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Friday, March 15, 2013


This is my imagination come to life. Dream BIG. 7 year anniversary is around the corner. A brand new website built fresh off the inspiration from my month in the Desert of Tucson. Its all a dream, once we realize that then we go out and change the world starting with ourselves. Then give to those who truly need and do what we are here to do, raise the consciousness of the planet by raising ours as high as we can tune in. If we must "work" and pay taxes & pay to live here in this realm while we are manifest in this vessel and adhere to certain physical restrictions & social systems in place only to imprison, then do what you love. Love what you do. Become Free And spread that light as far as it will reach. Those of us who get it and understand truly how to transmute the stone from the waters then it is our duty to do so. No compromising the experienced wisdom for there are no illusions. Create Peace. Create Light. Cooperation within the Great Work to divine laws that Govern with no discrimination. The path must be True. We ourselves are the change we have been looking for. Manifest Truth. Manifest True Power & Freedom. Manifest Destiny. After all, this is the very reason each one of us is here in the first place, to awaken and to remember, then to create....
Solve et Coagula

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