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Saturday, May 19, 2007

There are moments of clarity on this path that signify that all we are in search of, all that we long to comprehend is within our reach. The moments when the big picture is clear and unwavering in its totality. When we transcend the veil of illusions and become one with all that it is. The brief seconds and minutes of oneness with life, the divine, nature and absolute being.

It is not the goal of enlightenment and knowledge that is the fruit of discipline and the path. It is the journey to that knowledge, the lessons that are the keys to unlocking the door to the mysteries. The inherent truth within all that is, that is accessible when the mind, body and soul become one and do not fight the natural flow and ebb of energy and creative force.

So many become lost on the path, clinging to what they fear to let go of, allowing the ego to remain safely in the illusion and fool themselves into thinking that they have found the answers they seek and brush what they do not understand safely away where it can not be seen. The path to enlightenment, oneness, illumination of the soul is a million forked road. There is not merely only one true path, there are many beliefs and ways to unlock truth and the secrets of God and being, yet the source is ONE and is the same, it does not matter the labels and isms attached to it by human beings and our theology and 1000 religions.

There is a shift occurring in consciousness, in energy and in reality on all levels and all points of the whole, the multiverse that is the totality of creation. Everything is being affected, every fabric of being in each dimension. Time is an illusion, created and experienced as we do in the programming of this 3D matrix we call physical reality. NOW is all there is, the eternal moment, the past and future are illusions, lessons and unwritten. The truth is cleverly disquised and hiding in plain site. Open your minds eye and learn to truly see....

Experience life to the fullest....become ONE

Peace and Light

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Anonymous said...

I love the way you have so simply, yet eloquently proposed an idea that should not be difficult to understand. Yet as you said, we have lived in an illusion for so long, many have decided the known issues are so much easier to deal with than the unknown or forgotten truths. Thank you for the reminder of something I know, yet need to keep in the forefront of my mind amist the thing we call "life.