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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Right Eye of Horus & Pineal Gland, Cross section of Human Brain

So what is the Pineal Gland exactly? It is the seat of consciousness within the human body, known for thousands of years by all civilizations, hidden from and virtually blind in todays modern society yet it is Known exactly what it is still today by those who run society, even the Vatican knows too - they use the pine cone as the symbol - go google it, anyways, this is your Third Eye, it is your connection to the ALL that is, so ponder for a moment that you are MUCH more than your physical senses, you are in fact not your body, not your mind or your Ego but something much more powerful, connected to ALL things, and have much more power than you could ever imagine. And a side note - Fluoride breaks down and has its most toxic effects on this tiny part of the brain and calcifies it (it turns it off or dulls it to the point of nothingness) this has been proven in the medical / scientific journals as well, now you know why toxic Fluoride is added to Water supplies and pushed as Dental uses because it specifically attacks the most vital part of your brain that is responsible for Consciousness & the non physical senses...Ask yourself, if everyone was capable of being fully awakened and realized ALL is ONE then there is no control, no war, no greed or the chaos that we see in the world today, that means no control over other human beings which doesnt work out to well if your entire plan is based on keeping the masses steeped in illusions...things that make you go hmmmmmm.... Expand your consciousness.Ignorance is a choice. Do the research.

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