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Saturday, June 09, 2007

We have now entered the most crucial "time" in all of human existence, the opportunity to transcend the materialistic / Dualistic world view and commune with the divine energy of creation, unity with all that is. I have always held true to my writings that "We are all One", connected to all that is, the cosmos, nature, flowing with the same universal life force, energy direct from the source, from God. The duality of the human existence ( good vs. evil, right vs. wrong ) through our awareness, and the way we have "separated" ourselves from the divine is the source of all suffering, stress, Self Esteem issues and conflict in our perceived reality. It is time to awaken to our true purpose on this planet, in this life time and take our place among the stars. We must be present in the NOW more than ever.

The great shift in Consciousness, the prophesized age that all the worlds religions and spiritual and philosophical teachings, both Ancient and Modern speak of is upon us. The distinction should be made between the esoteric truths and taking the "end of the world" Armageddon fear based scenario literally. The only way the world is going to "end" is if we humans destroy it through war type events, but this "struggle" will come to an end as the new Consciousness is integrated into our very beings. There will be natural earth changes and other events that may appear to be catastrophic, but this is all the natural process of the evolution of this planet and all souls.

It is important to understand, to comprehend, that Consciousness is the catalyst driving all of creation. This divine plan, this natural timeline of the evolution of Consciousness can not be altered by humans; it can not be manipulated, rushed or prevented from happening. The greatest tool we as a species have for understanding this process is the ancient Mayan Calendar. A calendar that traces the evolution of consciousness from the beginning of the "big bang" event through the ages with preciseness that is awe inspiring in its accuracy and can be backed up and supported with scientific proof and by looking at the levels of Consciousness and energy that have affected this planet that have happened, and the patterns of the types of events that have occurred during these shifts / levels throughout the entire time line of existence.

You have to understand that the Mayans did not base their calendar on physical objects, rotation of planets around the sun, such as the Gregorian calendar in place in modern society. The Gregorian calendar was created by Pope Gregory and instilled in 1582 after lands were conquered and millions were killed and forced to accept it as constant. The Mayan Calendar is based on the evolution of Consciousness and throughout history, in each stage of creation, this calendar proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is a divine plan of creation from the source of all that is, God. It literally cuts through the dogma on all levels. It takes an open mind, seeking unity and enlightenment and to break free from the Dualistic mindset of the last few thousand years to understand and see where we are headed.

All other calendars are based on physical reality and are nothing more than illusions of "time". They have no spiritual basis and are in reality business calendars and nothing more. They imprison the "mind" and create the illusion of linear time. The revival of the Mayan Calendar can not be turned into a dogma or religion. It does not allow it; it offers and shows a path that we as humanity and the entire universe are on since the beginning of creation. Regardless of ones personal religious or spiritual beliefs it can be applied because it encourages us to unify instead of divide.

Now skeptics will say that the end date of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 is like all other "prophecies" and this is due to the lack of knowledge on the subject and misinformation that is being circulated. One must understand, this calendar shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt when energies and levels of consciousness have begun and shifted to the next level, the breakthroughs in human existence, from National to Industrial to Religions, Technology and so forth. It does not say the sky will fall or there will be a certain event in the sky. There is an alignment occurring but this is secondary.

Like all prophecy waiting around for a certain date and expecting something to happen is ignorance, self fulfilling and a result of the duality of the human condition. It is a goal we must work towards on individual and collective levels. We must consciously co create. We must literally BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world. We must be able to work towards enlightenment, to raise our vibrations and begin to see and separate ourselves from the old mindset of Materialism, Separation, War, Greed, and Egotism and see that in reality we are connected to everything, to each other, to God.

This is not something new; it is something that has been occurring since the very beginning. It is our Destiny as human beings to recognize the divinity within ourselves and all of creation. We have separated ourselves through beliefs instilled into the consciousness by other souls. No person, church, government or any other soul has any business putting itself in between you and God. This is the time to reconnect with the very heart of all creation that was severed when this dualistic consciousness set in. Anyone who for a moment chooses to think for themselves and set aside what is accepted as reality can sense the changes through Intuition. Can sense the appearance that "time" is speeding up and has been since the later 1960s. In reality it is Creation that is speeding up. For example, the technological breakthroughs and advancements that have occurred in the last 50 years compared to the last 5000 years. This is not a Coincidence or a random chance of events.

In this modern world we have lost sight of truth and replaced it with superstition and materialism. Science and Religion, for the most part, have become void of Spirituality and have become controlled and Dogmatic rhetoric. The Cosmos, the universe and everything contained within it is alive and beating to the cosmic pulse. Science has focused for too long on relying on only what could be proved and labeled Physical and disregarded the rest as mystical mythology; Religion has condemned and destroyed the ancient wisdom and anything going against the "status quo", declaring it heresy and "evil" as a result of this blind dualistic consciousness. Thankfully with advancements in Quantum Physics and the “new” sciences, and people the world over moving away from "organized" religion to explore spirituality and enlightenment we are seeing that this awakening is taking place and the ancient secrets, such as healing, and the development of the 6th & 7th senses, once forgotten, are being revived.

