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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"Sitting, Watching, Waiting for something or someone else to change the evils we see in this world is equivalent to doing nothing. When in the face of Tyranny choices must be made, both spiritual and logical for the well being of the whole, not just the individual. It is the awakening, the knowing, that We are the ones we are waiting for, that we the people are the ones that must act and bring an end to the injustices we see each day. To sit idle and do nothing while waiting for some savior or politician to save us from ourselves and do the work for us is blind ignorance and defies the laws of the universe and free will. This is the time we must look in the mirror and see the power we all hold and must reclaim. For our time is now to realize that with the swiftness of the wind, that we can bring true change to this world at once and uproot the corruption where it lies, to understand we are the ones who hold our destiny" - M.E. 2008

We face Decisions in this world. Each day, each moment is a choice. The inherent power within each and every soul is divine when it is awakened.

Around us, we see a world spinning out of control. Corruption and Greed has crept into every facet of society. It rules all Governments, Corporations and Courts. Yet the people sit idle, knowing deep down something is very wrong. Hoping for some savior in some form to come and save us from ourselves and those who we have allowed to control this society of ours. This in reality is wishful thinking.

What people do not realize is that it is we who must act. It is we who hold the true power in our hearts. To simply live life, knowing that what we experience and see each day is far less than what it should be, and doing nothing to change it is a slow suicide. There is no hope for change in sitting by and doing nothing but voting for these so called elected officials who promise us delusions of grandeur are nothing more than the worst reflections of the human soul. They thirst for greed and power and even the best of them are fooling themselves when they say they alone can change a corrupt system.

It is the people who are the backbone of the system. And kept asleep for so long, medicated in this 21st century digital fantasy, we have forgotten the fight and struggle that our ancestors went through to make this possible.
We have become so complacent and comfortable with the material world we have allowed spiritual depraved lunatics to control the reality, the Illusion we think is truly real. We have lost sight of what life and liberty is all about. What Freedom is about.

The time has come to awaken, to rise like the phoenix from the ashes of the long sleep and to stand as one, united for the highest good against the evils we have allowed to creep up and fester like an open sore.

No longer can we turn a blind eye, or ignore what is undeniable. It is time to awaken and take back our Country, our World from those who seek to impose slavery upon us all.

The Constitution, the Bill of rights, The Laws of the Universe can not be taken away from us, they are given by God. And to all those mere humans who claim to know whats best, they do not, and it is the greatest sin of all to allow self or others to be treated in such a way and do nothing to stop it. We must not accept what is being fed to us any longer.

The question remains... What are you going to do about?