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Sunday, April 20, 2008

As Above, So Below, As is inner is also outer, this is the Law of the ONE

The microcosm (hu-man) is a reflection of the macrocosm (the universe)

Within is contained all the power and LIGHT of the universe, of God

LOVE is the strongest of all and will lead to the answer to all of humanities challenges, healing, suffering and happiness

Everything is energy, An exchange of energy and each action will produce an equal or opposite reaction

Meditation on the ONE that is the source of all is the key

The Key is to transmute the lower / carnal / material self (LEAD) into a finally tuned spiritual consciousness / Higher self (GOLD). One with the creator, God, Nature. Alchemy.

The laws of the universe can not be broken. The only laws man can break are the ones he creates. To find equilibrium, the balance of the polarity - Dualistic consciousness, 3D Illusion is to live in harmony with the laws of God, Of Nature. To awaken the Fire, the LIGHT within. To unite as one with all that is and to maintain. To "live the life", to live by the law that governs all things.

The Law of Order
The Law of KARMA
The Law of exchange and compensation
The Law of Attraction
The Law of Action and REaction

It is written - As ye sow, shall ye reap

Every action, decision, act has an equal reaction. The rewards or consequences of each begins to manifest in the moment of creation, of the act. NOT later in time as is believed by the unknowing.

When the spiritual fire is awakened, and the consciousness expands, it is key to remember; The path must be true.

Personal Gain & Power & Control over others must not be the goal, but the betterment of all of humanity, unselfish love

To give and to benefit others as well as a result of accomplishing material success should be distributed.

The image of success of both the spiritual and material must be imagined in the mind as a state of being, not some future goal.

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