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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The time is now.....

Change is here, and it is time for every one of us to really start paying attention to what is behind the solutions being provided to society by those in charge of the Governments and the Banking systems. Much is changing in this country especially, The economy is in a recession, it wont truly become public for about 6 months, but do a little research and you'll find out just what is happening. We are on the verge of major change, both on levels of consciousness and the collective status quo on all levels. The illusion is wearing very thing right now. Listen to your intuition and pay attention. Time to wake this planet up and do what is best for all, for the highest good and not what will only benefit a few while being sold as a fix for all.....

In Lak'ech

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We find ourselves at the most opportune time in human history to take a real good look around, each one of us...

Time to step away from the daily illusion and really look within for guidance and inspiration. A choice to break free from this insane view of "reality" that most of us take for granted and consider as "real". This high Deaf , pop cancer , go go go mentality of "life" that has for too long gripped this society of ours....

Expand you mind, take a moment to consider that everything is not as it appears and refuse to take part in a system that perpetuates a mad dash towards nothingness.....

We have the choice NOW to change, to BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world, to awaken from this dream and begin to truly experience our true power as human beings and no longer passively substitute emotions and experiences through television, infotainment and replace that illusion with the real thing....

Meditate, Take walks in Nature, LOVE, practice peace and re-program the mind, soul and body as ONE and not separate things, wake up from the illusion......

Become the I AM presence, discover that everything is connected and that there truly are no coincidences.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Welcome to the Consciousness rEVOLUTION

If you wish to have a real understanding of what the Ancients knew, what we have forgotten throughout the illusion of time, here is some information to help you do that......

Information on the Mayan Calendar , 2012 and the Shift in Consciousness

Recommended Websites without the False / Fear Based information going around on the internet

- Video 3 Part Lecture (AMAZING!!) - about 2 hours each...A full understanding of the Mayan Calendar

Tape #1 (1 hr 32 min) index=0

Tape #2 ( 2 hrs ) lindex=1

Tape #3 (6 mins) lindex=6

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Mayan 5th "Night" Nov. 19th, 2007 - Nov. 12th, 2008

We are on the verge of the "5th Night" in this current cycle of the Mayan Calendar. Millions around this planet of ours are already aware of the energy and the shifts that are occurring and are feeling uneasy about what is to come. This is the period of time that so much information and truth is going to begin to come to surface surrounding our society across the board, political, religious, economical and on a level of consciousness that is going to change the way we view our world. This planet and all of its inhabitants are going through serious changes and it is time to rise above the ignorance and superstitions that have been accepted and no longer be complacent in this cycle of life, it is time to become active participants and to be the change we want to see in this world.

The choices we make, as individuals and as a collective whole must benefit the highest good. There is no place left in this world for corruption, greed and control over others. It is time to wake up and get with the program, to break free from this mind controlled illusion we consider to be reality. It is time to read between the lines and see what is right in front of us all. The changes are occurring faster these days and you can either ignore it or admit that everyone can feel it deep down within. Change needs to happen now, we are the change.

Become peace, become love, become compassion. These are the true virtues of humanity, of our divine origins. We are not just mere human beings passively taking part in some mysterious trip called life, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. When we realize this, we realize that we are capable of so much more than we ever dreamed. We are so much more than what we are programmed to think, to wear, to own, to buy, to consume. We are the ones we have been waiting for, so on that note, its time to stand up for truth and to shake off this coma of complacency and understand we are much smarter than we give ourselves credit for.

Pay attention to whats going on around you, pay attention to what you are feeling deep down and not what you are told to feel or believe. Pay attention to your yourself

"“Believe nothing merely because you have been told it. . . . Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings - that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide.”


Peace and Light

We are all ONE

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Love is the way to inner peace. Inner peace is the way to love. Truth is that which above all else is known in the heart, through love and inner peace. We are all connected to the divinity inherent in all that is. The source of all creation is ONE. We are not separate from the one, from the eternal spark. We are one with the fire of the soul within that burns to awaken, to breathe, to live, to be....

Within each is the choice to experience. To become who we are truly meant to be. To see beyond the illusion of the material world and the physical senses. A chance too embrace life as a gift, as a lesson, as the mystery it is. To rise above the lower world and lower self to climb the ladder of knowledge. To ascend the levels and rise like the phoenix to become one with all that is nature, the universe, to see the microcosm and macrocosm are one, as below

The opportunity to glimpse the realization that humanity is of divinity and to shed the ego and view all as ONE is the way to truth, to peace, to destiny


Expand your consciousness...


