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Saturday, January 05, 2013

From a spiritual aspect, once you realize that you are not your body, that this vessel is a tool needed for the consciousness to experience itself through, then you come to understand the importance of taking care of it.
But not merely taking care of it for Physical Health & Well Being. The Universe is mental, and so by consciousness all is created- mental as in manifested and brought into being by thought - the Logos / The Word - Let there be..... FIAT LUX

The energy centers, chakras, of the body do not function properly when the food we take in is of no real use to it. Highly refined Sugars, Dyes, Preservatives, Antibiotics & Steroids,  Genetically Modified with Toxic Chemicals and altered genes, Artificial Flavors & Sweeteners created in a lab were never meant to be ingested by the human body. Most of these Chemicals breakdown and synthesize as other toxic chemicals within the body weighing it down. When the body becomes Toxic - from Mental Negative thought constructs along with physical impurities & Toxins, disease and illness manifest. The natural energy of the human body is dulled to a very low resonance when we do not feed it properly. Many of these chemicals breakdown specifically in the Pineal Gland and calcify it and wreak havoc and disharmony in other areas of the body.

Once you become aware of this you see that the only option is to make that change and become your 
primary care provider. The way to make the energy flow and accessible is to Eat Properly & exercise the mind and body. This doesnt necessarily mean cutting out all Meat - but Grass Fed , no antibiotics or growth hormone is the way to go, though meat should be limited for many other reasons. The best way to go is Organic - meaning no Chemicals, Toxins, Drugs, it means Truly Natural - the way Nature created it.
Its ok to have some sweets or even a soda here or there. Live a little, but be conscious of what you are putting into your body. It is necessary because we ourselves are responsible for our mental, spiritual and physical well being.

Those who are "tapped in" and aware of the Spiritual / Consciousness reality understand the importance of eating properly and drinking water because it is through this vessel that we express and create , unite the Above and Below. The Alchemical Process requires it or we slowly kill ourselves and do damage that overtime is harder to correct or heal. That along with the consciousness aspect we can heal, ourselves and others, we live longer & can more easily through these methods and breathing techniques increase the amount of stored Prana / Chi / Life Force. We can more easily do what it is we were born to do in the first place- the human body was designed for longevity - you only grow "old" or die because you are told you are and will...... Think about that one for awhile

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