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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fear exists only in the mind. It is an illusion, a by product of our objective consciousness. Through only being aware of our 5 physical senses we become confined to a very limited experience of so called "reality". Through our objective consciousness we are able to perceive the illusions of linear time and space. In a constant battle to conquer these two seemingly elusive nemesis.

It is through the study of consciousness, meditation, the esoteric that we are able to glimpse beyond the veil and experience true reality. The connection of all things to each other. The mystery of the macrocosm and the microcosm. To commune with the divine by means of experience and not merely through dogmatic beliefs. The true inherent potential within. The awakening of the mind and consciousness to the infinite possibilities and abilities known to mystics and many cultures as being second nature.

We are at the time in human history where we once again are in need of understanding Truth in its highest form. To verify and experience what is taken as truth.

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Starlene said...

life is but an illusion
~fearless ;)