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Within us all is a fire that burns like the Phoenix urging us to rise to the occasion, to awaken. To be reborn into the light and cast of the shadows of darker days. We find ourselves in a world that at every turn appears to be falling apart. It is time to shed these old ways, the pain from the past, and embrace the divinity & truth within all. To open our eyes and see past the dogma and illusions placed before us and become who we are meant to be.

We find ourselves on the eve of the Mayan 5th night, a repeating cycle of history (do the research and you'll see history DOES repeat itself if we dont change our minds). The fall Equinox is upon us as the seasons change once again and we are left to ponder exactly who we are and where we are going. A choice, free will to decide, to take our place in this world as beacons of light and truth. The energies of this past summer have been tinkering on the edge of chaos and clearing. A doorway to the other side, allowing us to see things with clarity and allowing us the opportunity to step through and release everything that is holding us back from doing what we are all here to do.

Love is the strongest power of all, Love is the lesson we are all here to learn. It is up to us each as individuals if we choose to remain ignorant and complacent of everything that is going on around us, or if we choose to become the change we wish to see. There is no more time to waste, waiting on the world to change. We are the change we have been waiting for. We are the ones who we have been waiting for to come along the entire time, most just don't realize it yet.

These puppet elections and politicians and their plastic religious leaders along with the media have convinced an entire world that this is the way things are, that this is "life", that this is the way it has always been and they swoop in on their illusionary wings to bring a voice of reason. Corruption has become the norm and is accepted by those who preach that they are running this world for the best interests of all of humanity. The G8, the UN, The Trilateral Commission, the World Bank, and these puppet politicians and their "think tanks" are nothing more than egocentric, hypocritical megalomaniacs whose God is money and who for a better use of a word are the apitamy of evil in physical being.

It is about time that we stood up and refused to vote for the lesser of two evils, it is about time that everyone saw these self proclaimed saviors for who they really are.

There is no place left in this world for war or hatred. Peace is the only way and there is no other. Truth, Justice and Love are the virtues humanity are meant to live by.

It is time to see through this engineered and created fasad of materialism and pop culture that is nothing more than brain washing and conditioning. It is time to cast off these preconceived and contrived notions that have lead to complacency and a zombie like society who appear more concerned with the latest Pop music album, American Idol voting or "reality" tv series than what is happening around them as long as they can drink and get high enough to forget for a few moments on their days off. Ignorance is not bliss and it is time to wake up this sleeping world of ours and take a look what is going on right in front of us. Enough is enough of the blatant manipulation of this planet and every soul who inhabits this earth. It is time to stand up and say enough of the control over others by a very small group of people. There are over 6 billion people on this planet, with 2% controlling over 90% of the wealth and more than 70% living on less than $2 a day..... what are we waiting for?

Expand your consciousness, open your minds and wake up. Embrace the fact that we are all connected and that in this little world of ours, this fraction of the universe we find ourselves in that we think is so special, that you do have a choice and our actions affect us all...the only question is what are YOU going to do about it?

PEACE AND LOVE are the ONLY way.....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It has been awhile since I have even had the urge to write anything. The past 2 months have been a couple of the hardest in a long time with the massive influx of energy causing every issue that needs clearing to surface. Trust issues, insecurity, pain and fear from the past. I have seen more than I wish to in the Astral plane, visions and scenarios of whats to come. Lessons that have already been learned being shown again for clarification. It has been a test to say the least. Every sense has been heightened, yet the ability to meditate with a clear mind has been next to impossible. Yet knowing when things are about to happen and then seeing them manifest and having no doubt about the outcomes is at times unsettling. It is beyond the typical 6th sense we always knew was there. I have decided to take time and clear what needs to be let go on deeper levels. Its something we all must do if we want to take the next step, the final leap into the unknown, the vulnerable space of oneness.

I AM in every way ready to deal with the past and face it all head on in order to be present in the now. I think of what it must be like for the normal person who still is awakening to deal with these things. I think about knowing everything I have learned and experienced in the higher levels of awareness and how much of a burden at times it seems to be. How hard it is sometimes to just simply be with the past issues that need to be released. I think of everything that is about to change in this world we find ourselves in, and how in order to do what needs to be done we need to release all the underlying issues if we are to face it head on with a clarity.

