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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Consciousness, awakening and personal responsibility

True change comes from within. It is up to Each to take personal responsibility for their life and become the change one wishes to see in the world. There is no longer a place for blame or excuses to the "evils" we see in the world or the misfortune or suffering we experience. When we open ourselves up and follow the divine laws (law of nature, consciousness) we see that there is a connection between each and the whole. Action and REaction. Karma. Whatever one wishes to call it. We must search within ourselves for the answers to the riddles of life. The truth and the light that will guide the way resides within. As a species, we must stop looking to others to solve our problems for us, and understand that we have the answers. Nothing is as complicated as we have come to believe.

Truth, Compassion, Love, Charity, Humility, these are the true Virtues of Humanity. Personal gain and the temporal material illusion is not reality. It is fleeting, we must seek true wisdom, empowerment and experience. It is time for this world to awaken to the true potential within. We must break the cycle of complacency and awaken to the truth before we have run out of "time"

Seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free

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