Fear has played a major role in all of this, but if you look back over history itself, even based on the Gregorian calendar you can see when shifts in Consciousness have occurred and when do to changes in energy have recessed, only to give birth to new levels of creativity once again. The Mayan Calendar shows this in detail and it is no coincidence. The Ancients knew, including those in Egypt and other parts of the world were aware of these flows in energy and connection to the divine. Since the metaphorical fall of man or split of Consciousness we have been moving towards this destiny throughout the ages. To become who we truly are and to recognize our divinity. Creation has a plan, a timeline it follows directly from the source.

The end date of the Mayan Calendar is not an end of the world scenario. It is the end of the world as we know it, but not a doomsday prophecy. It is when all of the world should be on the same waves of Consciousness and we will shed our old ways. People the world over are awakening by the millions to recognize that we are all one human family under one creator and we have the ability to co create this reality to one of peace and humility, of acceptance. This final shift in Consciousness will end conflict, heal and end judgment of others, it will allow us to see clearly the world as it truly is meant to be and we will move out of this duality that sadly has been accepted by many as the real human condition. The only thing that will prevent us from taking this step is ourselves and those who seek to attempt to control that which can not be controlled. In this area we may very well see what appear to be apocalyptic wars and events. But when the final shift is complete it will be irreversible and all will experience what is referred to as "Christ Consciousness".

The information about the Mayan Calendar, for the most part, being circulated on mainstream media and for the most part on the internet is this fear based misinformation. It is in these days, important to discern all information and find truth by what resonates within your hearts as being true. We must all seek what is for the highest good of all and not selfish and materialistic goals. The Ego must be shed and the realization that we are all of one mind, one cosmic soul, that when we hurt one, we hurt all. The macrocosm and microcosm, as above so is below. We are all souls at different levels of awareness. Different parts of the world are currently under different views and energies of Consciousness leading to shifts and this results in conflicts while the energies balance out. The Good vs. Evil duality is an illusion created in the mind of human beings and our desire to control and dominate this planet and our reality for personal gain and for dogmas, different points of view.

We are on the verge of great change, and According to my studies and personal beliefs, as well as many others who are aware, I believe that beginning now in 2007 and continuing through 2008 into the early parts of 2009, subsiding around 2010 time frame, we will see change and struggle that may appear as if everything is falling apart. Those who seek to control this reality, those who do not want equality and seek control over other souls, in this current level of Consciousness are going to make their last attempts at a world order that will not and can not happen. We are also going to see natural events unlike anything that anyone alive now has ever seen. But do not mistake this for rhetoric or fear that the world is going to end. We are evolving and before every calm, comes the storm. Every transition throughout the history of this planet has a clearing process. There is nothing to fear, not even what we have come to know as death. Death is an ugly word for the continuation of the journey of the soul from the physical realm back to light. Philosophically speaking hardest "Death" is the transition from light into this physical realm. Expand your Consciousness and become aware that everything is connected.

The completion of the shifts in Consciousness, the divine plan of creation should be implemented by October 28, 2011 and complete on all levels by December 21, 2012. By this time we will see a new movement and an end to control and struggle as we know it, and what we as humanity face at this very moment. By this time information, either from direct contact with what have become known as extraterrestrials or through other avenues about the truth regarding humanities history on this planet and our relationship to the stars will become public knowledge. I also believe that barring political interference information and sacred sites will be finally be found within Egypt, specifically around the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid.

The only thing that will hold us back from this happening is ourselves and not realizing that we are part of something much bigger. The time has come to think for yourself and question authority. To embrace all as one and to move beyond the material, the ego and release and clear all that which does not serve the highest good of all. There is no place any longer for selfishness or discrimination on any level. We are who we have been waiting for. The time is NOW. Practice Unconditional love and compassion. It is time to begin living by the the words and energy of the great masters, Jesus, Buddha,
The Mahatma and Kukulcan / Quetzalcoatl of the Maya / Aztec (all incarnations of the same divine energy) WE ARE ALL ONE.

The master / teacher within us all calls to awaken the soul from its slumber. Look within and you will find your personal truth, there is no need to seek truth outside of yourself. Meditation is a wonderful tool, and truly is the best (in my opinion) to access the interdimensional link we all have to the divine. It brings healing, understanding, compassion, unconditional love and balance as we expand our consciousness to include all as one. The union of the Female / Male polarities, the Yin / Yang, the Hunab Ku. The time is now for the revealing of destiny and truth.

Peace and Light to all in the highest


Awakened1 said...

It is important to remember that most of the information fed to the mass consciousness through multi media / News / Entertainment is little more than controlled propaganda intended to influence "public opinion" and create a complacent society , flooded with pop culture and distractions to keep people ignorant of reality and consciousness. Reject the system of complacency and ignorance. Rise above what is accepted and challenge the status quo. the time is NOW to expand our awareness for the highest good of all and not the few who wish to control this society of ours, develop and maintain your intuition and look within for truth and experience, create peace within and love with all your soul, You are not puppets on the market of souls...


Waterlily said...

I have read your blog a number of times and what you say speaks to my heart.

But after lurking for a while, I felt moved to post a comment. I felt moved because I've broken a barrier I've had with true Oneness and I feel flooded with so much love and feeling, I really cannot think of words to describe it.

I really believe we are all One and I live from that, except I've had some troubles remember Oneness with certain individuals. But, today, I have found forgiveness and took another giant step in my evolution.

I read your blog as I was flooded with feelings of love and forgiveness and your words have resounded in me like never before. Thank you for your words, bringing your light to many and just generally existing. It's all apart of the One.