Sometimes I wonder why we are shown the things we are. And I can say I am beginning to understand it all now. That light that is so full of love and compassion and peace in a world of illusions that appears to be coming apart at the seams. The change that is supposed to be, the evolution of consciousness in a world that has been asleep for so long. I know that it is all part of the process, of the contract we made before we came back to this realm of existence. It is not just the karma and issues of this life we must make peace with and release, but of all our incarnations in this human shell.

So I sit back and I say so be it, bring it on. There is no better time than now. This time is 11:59 and I am ready to accept whatever may come. Whatever will be will be. I surrender to the void of the unknown and breathe in the familiarness of it all. Time to wake up and time to get on with it. This is what we have all been waiting for and I for one am ready.

Peace and Love

Friday, July 20, 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The time has come to stand together as brothers and sisters of humanity and reject the system based on lies, fear, greed and violence. The time is now to stand for truth and freedom for all people of mother earth, as one family. Expand your consciousness to include all as one. It is time to say NO to the Governments and Corporations that wish to control the minds of the masses through media, consumerism, and manipulation. TRUTH is the only way and the truth shall set us free. See through the illusion and embrace the divinity within each of us. We are all connected directly to the source of all creation, to nature, to God. The time is now to call for an end to all wars and to heal this planet and ourselves and not allow our destiny to be controlled by those seeking personal gain and power over the souls of each individual.

It is time to unite as ONE and do what is best for the highest good of all and move beyond this culture of profiting and exploiting the planet and each other. The time is NOW to stand for peace, equality and truth.

Peace, Light and Truth to all

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Saturday, June 09, 2007

We have now entered the most crucial "time" in all of human existence, the opportunity to transcend the materialistic / Dualistic world view and commune with the divine energy of creation, unity with all that is. I have always held true to my writings that "We are all One", connected to all that is, the cosmos, nature, flowing with the same universal life force, energy direct from the source, from God. The duality of the human existence ( good vs. evil, right vs. wrong ) through our awareness, and the way we have "separated" ourselves from the divine is the source of all suffering, stress, Self Esteem issues and conflict in our perceived reality. It is time to awaken to our true purpose on this planet, in this life time and take our place among the stars. We must be present in the NOW more than ever.

The great shift in Consciousness, the prophesized age that all the worlds religions and spiritual and philosophical teachings, both Ancient and Modern speak of is upon us. The distinction should be made between the esoteric truths and taking the "end of the world" Armageddon fear based scenario literally. The only way the world is going to "end" is if we humans destroy it through war type events, but this "struggle" will come to an end as the new Consciousness is integrated into our very beings. There will be natural earth changes and other events that may appear to be catastrophic, but this is all the natural process of the evolution of this planet and all souls.

It is important to understand, to comprehend, that Consciousness is the catalyst driving all of creation. This divine plan, this natural timeline of the evolution of Consciousness can not be altered by humans; it can not be manipulated, rushed or prevented from happening. The greatest tool we as a species have for understanding this process is the ancient Mayan Calendar. A calendar that traces the evolution of consciousness from the beginning of the "big bang" event through the ages with preciseness that is awe inspiring in its accuracy and can be backed up and supported with scientific proof and by looking at the levels of Consciousness and energy that have affected this planet that have happened, and the patterns of the types of events that have occurred during these shifts / levels throughout the entire time line of existence.

You have to understand that the Mayans did not base their calendar on physical objects, rotation of planets around the sun, such as the Gregorian calendar in place in modern society. The Gregorian calendar was created by Pope Gregory and instilled in 1582 after lands were conquered and millions were killed and forced to accept it as constant. The Mayan Calendar is based on the evolution of Consciousness and throughout history, in each stage of creation, this calendar proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is a divine plan of creation from the source of all that is, God. It literally cuts through the dogma on all levels. It takes an open mind, seeking unity and enlightenment and to break free from the Dualistic mindset of the last few thousand years to understand and see where we are headed.

All other calendars are based on physical reality and are nothing more than illusions of "time". They have no spiritual basis and are in reality business calendars and nothing more. They imprison the "mind" and create the illusion of linear time. The revival of the Mayan Calendar can not be turned into a dogma or religion. It does not allow it; it offers and shows a path that we as humanity and the entire universe are on since the beginning of creation. Regardless of ones personal religious or spiritual beliefs it can be applied because it encourages us to unify instead of divide.

Now skeptics will say that the end date of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 is like all other "prophecies" and this is due to the lack of knowledge on the subject and misinformation that is being circulated. One must understand, this calendar shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt when energies and levels of consciousness have begun and shifted to the next level, the breakthroughs in human existence, from National to Industrial to Religions, Technology and so forth. It does not say the sky will fall or there will be a certain event in the sky. There is an alignment occurring but this is secondary.

