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Monday, January 14, 2013

There is much said about how one manifests abundance and prosperity in their lives. How what are considered miracles or magic can be experienced daily. Its deeper than "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction or wishful thinking. While this is part of it, we must also understand the foundation or operation of the laws that ALL things follow. One must be in the flow with the natural order of life, see all as a reflection of each other, doing what is necessary in all things, in all dealings on all levels, personal, spiritual and in business. There can be no greed. Deceipt or corruption of any kind, all must mutually benefit in a way that there is balance and harmony.

In order to bring forth from MIND to manifest within physical reality the will (control of action and thought power to direct by conscious awareness) must be directed by the consciousness from the Heart (feeling), and the desire and feeling must be guided by intention and adherence to the laws of creation. First and foremost there can be no doubt, no fear that failure is even possible. After all fear and doubt only exist in the mind because we are taught we are separate from God, Nature, the natural state of Being. Most search the external world to supply happiness and everything else they think they need when in fact those things are only found within. The key is to connect the Heart and Mind as ONE and to project that vision - seeing it as a state of being, as the end result already having been achieved and not some distant goal. I AM that I AM to BE, ONE with ALL that is.

As it is Every word and thought we have creates the reality we experience. Why do you think they call it "Spelling"... Ponder that for a moment. When we give power to , that is expression and validation to a thought or mental construct and we believe that thought to be true and confirm those thoughts about ourselves, about the world around us by uttering words thus making those thoughts "reality" then we experience those things from that perspective. Whether positive or negative in experience is up to the observer and if those thoughts, feelings, words are from a "negative" and limited point of view then that is exactly what you will get. The Same goes for positive thought - to certain degrees according to understanding.  Luck, Fate, and so forth are just the results we label these laws because of ignorance to how things actually happen. Luck and fate, circumstance and environment actually have very little to do with anything. 

If we wish to manifest change around us we must first manifest that change within ourselves. This is the starting point and foundation of Alchemy, of the Hermetic Science that has birthed the many spiritual and religious paths known to humanity today. The Same creed taught by all the true Master Teachers who have incarnated to teach Humanity the "Way". That we are unlimited in potential, spiritual beings capable of manifesting "Heaven on Earth", abundance, healing, prosperity beyond what most can even imagine.  For example, take a look at successful people, it doesnt matter if they are or are not consciously aware of how they do what they do, but they all do the same thing basically. The Energy is always very high when creating, when in the "zone". Every ounce of heart and soul seems to be poured into whatever the works they are involved in. Everything just flows, even obstacles are viewed as challenges and welcomed when they appear. Confidence is high, there is no worry or fear of the outcome, they seem to know when and how to make the important decisions (intuition) and are doing what they need to in order to achieve the goal without hesitation. Hard work, Determination and Gusto drive them. Now add to that the Esoteric Knowledge on how to actually be in alignment with creation, and how to create according to the very laws all things follow to manifest and nothing is impossible. It is something that is possible for ALL to experience.

All things are a reflection of the inner state of being. As Above, So Below.

Experience transmutes belief and faith into direct knowing, first hand participation in The Great Work - the raising of consciousness to become soul conscious, to awaken from the Dream and to free ourselves from the mundane sphere of existence to realize the Destiny not only of the individual but the collective end of why we are here in the first place. When the conscience - the still small voice within is clear and we are doing what we are supposed to be doing all along it is amazing how life unfolds like the thousand petal lotus and the fire within sparks the creative imagination that is so important for us to transmute knowledge into experience, into BEING.

There is ONE way to do all things and when this way is found, there simply is no other way. There is no compromising truth for external indulgence or illusion that is blinding and selfish, no off switch once the truth has been found. No cutting corners to achieve what must be earned by the works required of us to work within the operations of Nature, of Creation by Conscious Manifestation. The ladder must be climbed with precision, the natural faculties within unfolded and attained by degree according to Divine Law. This is the way to mastership, to fulfilling and discovering our Destiny and the greatest secrets of the true power contained within, the Gift that is the birthright of all incarnated beings and is the very reason we are here in the first place, to Remember and then to use that power to create and grow as we are meant to.



kathlene mayer said...

Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS

Mike Eggleston said...

Thank you