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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Each one of us is far more special than we ever dreamed or imagined. Within is a LIGHT that when awakened, answers all questions and suspends all ignorance and superstition. We have the ability to heal ourselves and this planet we call home. It is time for each one, to look within and realize and awaken the divine and powerful essence that is the end to all suffering, disease, pain and the key to immortality and love. Call it what you will, it is, has and always been. It is the answer to all.

I speak not of opinion or fanciful thoughts, but of experience. We have for too long as a people assumed the heard mentality of belief through being taught, being told what is "reality" by so called experts and by the few dictating the "laws" and lives of the many.

It is time for each person, to cast aside this ignorance and belief that we are not smart enough, good enough, strong enough, beautiful enough, special enough and so forth. Each human being has within them the power of the universe and "God", each a reflection of the creator. All equal.

It is time NOW, unlike any other time in the history of this planet to LOVE, to find compassion towards others and in all we do. It is time to become who we are meant to be, to cast off this shell of materialism, nihilism and mental slavery. It is time now to practice peace and humanity towards each other and our selves. To not seek to live for only personal gain at the expense of others, but to give and to receive to benefit ALL.


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