Like all prophecy waiting around for a certain date and expecting something to happen is ignorance, self fulfilling and a result of the duality of the human condition. It is a goal we must work towards on individual and collective levels. We must consciously co create. We must literally BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world. We must be able to work towards enlightenment, to raise our vibrations and begin to see and separate ourselves from the old mindset of Materialism, Separation, War, Greed, and Egotism and see that in reality we are connected to everything, to each other, to God.

This is not something new; it is something that has been occurring since the very beginning. It is our Destiny as human beings to recognize the divinity within ourselves and all of creation. We have separated ourselves through beliefs instilled into the consciousness by other souls. No person, church, government or any other soul has any business putting itself in between you and God. This is the time to reconnect with the very heart of all creation that was severed when this dualistic consciousness set in. Anyone who for a moment chooses to think for themselves and set aside what is accepted as reality can sense the changes through Intuition. Can sense the appearance that "time" is speeding up and has been since the later 1960s. In reality it is Creation that is speeding up. For example, the technological breakthroughs and advancements that have occurred in the last 50 years compared to the last 5000 years. This is not a Coincidence or a random chance of events.

In this modern world we have lost sight of truth and replaced it with superstition and materialism. Science and Religion, for the most part, have become void of Spirituality and have become controlled and Dogmatic rhetoric. The Cosmos, the universe and everything contained within it is alive and beating to the cosmic pulse. Science has focused for too long on relying on only what could be proved and labeled Physical and disregarded the rest as mystical mythology; Religion has condemned and destroyed the ancient wisdom and anything going against the "status quo", declaring it heresy and "evil" as a result of this blind dualistic consciousness. Thankfully with advancements in Quantum Physics and the “new” sciences, and people the world over moving away from "organized" religion to explore spirituality and enlightenment we are seeing that this awakening is taking place and the ancient secrets, such as healing, and the development of the 6th & 7th senses, once forgotten, are being revived.

Fear has played a major role in all of this, but if you look back over history itself, even based on the Gregorian calendar you can see when shifts in Consciousness have occurred and when do to changes in energy have recessed, only to give birth to new levels of creativity once again. The Mayan Calendar shows this in detail and it is no coincidence. The Ancients knew, including those in Egypt and other parts of the world were aware of these flows in energy and connection to the divine. Since the metaphorical fall of man or split of Consciousness we have been moving towards this destiny throughout the ages. To become who we truly are and to recognize our divinity. Creation has a plan, a timeline it follows directly from the source.

The end date of the Mayan Calendar is not an end of the world scenario. It is the end of the world as we know it, but not a doomsday prophecy. It is when all of the world should be on the same waves of Consciousness and we will shed our old ways. People the world over are awakening by the millions to recognize that we are all one human family under one creator and we have the ability to co create this reality to one of peace and humility, of acceptance. This final shift in Consciousness will end conflict, heal and end judgment of others, it will allow us to see clearly the world as it truly is meant to be and we will move out of this duality that sadly has been accepted by many as the real human condition. The only thing that will prevent us from taking this step is ourselves and those who seek to attempt to control that which can not be controlled. In this area we may very well see what appear to be apocalyptic wars and events. But when the final shift is complete it will be irreversible and all will experience what is referred to as "Christ Consciousness".

The information about the Mayan Calendar, for the most part, being circulated on mainstream media and for the most part on the internet is this fear based misinformation. It is in these days, important to discern all information and find truth by what resonates within your hearts as being true. We must all seek what is for the highest good of all and not selfish and materialistic goals. The Ego must be shed and the realization that we are all of one mind, one cosmic soul, that when we hurt one, we hurt all. The macrocosm and microcosm, as above so is below. We are all souls at different levels of awareness. Different parts of the world are currently under different views and energies of Consciousness leading to shifts and this results in conflicts while the energies balance out. The Good vs. Evil duality is an illusion created in the mind of human beings and our desire to control and dominate this planet and our reality for personal gain and for dogmas, different points of view.

