the current paradigm are false. That we complain as if we are entitled to something we can not put our finger on, yet are afraid to lift the finger to do the work to attain the things in life we want.

We must not worry about the trivial, we must not blame others for our short comings and unhappiness, this is an excuse, it is part of the reason we are faced with the very social and universal problems we see creeping up all around us. The very reasons we see the paradigms breaking down on all levels across this world.

If we are to continue on the current path as a whole, of Science based on materiality alone (attempting to play Nature / God), Philosophy based on intellectualism void of metaphysics and experience applied, Religion based on unquestionable dogma and intolerance, Government based on tyranny, Economics and Capitalism based on Greed and Corruption then it should be of no surprise the outcome will be what is and has been produced over the last 100+ years. The conclusion can be drawn that if continued in blind ignorance of the laws of Nature that we will continue to repeat the past until we succeed in destroying ourselves or until Nature itself again resets the imbalance within itself.

Humanity must understand that we must learn discipline in all things. Find truth through meditation, on searching within ourselves, as actual truth is not found in books, or gurus, or new age fluffery or dogmatic beliefs, while each may contain glimmers of truth, it is the heart in which truth is found, where it is expressed and realized. That we must take personal responsibility for our own lives, in all aspects. We must recognize the duality in all things and draw strength from that which is uplifting, that which is reality, that which represents rightness, oneness, light, beauty, truth. We must work together to move forward to an age of peace, of equality, of liberty. Tyranny, evil, greed, selfishness must not be tolerated to fester like open sores that spread like disease to infect society as good men do nothing but watch. It is up to each to stand for truth once truth is realized. It is a duty to self and others.

Through this awareness that must emerge in order to see real change begin to happen we must also see through the illusions of oneness perpetuated by those currently in power who through multinational corporations and entities , such as the United Nations and other groups, who seek a world government, based on control grid matrix like power over all nations and all people. The manipulation of emotions is a tactic widely used, for example introducing man made laws that state we must obey to save the planet, save the children , save ourselves, while in reality only produce profit and power for those enforcing the laws, not for those following them. Solutions are being provided by these groups, under the guise of unity, but in reality only further restrict and reform policy for the selfish needs of a small percentage of the population. While billions struggle in poverty, and millions more suffer death by the same hands, those who control the wealth make mockeries of them playing cherades such as the G20 meetings, and IMF, and World bank who actually place these nations and peoples in further debt and under their control through loans and sanctions, invasion and manipulation.

The religious or spiritual differences between nations and peoples must also be something that is respected. The use of violence, force or manipulation to attain goals must come to an end. For aeons religion , and those who claim to sit at the top of these institutions, has been at the very heart of war and destruction. For humans to insist that their group or nation or peoples is chosen by said God over all others is ignorance and arrogance, it is megalomania. To insist on supremacy in the world based on contrived egocentric and dogmatic opinions must end. To wage war in the name of God is blasphemy in and of itself. The personifcation by humans of deity has been a long practice throughout history, but to personify God as personal deity to favor only one group, or to condemn others for their natural freedom of belief is arrogance unlike any other.

We humans give the name of God to that which is uncomprhensible to us, to the creative and destructive forces of Nature, of consciousness, of reality. We can trace the origins of almost all religious stories and beliefs back to one source, from which many branches over time have grown and split form each other. We see different beliefs that have become dogmatic leading back to the same original concept ranging from the ancients, to the Native peoples of North and South America, to Christianity and its many branches, to Islam, to the Hindu and Buddhist and eastern schools of thought, to the Mystics and the Gnostics and beyond what is recognized in the official "historical timeline". Stories of creation and of what is to come all very similar yet fought over by humans to prove that only one is the true path. This must end, and we must begin to respect each others beliefs if we are to move forward.

