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Know Thyself - and thou shall know all the Mysteries of the Gods and of the Universe

Friday, August 15, 2008

An ancient truth concealed a key to the mysteries... "Man Know Thyself and thou shall know the mysteries of the universe and the Gods"

Modern Science is steeped in its materialism , lost in ignorance and the denial of a Divine Essence and blind to the ancient metaphysical sciences, it now borders on the destruction of humanity and the planet . Organized religion has concealed and destroyed arcane wisdom and knowledge and replaced it with dogma and superstition, in turn it has become void of any true spirituality. Politics has become corrupted to the point of annhilation of what was once a service to the people, now it only serves the elite and greedy who seek to control through fear and manipulation. Academia has dumbed down true education and offers a very perverted view of history and truth. Economics strives to serve one class and acts to enslave the rest.

A new paradigm must emerge.

The consciousness of the planet is shifting, the destruction or breaking down of all paradigms and belief systems can be see across the board. This is a sign of the new coming into being. We must as a species seek true knowledge in place of the illusion that has been presented and accepted for so long. The echo's of the ancient philosophers calls out from the shadows of 1000 moons and suns beckoning the mind to see beyond the perceived "reality". If we ignore the mistakes of the past and remain complacent in the face of evils committed in the name of "truth and freedom" we are as guilty as those who support such acts.

Humanity appears to have become numb to its true power. An inherent power and connection to nature and true divinity that has fallen asleep through the aeons. It is time to awaken and to become the the change we appear to be waiting for. Personal responsibility and awareness is key. We can not afford to simply stand by and wait for some savior or superman to come rescue us from ourselves. The truth of the matter is that we are the ones we have been waiting for , all one has to do is seek within and realize the truth that resonates within the heart.

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