We are on the verge of great change, and According to my studies and personal beliefs, as well as many others who are aware, I believe that beginning now in 2007 and continuing through 2008 into the early parts of 2009, subsiding around 2010 time frame, we will see change and struggle that may appear as if everything is falling apart. Those who seek to control this reality, those who do not want equality and seek control over other souls, in this current level of Consciousness are going to make their last attempts at a world order that will not and can not happen. We are also going to see natural events unlike anything that anyone alive now has ever seen. But do not mistake this for rhetoric or fear that the world is going to end. We are evolving and before every calm, comes the storm. Every transition throughout the history of this planet has a clearing process. There is nothing to fear, not even what we have come to know as death. Death is an ugly word for the continuation of the journey of the soul from the physical realm back to light. Philosophically speaking hardest "Death" is the transition from light into this physical realm. Expand your Consciousness and become aware that everything is connected.

The completion of the shifts in Consciousness, the divine plan of creation should be implemented by October 28, 2011 and complete on all levels by December 21, 2012. By this time we will see a new movement and an end to control and struggle as we know it, and what we as humanity face at this very moment. By this time information, either from direct contact with what have become known as extraterrestrials or through other avenues about the truth regarding humanities history on this planet and our relationship to the stars will become public knowledge. I also believe that barring political interference information and sacred sites will be finally be found within Egypt, specifically around the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid.

The only thing that will hold us back from this happening is ourselves and not realizing that we are part of something much bigger. The time has come to think for yourself and question authority. To embrace all as one and to move beyond the material, the ego and release and clear all that which does not serve the highest good of all. There is no place any longer for selfishness or discrimination on any level. We are who we have been waiting for. The time is NOW. Practice Unconditional love and compassion. It is time to begin living by the the words and energy of the great masters, Jesus, Buddha,
The Mahatma and Kukulcan / Quetzalcoatl of the Maya / Aztec (all incarnations of the same divine energy) WE ARE ALL ONE.

The master / teacher within us all calls to awaken the soul from its slumber. Look within and you will find your personal truth, there is no need to seek truth outside of yourself. Meditation is a wonderful tool, and truly is the best (in my opinion) to access the interdimensional link we all have to the divine. It brings healing, understanding, compassion, unconditional love and balance as we expand our consciousness to include all as one. The union of the Female / Male polarities, the Yin / Yang, the Hunab Ku. The time is now for the revealing of destiny and truth.

Peace and Light to all in the highest

Monday, June 04, 2007

Secrets of the Mayan Calendar : Ian Xel Lungold

The Secret of the Sphinx & Edgar Cayce

Friday, June 01, 2007

Who Built The Great Pyramids? MUST SEE, it runs about 20 mins Total for the 3 Videos

Sunday, May 27, 2007

As we approach 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar it is very important that we raise our awareness to the highest vibrations of love that we can. Meditation and so forth are very key tools to adjust to the changes in energy and consciousness that are already occuring. The Shift is upon us all and what appears to be chaos in the world is actually balancing of the energies on this planet. Even those who are unaware of what is happening are aware that something is changing on a mass scale.

It is important to know that the 2012 prophecy is about a shift, an evolution in consciousness, a new level of awareness. It is not an end of the world doomsday prophecy like Armegeddon. The world is not going to end, not unless we humans destroy it. The chaos and confusion in our lives in self inflicted because we have separated ourselves from the divine, from nature and have chosen to fight against the natural flow of energy. We have fallen asleep and ignored our intuition and the Ancient teachings instead of embracing it and BEING ONE WITH ALL THAT IS.

It is time to come together as brothers and sisters and see beyond the illusion we have created to separate us from eachother. We are all ONE human family and we must start acting like it and coming together to bring about change for the highest good of all. The changes are going to begin happening fairly quick as we find ourselves in the middle of 2007 already. The time is here for all to maintain balance and peace and BE the change we wish to see in this world.

Fear and Doubt are not options, they are illusions of the mind. It is time to take our place in the universe and co create this new reality to one that is not measured by material or selfish attainments. To rise above the ego and I and become who we are...Spiritual beings in this human experience. It is time to look past this mind controlled reality of consumerism, material wealth, pop culture and the other toxic illusions that have polluted the consciousness. See beyond the accepted status quo and challenge it, question everything and discern truth by using your heart, not merely by what you are told.

The time is NOW for change. Are you in?

Peace and Love to all

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Love is the greatest power of all. Unconditional Truth is the key to all that is. Embrace the divinity within us all and experience life in all its beauty. Fear is an illusion of the mind. Expand your awareness and recognize the interconnectedness within all that is. We are all connected, to each other, to nature, to the stars. We are all ONE. Rise above the ignorance and lower self and become who you truly are. We all have a choice, do not be fooled into believing you dont.

