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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

One of the Secrets to Life (Hermetically "The Universe is Mental") - Take full personal responsibility for every word, thought and action you allow to manifest. No one else is to blame, for your reaction or actions. The world does not owe you a living, or anything, nor does any other human being (except respect). The Governments, the people, the enemy, the friend, no one is to blame for your station in life. You are responsible for that. In truth, circumstance and environment have very little to do with anything concerning advancement and success in life. Happiness comes from within and and is not dependent on material objects or possessions acquired.There is in fact no separation from the Universe / God / Nature or any scarcity, lacking of abundance (enough to do what needs to be done) except that which you perceive in your mind. The entire universe, is, in fact...mental, The All is mind. Shift your perception, thoughts, understandings about what you think you know. It is all a shift in consciousness, all of life is, shifting, becoming, remembering. And we are each so much more than most can even begin to imagine ∞

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