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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

One of the Secrets to Life (Hermetically "The Universe is Mental") - Take full personal responsibility for every word, thought and action you allow to manifest. No one else is to blame, for your reaction or actions. The world does not owe you a living, or anything, nor does any other human being (except respect). The Governments, the people, the enemy, the friend, no one is to blame for your station in life. You are responsible for that. In truth, circumstance and environment have very little to do with anything concerning advancement and success in life. Happiness comes from within and and is not dependent on material objects or possessions acquired.There is in fact no separation from the Universe / God / Nature or any scarcity, lacking of abundance (enough to do what needs to be done) except that which you perceive in your mind. The entire universe, is, in fact...mental, The All is mind. Shift your perception, thoughts, understandings about what you think you know. It is all a shift in consciousness, all of life is, shifting, becoming, remembering. And we are each so much more than most can even begin to imagine ∞

Thursday, March 10, 2016

And so it is, that we on the Alchemical path realize the cycles & lessons which we refine through the process of transmutation. Love is the key to the Mystery of producing the stone. Love is the law by which the most ancient of ancients bestowed the hidden faculties and potentialities in man. When we are hardened through the chaos of the illusion , the material world & the injustices we see towards our fellow beings and the planet , it can become a stepping stone or a can bring us to squander what we are in search of. We must properly distill these emotions and their connections to the experiences and the perceptions of what is and what is not, love, truth & reality and lack of love, fear, that which destroys and confuses. 

Be in the world, but not of it. 

Take notice, that once the realization of the I AM and the manifestation by the direction of will is known, we must remain vigilant against distractions, to maintain this LIGHT, to bring it forth fully from within. We are capable of such great things, it is from within, that the mind and the will directed from the heart miracles are brought forth. And by this Wisdom we create from the spiritual energies  by thought to the material world. There are but many levels of this and many examples but those who know do not need to repeat such trivial things here. The message is Love. Find the center within, go within the pain, fear and the carnal mind / ego to heal it from within by the divine Fire and forgiveness. Transmute the lesser and bring forth that which is deemed GOLD. Surrender all that which does not serve us, so that the higher self, the illuminated consciousness reigns as King of the Temple.

So mote it Be ∞
This is part of what I wrote from a Conversation with a Friend regarding the Political disease that infects this world....

"You are right, really all Government in this modern world of ours is already Tyranny, dress it up however you like but it has been here for 100 years since the inception of the Central Banking control, etc. Its only in place because we have been lead to believe it is necessary and that we are incapable of governing ourselves because a small group of people figured out how to manipulate the mass consciousness. You are also right, Enough is Enough, but unfortunately 90% of the people are fast asleep, and they have been programmed to believe in the Left vs Right Illusion , and every other facet of organized society , from Religion to the Media to the corporations, because it gives them everything they need. They do not realize they are enslaved or asleep, they think they make their own decisions, etc. But they do not. No change can come from a system set up to be rigged without EVERYONE seeing it for what it is, no more divide and conquer, no more D or R or left or right or any of these labels that have been sold to us in order to separate and divide us. This brings us back to why? Its all to help us wake up brother, this is a spiritual battle, until each person sees through the illusion and realizes that greater truth themselves then we will continue to do this, year after year/ All the in fighting, revolution, etc none of these things will change anything. The same things will pop back up in short time and we are back where we began. Because the problem is not one of politics. It is a problem of Consciousness, and the problem can not be solved with the same level of thinking that created it. Its illusion brother. The work of evil men to attempt to control something over which there is NO control. I speak only from experience. I have found a way to transcend the old way of thinking, which all men are endowed with - I dont buy into the system or give it my energy. I have created a way to be successful and to free myself from the confines of scarcity and lacking and the fear mindset that we are bombarded with. And every single human being on this planet can and will eventually do the same thing, realize the WAY, When we free our minds from the illusion of fear other "men" attempt to dictate then we realize that the only thing in this world that will shift any of this is love. The Realization of our oneness to each other, this planet, and our creator. Until this happens then more of the same is what we will get. Its a circus. It only has impact on your life as much as you allow it to and only impedes what you want out of life so long as you acknowledge it has any real power over you. It is beyond the physical brother."

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Conflict arises from the illusion of separateness, this separateness (a state of consciousness) does not occur in nature itself, only within the mind of man, as man has separated himself from his creator, from nature and from each other based on differences that are conceived and perpetuated but are utterly false. The illusion results in a mentality of fear, Us vs Them, groups dictating Right vs Wrong, etc. There is no separateness, and the attempt to reconcile such self inflicted chaos by implementing man made laws is dizzying and devolves only further into such chaos. There is but ONE law, ONE Truth - the most ancient of ancients, self governing and self evident and this alone reconciles the many perceived conflicts and such that arise from forgetting this cornerstone of wisdom. We are all ONE, ignorance is a choice.