Peace and Light

Saturday, May 19, 2007

There are moments of clarity on this path that signify that all we are in search of, all that we long to comprehend is within our reach. The moments when the big picture is clear and unwavering in its totality. When we transcend the veil of illusions and become one with all that it is. The brief seconds and minutes of oneness with life, the divine, nature and absolute being.

It is not the goal of enlightenment and knowledge that is the fruit of discipline and the path. It is the journey to that knowledge, the lessons that are the keys to unlocking the door to the mysteries. The inherent truth within all that is, that is accessible when the mind, body and soul become one and do not fight the natural flow and ebb of energy and creative force.

So many become lost on the path, clinging to what they fear to let go of, allowing the ego to remain safely in the illusion and fool themselves into thinking that they have found the answers they seek and brush what they do not understand safely away where it can not be seen. The path to enlightenment, oneness, illumination of the soul is a million forked road. There is not merely only one true path, there are many beliefs and ways to unlock truth and the secrets of God and being, yet the source is ONE and is the same, it does not matter the labels and isms attached to it by human beings and our theology and 1000 religions.

There is a shift occurring in consciousness, in energy and in reality on all levels and all points of the whole, the multiverse that is the totality of creation. Everything is being affected, every fabric of being in each dimension. Time is an illusion, created and experienced as we do in the programming of this 3D matrix we call physical reality. NOW is all there is, the eternal moment, the past and future are illusions, lessons and unwritten. The truth is cleverly disquised and hiding in plain site. Open your minds eye and learn to truly see....

Experience life to the fullest....become ONE

Peace and Light

Monday, April 30, 2007

Radiate Peace, Love and Compassion in all you do, In every action, in every moment. It is time to flood the world with healing energy for the highest good of all, to stand up for what is right and just for all, and not to buy into the mind control of the 21st Century that has its grip on the minds of the many. The Illusion is wearing is time to unite as ONE people, regardless of religion, race or creed. This is our planet and our truths must not be silenced in the face of those who seek to control and profit from death, war and exploitation. Reject the system based on lies and expand your consciousness to realize the divinity within all life.


The time is NOW....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Energy, Healing and Consciousness

The same universal life force, energy, flows through all that is. This has been documented and proven in science, Quantum Physics and so forth. There are many energy vortex’s on this planet also, that have been tested and confirmed, such as England, And Sedona, Arizona. The Ancients knew this also, the pyramids of the Egyptians and Mayas were not mere "tombs" as we are led to believe in the modern day. They are very important anchors on this planet of ours, aligned with the heavens and major energy spots and the our Ancient ancestors knew this.

Chi, Prana, Universal life force, whatever name you wish to give it, is a very important and completely natural element for us hu-mans to be able to tap into. The healing effects are tremendous when done properly, and are beginning to become a more accepted reality in Western Medicine. As documentation and tests show that there is something beneficial happening when it is applied. This is something that has been known for thousands of years by ancient cultures and still practiced daily in many eastern countries and societies.

Through meditation and channeling this energy consciously, we open up a channel to something beyond this material world. It is truly spiritual and divine and completely unquestionable when experienced first hand. Energy is all physical matter is, light and energy vibrating at a very slow rate, not actually solid mass. The illusion of the 3D world only makes it appear that way. It is accessible to all when you raise your awareness and develop the abilities inherent within all of us. Abilities that have fallen dormant after thousands of years of little or no use.

Channeling this energy is done as we raise our vibration and come into harmony with all that is, source, God. We become channels for this energy and can project it where it is needed, a person, nature, animals, and through various matter such as crystals to magnify and increase the energy. It can be sent distance or hands on with the same effects, as energy is not confined to space and linear time. It is multidimensional and can have profound healing and beneficial effects. It is a connection to spirit beyond words and beyond this age of "intellectual" thinking. It is based on INTENT of love energy for the highest good of all. The energy is projected through the hands, palms and can also have profound effects on the pineal gland (third eye) and enhance what we call "psychic" abilities.

Once you are aware of this energy it can be turned on and maintained in all we do. Though to hold it for long periods of time is something that requires extreme discipline and work.

This planet is experiencing shifts in consciousness and as this happens this energy and awareness , connection to all that is will increase. It is natural and completely needed in order to realize our true purpose on this planet, in this life.

Expand your awareness to include all as ONE.

