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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

At times one must wonder when observing the human population and modern society, especially here in America, how so many remain willfully ignorant of the corruption around them. Maybe it is out of fear? Maybe it is out of complacency? Maybe it is out of ignorance? So many what ifs, the truth is, as I have said many times before, IGNORANCE IS A CHOICE.

You can only bury your head in the sand for so long before you begin to run out of air. You can only ignore the reality of what we are faced with for so long before you begin to be personally affected by the insanity, before your conscience alone tells you something is very wrong. Those who do not see it, or better yet those who refuse to see the reality in front of them call those who are sounding the warning "Doom and Gloomers", "Crying Wolf", "Fear mongering" etc, etc, etc...Whatever helps you sleep better at night, again, as I have said before... 20 Years from now NO ONE will be able to say they didn't see it coming with a straight face.

There is only so much you can do when you have made your way out of the cave and upon return the rest choose to remain in the shadows of illusion, where they feel safe, where they can attempt to rationalize away truth because they have never been out of the cave.

We humans can not break the laws of the universe, cause and effect, etc. This is common sense, basic understanding of consciousness and the world around us. Though Common sense has become taboo, just as critical thinking and personal responsibility have become relics of a time long ago. Dependence on a system that is in place to imprison your mind and expectations of some kind of entitlement have become common place. And so we wait, we watch, and those who know prepare for the coming storm.

The clouds and rumbles of thunder are on the horizon. There is no avoiding what is coming. There is no stopping it, there is no pretending it isn't coming. The best we can do is to prepare to weather the storm, to take shelter and to wait it out. Then with a new sense of being we must rebuild and restore.

This is the natural precession of events when a system becomes so corrupt, so toxic. It is history repeating.

People have no idea just how fragile the system they depend upon for everything is. They think the banks will always operate, that collapse will not come, that they can just run to the store in the event of an emergency. Self Sufficiency and preparedness is what will possibly allow you to last longer than the 95% who are living in a dream world.

Anyone, the Government, the Media, the *Experts* who repeatedly say "No one could have predicted this" are fucking liars. The Economic is just the beginning, the "It cant happen here / or get that bad" mentality is just what they are counting on...

Think for yourself, take personal responsibility, wake up and stop denying what is happening, Jump through the 5 stages of grief and get a grip on the reality of what we are faced with.

Welcome to the end of the beginning...

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