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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I AM that I AM The Eternal and the Divine
I AM the seen and unseen
I AM everything

I AM all that is
I AM the air, fire, water and earth and the ether
I AM the sun, moon and I AM the stars
I AM the rhythm, I AM the pulse of the cosmos
I AM infinite in creation and expression, I AM unlimited
I AM within all and all is of ONE
I AM light, I AM energy, I AM consciousness
I AM the voice of reason, I AM the law of nature, I AM the truth of all truth. I AM love, I AM compassion, I AM ONE. I AM that which is above, I AM that which is below.

I AM all that is without, as I AM that which is within all
I AM the light and I AM the darkness, they are ONE.
Fear is an illusion and doubt is of the same.

Seek not outside of yourself for me, for I dwell within the most sacred of temples. It is to me whom you pray in secret. I AM the life, the light, the fire and the spirit. From ONE came all things, and from all things came ONE.

I AM The essence of truth and life.

I AM the Esoteric teachings, the great mysteries of All that is. Meditate and unveil truth. Seek to apply that which is known into all that is done. In each action find me and in me find peace. Look within and you will find the higher expression of self, the I AM presence, The creator and the creation. The ONE that is inherent in all things.

Do you not see? That which is not is also of me, that which has yet to spring forth into manifestation. That which comes from you is of the divine. Seek to benefit all for the power of knowledge and wisdom of the highest. Do not seek personal gain and control of this power and truth, for this will result in knowing truth of consequences that are ONE. The Law is ONE. And the Law is TRUTH.

From the elements sprang forth life and the elements sprang forth from ONE.

That which was not and now is. That which in the beginning is the source and from the source all is a reflection of ONE. For aeons I have slumbered within, ready to awaken and stir the eternal fire to spark the memories of divine origin. In the name of ONEness and true being. To join hands and embrace the physical and spiritual as ONE.



Sophia said...

Awesome writing! I am always pleased to see the various ways the Universe manifests itself through writings of knowledge such as this.

I like the new images on your blog, too!

mich said...

Wow, I just stumbled across your blog. You write beautifully, its like peeking into your soul.

And your images! They're so moving.

upwinger said...

Ah, I see its happening to you too, brother ...
A new trumpet blast -- a new voice crying out in the wilderness ...