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Saturday, August 01, 2009

At one time in my studies I thought that there would be an event in time, possibly like the 2012 theories, that would lead to a worldwide shift in consciousness, like a light switch being flipped on a mass scale. However as one delves deeper into the mysteries of the Ancient Esoteric wisdom and cuts through the dogma and half truths it becomes clear that illumination of the soul is an individual experience on an individual basis. Each soul, must on its own, awaken to soul consciousness through the path of gaining knowledge, experience, "passing through the 7 spheres" as it is sometimes referred to as, and this happens for most through many lifetimes.

Though there may be events, the release of certain information and changes in the mass consciousness on many levels, it is still on an individual basis that the spiritual or divine wisdom is revealed. Many masters throughout time have attempted to teach humanity this point, Jesus, Buddha, and others come to mind.

The work needed to be done by each is in accordance to certain laws & principles and the Karmic ties of each individual soul. This is clear in all the Ancient, Indigenous, Occult / Esoteric traditions, including those of Esoteric Christianity, Gnosticism, Hermetics, and the Eastern schools of thought.

Now there are many theories in what can be called the Occult, even in theology or grouped into the modern New Age spiritual movement that as we move closer to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius that there will be a time of peace and of conscious evolution on a mass scale. This may be true, up to a point, but the process is undeniable once one experiences the higher or etheric realms first hand, through meditation, intuition and awareness of certain topics which will not be discussed here. It is up to the each to realize the oneness with all of creation, to recognize the divinity within all. Love above all else.

Direct Experience and knowledge results in knowing, which not only verifies "faith" but in many ways transmutes mere faith or belief into actuality.

I have said many times, Change can not happen in the outer world until change manifests within each person. This is true on all levels, the outer world is a manifestation of the inner battle we all face on the path of awakening to true consciousness, to our connection with the divine.

The path is one that each must walk alone, though teachers, masters and other students will at times guide the seeker on the path of illumination.

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