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Friday, August 07, 2009

I am posting these now, they were private for sometime only shared with a couple of people...

This is an older post from 2007 as well

2008 - 2015 Predictions


Economic Collapse begins
Obama President
Possible Martial Law / “terrorist: event in US / Europe
Stock Market 7500 level
Gold $850 Range

Spring 2009?? Bank Runs / Economic Meltdown becomes mainstream, DOW gains but drop by winter, Depression Begins - War with Iran - Martial Law event between now and 2012 - Pandemic? Economic ? Unrest - civil? Revolution Begins in US?? Riots?? - Bank Runs ????- holidays - continued increase in nationalization of industries by Govts - Gold $1000+ - all though markets are 100% manipulated by Illuminati - Stock Crash again by winter - Revealing of truths, shattering of illusions begins

2010 - 2015

Engineered Economic Depression - Open world Goernment
Engineered Pandemic and Famine, food shortages, weather via HAARP and other external causes - Increase in natural disasters - Civil Unrest in US, Food Shortages, Revolution - Martial Law- increase in wars - Europe and Middle East, violence, oppression, tyranny, “New World Order” attempted to be established openly -Cataclysmic event - ? - earthquake - volcanic ? - “Contact” event - Extraterrestrials event - engineered also???? Gold to $2500+

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