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Friday, July 31, 2009

It is important to remember with all the static in the air these strange days to remain balanced and focused on the positive, as difficult as that may seem at times.

We are what we think, this is the most basic way of relating to people the principles of mentalism, that All is mind, that we create and manifest by thoughts first and foremost.

Those who choose to use fear to influence and manipulate the masses will suffer via the law of Karma, Sowing and reaping, the law of cause and effect, compensation, correspondence and so on... This is undeniable to any truly versed in the Esoteric wisdom. Truth above all else. Fear is an illusion perceived in the mind, and it is about how you act or "re"act to things that determines certain outcomes.

Regardless of what may come, we must realize and understand that we are responsible for our actions and thoughts, regardless of what others may do to try and persuade us to do or manipulate our emotions.

As Above, So Below

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