There are many extremists and fanatics within every aspect of these religious and spiritual groups who perpetuate a certain agenda and have grown to power and influenced the corrupt governments of men, in all nations throughout history, to this very day. Humanity has been taught to fear and to discriminate against those who are labeled different from them, this is a vital flaw in the collective consciousness of thought. As it truly is small groups within the larger groups who have directed and guided the whole, based on manipulation for too long. This must be corrected and discrimination and fear must be expelled from the group mind.

We must come to the realization that we are not as different as we have been led to believe. That we are, regardless of race, religion, creed or sex, one in the same, Human Beings, Divine manifestations. We must raise our consciousness to see though the veil of illusions and learn acceptance and forgiveness of self and others in order to move forward. It is up to each one of us to understand that to seek knowledge is the highest achievement of mankind and to apply that knowledge to life is to truly live. Life as it is lived by the majority of humanity falls short of what it is meant to be. Life is not meant to be a rat race, a struggle to pay the bills, or to attain material riches and wealth. All that will come naturally when truth is revealed that all is just as it is meant to be without the meddling of man attempting to control all aspects of life. The most valued treasure of all is the attainment of wisdom, through knowledge. If we were to search within for the treasures of knowledge to better ourselves like we search the earth for natural resources we would attain the answers to all the problems we seek, we would be able to see the natural balance of all things, recognize the patterns, and laws found in nature that are also found within our lives, and to bring realization out of the darkness into light.

We are each free to believe what we want, religion, spiritual, etc, but to enforce our believes upon others has been the leading reason for the never ending wars and unrest in this world for thousands of years . We can choose to bicker and argue and fight amongst ourselves, allowing Ego to get in the way, and ignorance and arrogance to rule us, thus losing sight of the truly SPIRITUAL, which is the only true reality. We can continue to lose sight of, and ignore the natural / divine laws which modern religion has become void of, for only in the end will we truly know if we were right or wrong for sure.

Life is about experience, but it is what we learn from our experiences that is of true value, life is not about this insanity we have made it about. It is time to put aside the ego, the vanity, the blasphemy against each other and realize we are all in reality, ONE, one people, on one earth, connected to each other, and that "God" as the label we give to the higher unknown force that we like to explain everything with is just that, all knowing, all seeing, everywhere, expanding and creating all life and nature. We can continue to rely only on stories, myths and legends and dogmas or we can again seek within oursleves, through meditation and through intuition, the very avenues that we have long forgotten as our direct links to something much bigger than any of us.

It is after all, our choice to think for ourselves, to question reality and authority and to discover truth on our own instead of only basing our belief system not on our own experience, but on what we are told to believe, pertaining to all facets of life...

The time has come, to break through the illusions that is the matrix of so called reality and to become who we were always meant to be, or we can continue on the current path, and continue to wonder why we face the problems we do and continue to allow others to decide what is best for us, as individuals and as a whole. If the latter is chosen, then it should be no surprise as to why society continues to devolve into utter choas, until ultimately the reset button is pushed.

It comes down to personal responsibility in all aspects of ones life, and countless hours of soul searching, of learning, going within ones mind through meditation as the key to unlocking the secrets of this life. The answers to happiness, or the pursuit of it. It is personal responsibility for ourselves that will save us as individuals, and as a collective whole. I remember a famous quote, through many years of reading every book I could get my hands on ,"Faith without works is Dead". This is very true. To merely believe in something without experience, without doing the work needed to accomplish the goal is ignorance at its best.

The mind control of the collective consciousness must be severed. We must look to no one but ourselves, to seek within ourselves for Truth, not to some guru, not to some church or person or cult or anything outside of ourselves, leading us on a path that is not truly our own. Belief systems must be gained from direct experience, from intuition. The connection to the divine is directly linked to our consciousness, we may study knowledge, the occult (Hidden) teachings, spiritual and religious paths, learn to gain wisdom through meditation, through intuition and discovery of self, higher self, awareness to realization of truth. Waiting for someone else to change the world, or seeking truth outside of our self, waiting for some savior or some date on some ancient calendar to come and save us from ourselves is in truth philosophic suicide, it is complacency and leads to depravity and despotism.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. It is as simple as that.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009