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Thursday, March 10, 2016

And so it is, that we on the Alchemical path realize the cycles & lessons which we refine through the process of transmutation. Love is the key to the Mystery of producing the stone. Love is the law by which the most ancient of ancients bestowed the hidden faculties and potentialities in man. When we are hardened through the chaos of the illusion , the material world & the injustices we see towards our fellow beings and the planet , it can become a stepping stone or a can bring us to squander what we are in search of. We must properly distill these emotions and their connections to the experiences and the perceptions of what is and what is not, love, truth & reality and lack of love, fear, that which destroys and confuses. 

Be in the world, but not of it. 

Take notice, that once the realization of the I AM and the manifestation by the direction of will is known, we must remain vigilant against distractions, to maintain this LIGHT, to bring it forth fully from within. We are capable of such great things, it is from within, that the mind and the will directed from the heart miracles are brought forth. And by this Wisdom we create from the spiritual energies  by thought to the material world. There are but many levels of this and many examples but those who know do not need to repeat such trivial things here. The message is Love. Find the center within, go within the pain, fear and the carnal mind / ego to heal it from within by the divine Fire and forgiveness. Transmute the lesser and bring forth that which is deemed GOLD. Surrender all that which does not serve us, so that the higher self, the illuminated consciousness reigns as King of the Temple.

So mote it Be ∞

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