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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am very blessed with the addition of our Daughter, Trinity Elyse born 5/22
Welcome to the world

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Initiation of the Soul
By Michael D. Eggleston

Book Announcement

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A Treatsie on Esoteric Occult Philosophy (writer for Awakened1.blogspot since 2005), topics on Consciousness, Metaphysics, Awareness, Politics, The Mayan Calendar and seeking answers to Humanities problems in the 21st century

Esoteric Occult Philosophy, Consciousness and Realization of Truth

"Initiation of the Soul"

May 15, 2009


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The book is in a 5"x8" format
80 pages with pictures / symbols

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Mike Eggleston

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is the 233rd year since the independence of this Nation was gained. We are again it seems fighting for what is just and right as tyranny appears creeping in and our liberty fading. It is of utmost importance that true Patriots once again come to the aid of their country and their fellow man. We face despotism due to complacency, corruption and greed have perverted the halls of our State and Federal Government and Our Constitution, Our Declaration of Independence, the founding documents which are the very foundation of this nation are under attack from within.

These United States of America, the beacon of hope and light in this world must be restored, this country has a destiny, one that is being impeded by corruption and control. As free men and woman we have a duty to stand united against such tyranny. We must stand as one against those who seek to limit liberty and impose draconian legislation in all its forms upon the people under the guise of "reform". This false sense of Patriotism being paraded and sold to the American people by those we have elected is sickening and has been perverted to manipulate the many.

We must begin to look beyond mere protests and petitions of grievance that are ignored by these crooked politicians and those who sit in their ivory towers of finance destroying the wealth and morale of the people. We must again look to each other, to Philosophy, to reason, to logic, to TRUTH. We must speak of Revolution, as an idea, as the very concept that founded this great Republic long ago, as the answer to restoring it once again, permanently, the way it was written, the way it was meant to be. Liberty and sovereignty must be restored, freedom must ring once again.

This is our Duty, not only to ensure the freedom and prosperity of future generations, but to ourselves, to our families and to the world.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

From a discussion revolving around "Con" in Constitution, related to the Occult / Politics / truth on another forum (after a friend sent me this today - )

This was my response and I thought it appropriate for this site as well..

"Let me just say that I have studied the Occult for a long time, very in depth, beyond what is found on the internet, I am intimately familiar with things that make the rabbit hole much deeper than many would like to imagine it to be

It is all tied together, a simple understanding of it, as far as the Constitution goes and the Formation of this country, you have the articles of Confederation (what Jefferson, Sam Adams and Patrick Henry, among others) fought so hard for and then you have the Federalists (Madison, Hamilton and others).

Basically without going to much into it the Federalists are and were TRAITORS hands down, there is no serious discussion or anything to the contrary , they were agents of the crown, working for the original Illuminati which infiltrated the Masons worldwide and working for other secret societies with the soul purpose of controlling the worlds Governments, finances, etc... ( courtesy of the Rothschilds, European Royalty, King George).

The distinction must be made between those who seek Philosophy and truth to fulfill the destiny of America and those who choose to pervert the knowledge for personal gain. There is a difference between these.

The Constitution as meant by Jefferson, Henry, Franklin and those of the Articles of Confederation school is and was meant to guarantee freedom, sovereignty and Liberty to the PEOPLE, the Federalists take on things was to guarantee the power of the United States as a Corporation , "the people" meaning to the Elite.

We know what direction this country has been going in for sometime, it should be of no surprise to anyone. There is and always has been a small group of elite at the very top controlling things for their own personal gain, using the world as their chess board. The only thing that will save our Liberty and freedom from the final goal and realization of the self proclaimed "Novus Ordo Seclorum" is a Revolution, a rebellion of the people against those who hold the real power, not just these puppet politicians in high seats of office in D.C. .. the power reaches far beyond that, to the very heights of the Financial, Religious and Social Planes, someone once said "All roads lead to Rome"

Many will dismiss things like this as "conspiracy" and that is fine, that is the beauty of free will, the complacency and ignorance which has created the very thing we are faced with today is completely by design, the dumbing down of the world was accomplished slowly, words and history have been rewritten and redefined by those who conquer and those who wish to remain in power. The closest analogy I can truly give anyone is "The Matrix"

Everything (95% of information) that comes out of the mouths of the Establishment, be it major developed Government (worldwide), European Union, U.S., Asia, etc. including the U.N., Mainstream Media, Rome and the highest seats of Organized Religion, Economics and Banking and "Academia" is a very carefully crafted script approved for public consumption..... It is an illusion, a reality television show beyond the imagination, a work of art to distract from and to dismiss truth while forming opinions taken as reality when in fact the entire belief system of "the profane" (as the mass populace are all considered by them) is basically a lie, in place to control and to quell any real knowledge or progress

There are many who are aware of this knowledge, but seriously doing something about it top bring swift change would require a good majority of the masses to become aware fast, to REALIZE it, trust me when I say there is a battle being waged and has been for a very long time, Truth is much stranger than fiction, Truth today is rejected, ridiculed, mocked and feared by the majority of humanity when it is spoken or written or shown because for the most part the belief systems in place are built on Illusions and not true experience or research done individually through free thinking...

The Constitution is meant to be , by the school of Jefferson and others to be GOOD, for the People, personal Liberty, etc, then on the other hand the Federalists intended differently , they intended it not for the people but for the "Corporation" so to speak...

We the people must take it back and make it what it is meant to be.

As far as I am concerned, NO MAN, can give me my rights or take them away, but the Constitution is a document that is meant to limit the power of the Government and to keep this nation rooted in honesty... we must restore that

Veritas Vos Liberabit"