Peace and Light

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I AM that I AM The Eternal and the Divine
I AM the seen and unseen
I AM everything

I AM all that is
I AM the air, fire, water and earth and the ether
I AM the sun, moon and I AM the stars
I AM the rhythm, I AM the pulse of the cosmos
I AM infinite in creation and expression, I AM unlimited
I AM within all and all is of ONE
I AM light, I AM energy, I AM consciousness
I AM the voice of reason, I AM the law of nature, I AM the truth of all truth. I AM love, I AM compassion, I AM ONE. I AM that which is above, I AM that which is below.

I AM all that is without, as I AM that which is within all
I AM the light and I AM the darkness, they are ONE.
Fear is an illusion and doubt is of the same.

Seek not outside of yourself for me, for I dwell within the most sacred of temples. It is to me whom you pray in secret. I AM the life, the light, the fire and the spirit. From ONE came all things, and from all things came ONE.

I AM The essence of truth and life.

I AM the Esoteric teachings, the great mysteries of All that is. Meditate and unveil truth. Seek to apply that which is known into all that is done. In each action find me and in me find peace. Look within and you will find the higher expression of self, the I AM presence, The creator and the creation. The ONE that is inherent in all things.

Do you not see? That which is not is also of me, that which has yet to spring forth into manifestation. That which comes from you is of the divine. Seek to benefit all for the power of knowledge and wisdom of the highest. Do not seek personal gain and control of this power and truth, for this will result in knowing truth of consequences that are ONE. The Law is ONE. And the Law is TRUTH.

From the elements sprang forth life and the elements sprang forth from ONE.

That which was not and now is. That which in the beginning is the source and from the source all is a reflection of ONE. For aeons I have slumbered within, ready to awaken and stir the eternal fire to spark the memories of divine origin. In the name of ONEness and true being. To join hands and embrace the physical and spiritual as ONE.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Through the veil lies love and truth in the highest form. All fear and doubt fades and the warmth of the totality of All that is becomes clear. A moment of Oneness in which our divinity is realized and our awareness expands to see beyond the ID, EGO...

In this moment we become who we truly are, the I AM, The divine spiritual beings of light, Love, Energy and Compassion, pure consciousness...

Each day is a new day to change, to start over, to wake up...
Embrace each moment, each day, week, year, lifetime, DREAM, believe in something bigger than your wildest imagination, KNOW, teach, learn and give

We are all ONE in this cosmic dance



Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Turn it up.... :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

It's been awhile since I have written anything here.... things are moving so fast these days, between work, keeping "InnerVision Crystals" going out to the the right people all over the world, meditation, and trying to relax and enjoy life to the fullest I have neglected posting here for a couple months... partly because in the BIG post on here I condensed and said what I felt needed to be said regarding my views on consciousness, spirituality and where we are heading... and other things occupying most of my time

I have been keeping in touch with alot of amazing people from all over the world via email, phone, and this site, I have met alot of great teachers and have been able to share so much with so many people, its mind boggling how this thing just started out as a little corner of the web to voice my thoughts 2 years ago and what it has manifested into... pretty cool when you think about it

Alot of people are talking these days about "The Secret" and law of attraction & so forth... its ok, it can be a very good thing because it gets that initial *spark* in the minds of the masses who have been *asleep* for so long, but it really leaves alot of things out, I recommend "What the Bleep?" for anyone starting out and wanting to explore consciousness / spirituality and expanding their awareness, if they need that extra something to get their minds contemplating the universe on that level, but the truth is its NOT A SECRET AT ALL :) And there is much more to it than manifesting abundance, you have to work and balance the other things out... energy, etc and recondition the mind... remember use discernment in everything, with all information, written, spoken and multi media... truth isnt in a book, it is rarely spoken because words can not do justice to it, it is something you know when you know it.. make sense?

Well I just wanted to post a little something up here in the absence of the usual writing, thoughts and now I AM rambling so on that note its time for me to sign off....

Expand your consciousness and awarness to include all as ONE, dont get to lost in the illusion aka the land of make believe, the shift is......

Peace and Light

Monday, February 12, 2007

"Time does not exist, it is only something to measure the things we do not accomplish.
Now is all there is and ever has been, the moment, the chance to be one with divinity.
The past are but lessons and notions to awaken the soul within the physical illusion.
The Future is an unwritten open window to the infinite form of creation and consciousness inherent in all life, in all Beings. Now is the eternal moment to change, to shift, to be one with all that is"

Paradigm Shift
Mike Eggleston

Someone once said that it is wiser never to attempt unlocking the mysteries of the Divine, of life and death, than to begin and not have the discipline to truly pursue the endeavor. Too expand ones awareness and realization to include ALL that is as ONE is no meager task. Yet it is a thought that is inherent within every human being. The eternal flame that thirsts for knowledge and wisdom in this world of uncertainty and questions. The search for Truth above all else. Knowledge in its highest form is a far cry from modern day theology and this Age of "Modern Thinkers" we like to consider ourselves in. Ignorance and superstition have become accepted as truth in this the land of make believe. This physical shell, the world of materiality, this 3D land of illusions.

