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Friday, May 15, 2015

The Emerald Table of Hermes

True, without error, certain and most true: that which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, to perform the miracles of the One Thing.

And as all things were from One, by the meditation of One, so from this One Thing come all things by adaptation. 

Its father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, the wind carried it in its belly, the nurse thereof is the Earth. It is the father of all perfection and the consummation of the whole world.

 Its power is integral if it be turned to Earth.Thou shalt separate the Earth from the Fire, the subtle from the coarse, gently and with much ingenuity. 

It ascends from Earth to heaven and descends again to Earth, and receives the power of the superiors and the inferiors. Thus thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee. 

This is the strong fortitude of all fortitude, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing. Thus the world was created. Hence are all wonderful adaptations, of which this is the manner. 

Therefore am I called Hermes the Thrice Great, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. That is finished which I have to say concerning the operation of the Sun.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

the mind turned inward reveals truth, the beautiful alchemy of what life is meant to be and can be when we apply ourselves and reconnect with the All / Source / God and regain our spiritual power and wisdom in life. It is the only real thing after all... the outer world is full of illusions and distractions in these strange days. Humanity has become so disconnected from itself, from nature, from each other. Take a good look around, forget the labels and sides & superstitions that have been programmed into this world by those with a vested interest in the status quo and then sold as quick fixes at every corner & on every channel to lull most back to sleep.... spread some light, spread truth, spread love. Ignorance is a choice, we are all ONE...imagine if we finally figured it out (remembered) collectively ∞ As Above, So Below ∞ Create with every breath ∞

Friday, May 08, 2015

and so it is....The Stone of the Philosophers 

Sunday, May 03, 2015