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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Humanity must awaken from its slumber. Through the ancient teachings and all branches that have grown outward via the various religions since the beginning of time , the very core fundamental truth is that there is ONE spirit that moves through all of creation. This consciousness, this creative spirit that connects all that is to the source, to the ONE.

Since the last shift thousands of years ago, when humanity fell asleep and forgot our true origins, countless movements, religions and spiritual teachings have tried to remind us of the core truths. Through parables, symbolism and so forth, the stories have been passed on. It does not matter what religion one was taught, except for the flaw of human nature that differentiates between these. These were created by us and the conflicts between humanity are all caused by these misconceptions and the Hypocrisy caused by ignorance and the dualistic consciousness that has grasped this planet for so long.

There are many religions and teachings who reject or do their best to conceal the true teachings that we are all ONE and in place have idolized and created their own images of the ONE, of God, of Source.

The true teachings of those who have come before us, the teachings of Buddha, of Christ, of Thoth, of the ancients have been manipulated and distorted for control and by those who do not wish to see humanity awaken to the truth of who we are, where we came from and where we are going.

History reaches much further back than the 6000+ years accepted and perpetuated by modern religion and society. Our origins on this planet reach far beyond the illusion we have created for ourselves. Beyond a few million years, to Lemuria, Atlantis and beyond. The Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, Dogon and other indigenous cultures were off shoots of these ancient ancestors.

The truth about what is covered up by the so called authorities, these souls who sit in their high seats of office and church , regarding the origins of man, the universe and the ancient knowledge of the stars must and will be revealed. The ancient teachings and knowledge of sacred geometry, the truth about what we call "extraterrestrials", energy, technology and intuition are finding their way back into the consciousness of this planet. Much is still shrouded in secrecy and concealed from the mainstream and this has led to modern day "conspiracies" and lies that are taken as truth.

Love is the strongest and purest of all energy. There are only 2 emotions, love and fear and all others are extensions of these.

In this dualistic consciousness, right vs wrong, good vs evil, we perceive these 2 main emotions / energies in the physical material world. Above this 3rd dimension / 3D Consciousness they pass through each other and balance each other out. But here in the material plane of existence they collide in the lower vibrations. This is why we see conflict and modern civilization seems to think we are the most advanced of all who have come before us. This could not be farther from the truth. But our consciousness has operated on such a low frequency for so long that we have been conditioned to accept only what our 5 physical senses can perceive.

We are all spiritual beings, all at different levels of awareness and not mere humans waiting to die to experience a higher awareness, waiting to get into heaven as we have been lead to believe. We are all capable of attaining higher awareness here and now, unity or Christ-consciousness as it is referred to. We must break free from the dogmas and illusions that bind us to this "reality" we accept. Within us all is the entire knowledge and history of all that is since the beginning. We all have the ability to access this information and rise above the countless ism's and labels we create for ourselves. We all have the ability to manifest abundance, love and create this reality to one of peace and to remember the truth about our past and how vital it is to move beyond this ego driven world we find ourselves in. Ruled by a false calendar of "time" and a mentality of consume and conquer, humanity is now beginning to emerge from its long sleep.

Many on this planet now have been here since the beginning and are tasked with job of anchoring higher vibrational energy and consciousness on this planet. We are in the 5th night of the final stage of the Mayan Calendar, a Calendar based on consciousness and creation. The 5th nights of the past are ruled by Destructive energy, or the breaking down of paradigms. As we see now with the economic , political, social paradigms that are falling away and collapsing in on themselves. We are on the verge of major changes, a shift in consciousness that will change everything we think we know to be true. A shift to a higher, spiritual consciousness and understanding.

This is happening now, regardless if you can perceive it.

During this modern civilization we have seen this if we are paying attention. From 3000 years ago from the wheel and horses to 100 years ago the technology leaps and "inventions" to 50, 30, 10 years. We have grown by what seem to be amazing discoveries in amazingly short amounts of time. This is no accident.

It is time for those aware to focus and to not be distracted by the countless "new age" movements, and the fluff of those who do not understand the true workings of consciousness and truth. Do not cling to things because others do. Look within and you will find truth. Look within and you will find all you need through meditation and discernment. Truth resonated in the heart. We are all ONE and the same energy flows through all of creation. It is conscious, it is spirit, it simply is. By balancing the female and male energies within us all and activating the right brain thinking through intuition and meditation we can access these higher dimensions and consciousness.

There are those souls who wish to keep control over this planet and this 3D reality and prevent the masses from awakening. But the consciousness has shifted in such a way that the light is stronger than the darkness. For too long the dark energy controlled this reality, but now that is coming to an end. It is time for all to live through love, from the heart and raise the consciousness of this planet to fulfill the destiny of creation of what this planet has always been moving towards.

The time is now....

In Lak'ech

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