Spirituality, Philosophy and contemplation of the world, of the universe seems jaded in this information age. A world of technological wonder and medical advancements, yet the mainstream populace is bombarded with blatant brainwashing and illusions of how to live that are unattainable, yet sold as popular thought and culture. This society, this civilization has been raised with the belief system where materialism reigns supreme and blind ignorance is acceptable behavior. When truth is discussed, whether it be political, religious or many social topics, it stirs fear in the minds of the masses and promotes contempt for the very underlying essence it is trying to illustrate. The human being has become unknowingly passive and conditioned to accept what is taught as truth and in this modern day it is again taboo to go against the status quo. Divided this species has become, categorized and placed into countless labels, groups and subgroups. Split up into Conservatives and Liberals, Moderates and Progressives, Race, creed and so on, are the masses. The entire time the very foundation is blurred by preconceived notions and thoughts fed into the collective consciousness to distract from the big picture, to attempt to feed the material ego and to prevent the awakening of the mind, of the spirit of the soul.

This is the moment in our history as a species that we must all make vital decisions that benefit the whole and not only the individual. To awaken the inner being, to transcend the every day life to rise above the monotony and experience the divine energy that flows through all that is. There are many paths to truth that each walks. Some awaken to the Nature of the Consciousness, the Divine, of Love, Compassion, Truth and Unity and others become lost in the illusion of materiality of greed, lust, jealousy and fear.

Underlying all the religions and spiritual movements of the world is a fundamental source. The ONE, the mother / father God, the universal truth, energy and light. It is something that must be experienced, for it is indescribable and incomprehensible to attempt to put into intangible words.
It is the very essence of life, of truth, of enlightenment. It is the realization of Oneness with all that is, the awareness of connectedness to all things. The state of being, the states of consciousness that there is no separation or doubt that we are connected to source, to “God“. It is the acceptance of destiny and the understanding of our divinity and true being. It is the removal of fear and the knowing that death is but a word to define the transition of spirit from the material to the infinite.

The next step in human evolution is here, it is the paradigm shift of the ages. It is the ancient, divine, eternal knowledge and wisdom that changes everything and leaves no doubt in the mind and heart of the illumined. It is undeniable and is unmatched in its splendor and beauty. It is clarification of the riddles and teachings that are the keys to unlocking the mysteries of life. The simplicity is awe inspiring as the veil lifts and the spirit rises above material life into the spiritual life.

Some term the movement, this cosmic awakening that is occurring within the entire Macrocosm and Microcosm on all levels, “New Age”, some call it false, misguided, and blasphemy, while some go so far as to brand it evil and with fear attempt to label and condemn it to preserve the belief systems that cling to the illusion, or “Reality” that has been projected for thousands of years. This is natural, it is part of the evolution, the growth, the awakening of spirit. It is the duality that grips the material world. But when you let go and truly learn to be in the NOW and allow all doubt and fear to subside you begin to see with new eyes. The truth transcends all, seek within, trust your intuition, and step back to view the world as it truly is, full of life and abundance.

Throughout the ages the idea or illusion of separateness from source has been contemplated by the many and realized by the few. In a world built on Diversity as a cornerstone to illustrate the vast reaches of the human species, we have in turn categorized and separated each other into groups of race, religion, creed, status, sex and so on. This has led to indifference and discrimination and not unity. The error in this is that we have separated ourselves from each other, from the whole, and in turn aligned ourselves not in unity, but against one another. The realization and awareness that we are all ONE, transcends all labels and all groups one could possibly create and choose to differ from. Now to many, they will say that diversity is something that shows the many differences between us all and that is something that is needed. These so called differences are limited in the big picture, as we are all human beings we are only separating ourselves and missing the underlying commonalities we all share as one human family on this one planet Earth. In turn we have been conditioned to fear more than appreciate these “diversities” that we inherently share. Diversity has created more struggle than anything else. In reality it divides and highlights the so called differences between us all, than actually bring us together. IT IS TIME TO MOVE BEYOND STEREOTYPES AND IGNORANCE. It is time to wake up……